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20160130_190208(0)-1.jpgSecond group of painters created beautiful abstract floral paintings last night at The Studio.  Super!

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20160129_195948-1.jpgLast night we had the Abstract Floral Paint Party that was suppose to be last Friday night but got delayed because of the big snow storm.  Having to wait didn’t dampen the spirits of these painters.  They did a great job on their loose, abstract flowers.

Great work!

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20160127_170920-1 The kids created these amazing abstract floral paintings in class this past Wednesday.  Aren’t they gorgeous?!  Great work.  Kids ages 7-12 paint every Wednesday at 4:15 at The Studio.

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My Mama

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Today would have been my mom’s 74th birthday.  We lost her in 1994 to cancer at the young age of 53.

I think about that a lot.

She taught Kindergarten and loved it.  She also love arts and crafts.  I think so much about how she would LOVE The Studio and what we are doing there.  I wish she could have seen it.

She was such a beautiful person and I still miss her everyday.  Happy Birthday Mama.

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best-love-quotes-Dont-be-afraid-of-change-you-may-end-up-losing-something-good-but-you-will-probably-end-up-gaining-something-betterChanges are coming to the “Life of a Daily Painter” Blog.  We’ve been blogging here now for 8 years and it’s time for some tweaking.  Stay tuned.

We’ll still provide photos and features of what we have been painting and creating but we will link it more with The Studio…which is what we have been doing since we opened The Studio a year and a half ago.  We love featuring the painters and students from The Studio and you have said you love seeing what everyone is doing so this will help.


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Fox 1Still snowed in and crocheting to pass the time.  I have had this pattern bookmarked for a long time so I finally had time to do it.  I found it on Ravelry and it’s from a crafter in Germany (Here is a link to Stephi’s page) so it had to be translated and that made it a little tricky but it turned out ok.  I love it.

Fox 3Here is my “Fake Fox Stole”.  I can remember my grandmother having a fox stole she would wear when she dressed up.  Now here is one that is a little easier on the Fox!

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20160123_161947-1Still snowed in so I did much more crocheting yesterday.  A “Cat Bowl” for LuLu…and a couple of hats for me!  (Bear modeled them for you to see!)


Started a really cute scarf that I hope to share tomorrow.

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