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20190301_215105.jpgWe painted amazing still lifes using an underpainting this past week. The painters learned lessons in light and dark and glazing.  They did GREAT!

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We will be painting this still life with oranges at a Paint Party on Friday, March 1st at 6 pm. This one was done with a grey scale underpainting.  We won’t necessarily work it this way at the paint party but it’s a good exercise that helps with darks and lights in painting.  You can see the process above.  Click here to register and for more info.  

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The Virginia International Academy students painted this little still life this week.  We have been working on a variety of subjects and styles since they started painting at The Studio.  They are doing beautiful work!

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20170302_221511.jpgI often get asked why I don’t post my paintings along with the paintings that the people at Paint Parties do while at The Studio.  The answer is that I don’t often finish mine!  I am usually walking around helping others put the finishing touches on their work to be sure they are satisfied with them before we wrap up the party.  From time to time I get back to my canvas to finish up.  I did in the case of the Famous  Painter Party this week because I really like the Piet Mondrian still life that we chose to do.  Here is how my painting turned out.  I love the complementary blue and orange colors.

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Kids Learn to Blend

Kids Pear Cherry.jpgOur lesson yesterday at the Kid’s Painting Class was on blending colors.  We painted a lovely still life with Pear and Cherry and they did a great job blending the colors on the fruit.  Keep up the good work kids!

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Camp 6 Day 2 Cezanne Still Life

Painting like Cezanne

Yesterday we studied Cezanne at Art Camp and painted Apples & Pear, a still life, just like Cezanne’s.  And these kids are AMAZING!  Look at what a great job they all did.

Camp 6 Collage 2

Collage Bird

And when we had a few extra minutes at the end of Monday and Tuesdays sessions we put it to good use and created a collage painting of this little bird.  Beautiful!

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Sophia Sophia and I painted a little piece we call “Baking” yesterday during her private lesson.  She did a GREAT job!

BakingAnd I like how mine turned out, too.

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