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We had another Big Abstract painting class this week.  These are so much fun….allowing people to pay loose and free. Great work everyone!  We have another class next Friday and there are still two seats left if you want to give it a try.  Click here to register.  


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We had an exciting painting session last night at The Studio making HUGE Abstract art!  It was so much fun….and we can’t wait to do it again.  Beautiful work everyone!!!

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Large Abstract 4Abstract painting is a matter of taste.  Some people love it….others not so much.  Sometimes you need a really large painting to fill a space you have or to bring color to an area and a good way to do that is with a large abstract.  And while many people think that anyone can slap some paint around and have an abstract painting to have a successful painting it takes a little more than that.  On Friday, January 27th at 5:30 pm, you can try your hand at creating a large work of art while learning the principles to develop a beautiful painting.  Click here to register.

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My desk – where I write my blog every morning surrounded by art

I just ran across this article a few days ago and had to share it.  You know I loved this!!!

For years I have been saying that everyone should have ORIGINAL art in their  home…not just prints or posters.  This article gives  you “13 Reasons Why Art in the Home is as Important as a Bed”!  Well, yes!!!!   And, of course, I think #8 is the BEST reason.  🙂

And here are a couple of past posts where I share how I live with art.  Click here  and  here.  I’m sharing a few photos here that I just shot two minutes ago in my house.  This is how I live with art.  As you can imagine it’s everywhere…both mine…and other artists that I admire.  If you love art and want a lovely home then buy original art.  It’s not as expensive as you think.

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Colors for a Large Wall, 1951

Ellsworth Kelly’s, born on this day in 1923, emphasized pure form and color as he developed his abstract art.  He was a major influence on Pop Art, Minimalism, hard-edge and color field painting, Ellsworth Kelly’s best-known works are distinguished by sharp shapes flatly painted in vivid color, such as Colors for a Large Wall (1951). His abstract paintings are inspired by the light, space, and color in the architecture around him.

He died on December 27, 2015 at the age of 92 in New York.  Read more about Ellsworth Kelly here.  

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Twombly Untitled 1968

Untitled 1968 – Cy Twombly

Modern Art is very popular at auctions.  When I asked my students, however, it’s not always their favorite.  But still…..it sells and sells big.

Take a look at the sale this week at Sotheby’s that fetched $242 million in sales including this Twombly Untitled piece from 1968 that went for $36.7 million.  What do you think?

Take 2 minutes to watch this quick video that describes several modern art painters including Twombly’s “Blackboard” paintings.

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Palette Knife paintingknife paint

Palette knife painting produces beautifully textured works of art.  You can work in a totally abstract way as well as produce recognizable subjects.  Plus it can be lots of fun.  You can do it.  Why not give  it a try.

Abstract Landscape Demo for Workshop

Interlude in Old Holland Blue II

These are examples of some of the work you can do. Join us at the Paint Party in May to learn this technique.  Information on the Paint Party and registration here.

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