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wp-1578312474742.jpgWe painted a little Snowman with his Red Bird Friends yesterday at The Studio.  What fun!!!

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A few years ago we did a series of paintings representing the Four Seasons.  We’ve been asked to do another one.  Coming up with some ideas is challenging.  Here is one with a valley view first without a tree branch in the foreground and then with some fall leaves on a branch.

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A Family Affair

20180408_171703.jpgWe had a Family Paint Party Sunday.  The family that paints together….has loads of fun!  To book a party contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com .  Set up a FUN event for your friends and/or family.

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Kids Dec sceneThe kids painted this lovely winter scene yesterday in class.  They look GREAT!  Nice work young artists!  There is space for more young painters.  Contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com to register your young painter for the Wednesday class at 4:15.

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Here are two versions of the same painting that we did for a Team Building Paint Party today for teachers of LFK.  We’ll be curious to see how many want summer…and how many prefer fall!  What about you?

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Winter Scenes by Kids

kids-winter-scene-decThe kids painted these wonderful little Winter Scenes yesterday.  Great work everyone!

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Painters at Work!

We had so many people working at The Studio yesterday creating beautiful works of art.  Wednesday we have regular weekly art classes for adults and children.  Adults have classes at 10:30 or 5:30 and Kids class is at 4:15.

Occasionally we have visitors who just drop in.  This happened yesterday with a young girl and her Babushka.  They wanted to paint together before she had to return home to Seattle so they painted together at the evening class.  Our young painter, Kamila, completed this little lamb painting.  She was very pleased.

Logan has been working on a large painting and decided to take a break from it yesterday to do a quick palette knife painting that she could complete in one session just to get her creative juices flowing again.

And the kids did this fun little “Saying” multi media piece.  Great work everyone!!!

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