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Colors for a Large Wall, 1951

Ellsworth Kelly’s, born on this day in 1923, emphasized pure form and color as he developed his abstract art.  He was a major influence on Pop Art, Minimalism, hard-edge and color field painting, Ellsworth Kelly’s best-known works are distinguished by sharp shapes flatly painted in vivid color, such as Colors for a Large Wall (1951). His abstract paintings are inspired by the light, space, and color in the architecture around him.

He died on December 27, 2015 at the age of 92 in New York.  Read more about Ellsworth Kelly here.  


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Peace Pole Workshop 1These ladies painted some uniquely beautiful Peace Poles at the workshop at The Studio yesterday afternoon.  Beautiful!

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Slowing Down…

Don't be in such a hurry to get to the next big thing that you miss out of the thing you planned for yesterday. Something happened a few days ago that caught me off guard.  But after a little time to reflect I realized that I have been in such a rush over the past few years to work, work, work that I have forgotten how to slow down and enjoy what I am working so hard for anyway.

For a lot of people, artists especially, understand that the last several year’s economy was rough for us.  It was hard to just keep everything together and now that things are picking up we are doing everything we can to work.  We say “no” to very little which means we are working ALL THE TIME.  We take every job that comes up or that we can schedule.  When we are not actually creating or teaching we are planning the next class,  ordering supplies for it, or doing bookkeeping that is necessary for any small business.  It’s an endless cycle.

This rush becomes a way of life, a habit that is hard to break.  But break it we must.  We are missing out on the most important part of life. We have to learn to slow down and enjoy the moment of life we are in now rather than the next one we are planning.  We may not get to that one!

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Joey Mem DayJoey did a great job with his Memorial Day painting at his lesson this week.  Super work!

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Finger Painting Flowers 2Everyone expressed their creativity last night at a Floral Paint Party.  We used brushes and fingers as we painted these lovely works of art.  It’s always fun to see what people come up with as they design their own works of art.  Great work!

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20160525_171017.jpgThe kids painted a lovely little flag scene in anticipation to upcoming Memorial Day.  Great job everyone!

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Here is another look (or two) at the Peace Poles.  I finished a couple of samples that are on display outside of The Studio on Main Street.  Take a look and think about what you want yours to look like.  We will have a Paint Party scheduled soon to let you make your own.

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