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Wednesday painters -Mara, Maggie & Judd
Thursday Painters – Gabby, Dorothy, Kaylee, Mia, & Daniel

A few months ago Maggie brought in this cute little stuffed toy – a dachshund with a hot dog costume on.  So we photographed it and finally got around to painting it in class.  If you look closely at Maggie in the photo you can see the toy on her head!  This was a great lesson for the painters in shading.   They all did a great job!!!

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These are the 24 paintings that the Middle Schoolers painted as part of the 175th Anniversary of Warren County project. 



They painted panels that represent their school, county and town government, tourism and agriculture in our community. 

Great job!!!

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Here is Autumn with her painting of the Historic Marker that is in front of the Middle School along with the reference photo that we used for that painting.  She did a fabulous job!







And this is a shot of all the young artists.  Terrific work.  Hopefully tomorrow we will have the photos of the finished product.  Stay tuned.

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For about 2 1/2 hours yesterday morning and again yesterday afternoon, we had the pleasure of working at the Blue Ridge Arts Council with 13 terrific young artists from Warren County Middle School. 

It was a whirlwind of activity from the minute they arrived.  They were given their canvas and started painting right away. 

I am so grateful that Shelly, one of my adult painting students came to help.

And so did Linda.  It would have been near impossible to get as much done as we did without Linda and Shelly working with us.

And a busy day it was.  In the few hours that we had those 13 students produced 26 paintings.

Absolutely amazing!!!

Here are a few samples of the wonderful work they did.  As soon as the pieces are put together I will be posting the finished works of all of these students.  Many thanks again to Kym, Shelly and Linda!

Caitlyn's Town Hall


Spencer's Bear


Elizabeth's Gazebo

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Warren County Middle School

I am posting photos of Warren County Middle School today because I am painting with Middle Schoolers today on a project that is part of the 175th anniversary of Warren County.  The project is sponsored by Target!  Tomorrow I’ll show you their paintings!

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Wednesday and Thursday Young Artists painted Penguins! 

Great job everybody.

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Butting Heads, acrylic, 9×12.  This painting is from a photo that my cousin sent from their farm.  I still have a few touches to put on it but it’s almost done.  



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