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wp-1582769100094.jpgYesterday the kids painted a large canvas of the Super Moon.  They loved working on a bigger canvas and their paintings turned out terrific!  Nice work young painters.

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20180906_074429.jpgThe kids did a great job painting this landscape with tree yesterday.  Nice work.

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LFK Teachers Paint!

LFK TeachersThe teachers at LFK Elementary did a great job….don’t you think?!

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20170322_195756.jpg The kids learned about salt painting in art class yesterday.  It was fun…and a little messy!  Great job!

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kids-trees-on-wc-paperThis week at our Kid’s Painting class we learned that you don’t always have to use a brush to make a beautiful painting.  We used paper towels to create these “Fall Abstract Trees” on watercolor paper.

Aren’t they FABULOUS??!!

And in the last few weeks we have painted Bicycles and the River.  If you have a   young artist or want-to-be artist ages 7-12 contact Kelly at kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com to sign them up for class.

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MOW Group

Beautiful Flowers and Trees Benefiting Meals on Wheels

MOW Mother Daughter

Mother-Daughter Painting

MOW Working Group 1

Works in Progress

MOW Working Group 5

Hard at Work Painting

Yesterday we had a great group painting at the Senior Center to benefit Meals on Wheels.  Our Senior Center has a wonderful staff who provide a hot meal for seniors each day as well as a variety of activities for them.

There are  many seniors in our community trying to survive on a small pension check each month.  The Center helps them in so many ways.  And they can use your help.  Donate items…they need food stuffs, clothing, etc.  They even could use knick-knacks that they use for Bingo prizes.  So when you are cleaning out closets and basements this spring consider helping the seniors by boxing up some items for them.  The smallest thing can go a long way to helping someone.  And the staff at the Senior Center would welcome your help.

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Sophia with 2Sophia is painting beautiful works of art.  Last week she did the winter scene.  And this week she wrapped it up and then painted a nice little watermelon slice.

Sophia Abst trees

A few weeks ago Sophia painted these amazing abstract trees.  Wonderful work!  Keep up the good work.

Private lessons are available at The Studio.  Contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios if you’d like to sign up for private lessons.

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Winter Scenes

PP Winter SceneA large and delightful group painted the Winter Scene at The Studio Paint Party last night.  What fun!

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2015-02-17 06 40 43_resizedIt’s always a good day when I turn on the TV in the morning and hear Bob Ross talking about “happy little trees”.

Many of you have heard my story before but I started painting by watching Bob Ross on TV.  I have always said that his gift was that he can make anyone think they can paint.  He makes it look so easy.  I love it that he is still on TV to inspire others to begin painting.  You can catch him on CREATE channel and enjoy his happy trees and happy clouds.  🙂

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The least fun part of a great vacation is the trip home.  Yesterday I had several hours to wait at the airport.  Luckily I had packed my travel watercolor kit so while I waited at the cafe with my tea I worked on a little sketch of a photo I took in Newport of the “Trees by the Chinese Pavillion”.

This is the photo I used for the sketch.  The challenge was looking at the little screen on my phone, which was where I had the photo.  And of course, the phone screen kept timing out so I had to continually press the button to refresh.  Ugh!

But I kinda like the end result.  It was fun and kept me occupied for a couple of hours so the time at the airport went by pretty quickly.

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