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Over the last week we have had some new students trying their hand at painting…and they found that they love it! Judith and Emmy found that painting is a fun, relaxing hobby and painting in a class setting puts you around others who love art too.  If you have ever wanted to give it a try contact us at The Studio and come see what you can do.  kwalker@kellywalkerstudio.com

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One of the things I love about our Adult Art classes at The Studio is that students get to know one another and feel comfortable sharing and asking for opinions on their work.  Recently in class Michele painted this fabulous abstract and as she was trying to decide what it needed to finish she consulted with the other students in the class for their opinions. (Logan is giving her thoughts in this photo.)  I love how everyone feels comfortable to ask one another knowing they’ll get several ideas and all will be given with encouragement.  Great work Michele…and everyone in the class for wanting to help all the students do their very best.  Keep painting!

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20170927_204339The kids painted a Rooster this week at class.  Nice!

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Learn to Paint

jans-latestTake a look at the GREAT job that Janice did on her recent painting.

Have you ever wanted to learn to paint?  Is it your upcoming New Year’s resolution….again?  Well, let this be the year you begin.  Join us at The Studio for art classes.  We have classes for adults and kids on Wednesday and Thursday each week.  Take a look here for more information.  Let us see you at The Studio on 2017!

And keep up the good work Jan!!!

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curts-paintingSo much wonderful art is being created each week at The Studio.  And we love welcoming new painters to our kids and adult classes.  This past week Curt and his wife Nancy joined us and came to a couple of classes and Open Studio.  Curt completed this wonderful painting of a memory from a family trip to Iceland.  The Sod House is nicely done Curt!  Can’t wait to see Nancy’s finished painting of geraniums.  Coming soon!


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Great Paintings Completed!

There has been lots of great painting going on at The Studio recently.  Take a look. Sarah finished her portrait of Reggie; Caleb had his first lesson and did a great job with a mountain scene.

Lauren completed this beautiful pumpkin still life; and Logan finished her Beach Sign.  Great work everyone!

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Kids ButterfliesOn Wednesday we have Kids Painting Class at The Studio.  Yesterday at class the kids painted lovely butterfly and flower paintings.  Great work everyone!

And then as a special surprise one of our adult art class members brought her little one with her to class.  She was a big hit….super cute and she went around and told each painter what a great job they were doing and how much she liked their paintings.  Adorable!

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