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20170418_074822We are working on improving our applique and free motion quilting skills.  Loving it! Hoping to show you the finished piece tomorrow.


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Rag Quilts For Sale


A Rag Quilt is the perfect gift for anyone …toasty warm and soft.  It will be the “go to” wrap for TV watching, curling up with a good book, or just taking a little nap.  These are some of the fun Dog and Cat motifs from which to choose.  They are $69-89 based on size.  Contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com to purchase one today.  (Green Dachshund Lap Quilt SOLD!)

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A few weeks ago at a private Paint Party I saw my friend, Kathleen, that I haven’t seen in several years and as we talked about “what have you been up to” she shared with me that she had been doing more quilting with a group of friends.  Then she showed me this lovely quilt that they made.  The quilt is AMAZING.  But even more amazing than that is the fact that each quilter was given one section (a block) to create and all they were told was to do it in Fall colors.  Can you believe how spectacular it  turned out.  I can’t even imagine that they didn’t shop together for fabric or coordinate to make it this wonderful.  Great work ladies.  This is certainly a piece of art!!!  And thanks Kathleen for sharing this information with me so I could share it with everyone.

Odell QuiltOdell Quilt Info updated


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Rag Quilt - Orange 2 Rag Quilt - Cat Brown 2 Rag Quilt - Dog Black Red 1I spent most of this weekend sewing Rag Quilts.  Lots of fabric in my stash and a free day on Saturday got me busy making them.

Since the class last month I have had several requests so here are a few that available in my online store.  Just click on the photo and that will take you to the store for more information and photos of each lap quilt.  Thanks!

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