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HC Paint Out River 1One thing I love to do is gather with other artist to paint.  This weekend there was a Paint-Out in Hampshire County, West Virginia where my cabin is located.  I joined their Arts Council last year and when I got an invitation to attend the Paint-out I jumped at the chance. 

We met at Robin  Pancake’s beautiful home right outside of Romney.  What a great place!!!

Her 18th Century home sits right where the river and creek come together.  Beautiful views everywhere.  I could paint there for weeks and not capture it all.  I will share with you this week some of the terrific views.  And later in the week, when I finish the painting that I started, I’ll share that too.



HC Paint Out River 2Every direction you looked at the river was a beautiful shot.






HC Paint Out River 3And my favorite was the convergence of the creek with the river.

Many thanks to Robin for inviting us and I can’t wait till we gather again.

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River Show IAs I have mentioned several times in the last few weeks, the Blue Ridge Arts Council’s current show hanging in the gallery at 305 East Main Street is “A River Runs Through It”, all about the Shenandoah River.  We are so lucky to have such a beautiful feature in our town.

The paintings you see here are all of the river.  The one of the left is a view out in Rockland.  My neighbor, Clara Hoskins Larsen, did this painting from the vantage point of her old home place.  Clara is 88 (hope you don’t mind that I told your age Clara) but she acts more like 48!  And she is a wonderful artist.

The top right painting is one of mine, “Along the River”.  And the bottom right is Wilson Webb’s work.  Wilson is a fabulous painter from Winchester.  He just won the member show at BRAC so he will have a solo show in the Spring that I am really looking forward to seeing. 

So come downtown and see all the terrific art capturing the Shenandoah River.

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Impressionists Poppies IIImpressionist’s Poppies II is the second version of this painting that I did last Thursday during the Art Walk.  I put the finishing touches on it yesterday.  It is a 12×9 canvas panel painted in oil and is available framed for $195 by contacting me at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com .

This evening is Wednesday Night Art Class.  Next week starts the new session.  For anyone interested in painting with us see the tab at the top of the screen for Art Classes and call to join us.  We are having loads of fun painting together!

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Summer SkySummer Sky is an oil on 9×12 canvas panel and is available for $225 framed. 

This is the second piece that I started at the art walk last Thursday evening and I finished it yesterday.

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Plums 3Up on Twin Mountain in West Virginia yesterday we walked along the orchard road.  Along with the apple trees there is a long row of plum trees.








Plums 1The plums are dark purple but they show up blue on the trees.  Really beautiful!  And the trees are loaded. 






Plums 2Aren’t they great???  Just waiting to be ready to make into jelly!

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Art SuppliesThere are so many advantages to living in a small town that it’s hard to complain when you run into one of the disadvantages. 

But one of the biggest disadvantages for artists is that there is not a convenient art supply store here.  I don’t really think a lot about it though until someone asks me where I buy art supplies, a question I got Thursday during one of the demos that I did. 

Thank goodness for the Internet and UPS and FedEx!  There are several really good art supplies with terrific catalogs.  The one I order from the most is Jerry’s Artarama in Raleigh, NC.  They have a super store there and in a couple of other locations around the U.S. but I order from them online at www.jerrysartarama.com .  They often have wonderful sales and when they do I stock up on the items I use most, canvas panels, paints, and frames.  There are a couple of other good suppliers as well and I’ll talk about them in future posting.

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Impressionist's Poppies

Impressionist's Poppies

There are many days as a painter when I spend a great deal more time on marketing and promotion than I ever do on painting.  Yesterday was one of those days.

I spent the morning with a group of ladies from the Garden Club in Front Royal, where I did a demonstration for them and talked about painting and what it is like to sell art for a living.  They were a delightful group of ladies and we were hosted at a the lovely home of Jean Orsi.  While doing the demo on the screened in porch at the back of her home we got an unexpected surprise.   A HUGE black bear went running across the yard and over the fence into the woods behind her home.  What a shock!  And he was big!  I wish I could have taken a photo but I had brushed in hand instead of my camera.  Darn.

Many thanks to Darlene Goldman for inviting me to speak to your lovely group of ladies.  It was great fun for me.


Set up to Demo

Set up to Demo

And since yesterday was the 3rd Thursday, it was Art Walk Night in Front Royal and I set up to do a demonstration at Delilah’s Art & Gifts on Main  Street.  It was very hot outside last night so I set up  inside.  I couldn’t decide what to paint so since I had the palette from the morning’s demo, I decided to do another version of the poppies that I had painted for the Garden Club.








Little Helper 2

The good news is that we had a lot of people come out for the art walk last night.  It was a great crowd.  And thanks to all who came into Delilah’s.

It’s always fun when little ones come with their parents.  I was painting and this young lady came in with her folks and she was obviously a little tired but when I asked her if she would like to try painting she immediately said yes!

So her dad helped her stand on the stool and she took the brush and went to work.

Little Helper 3

She wasn’t bashful at all about putting the brush to canvas….






Little Helper 1

And I always like getting a little help with my work!  Thanks!

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Speaking to Linden Rotary Club

Speaking to Linden Rotary Club

I spoke to the Linden Rotary Club yesterday morning.  They meet at 7 a.m. at The Apple House.  It’s a great group of folks doing great service work in our community and worldwide. 









Signal Knob View for Rotary

I also did a demonstration for them of this painting.  It is a version of a view of Signal Knob. 

Most people are surprised to hear how much time is actually spent painting and how much time it takes to promote and market the work.  It takes a lot more time to get the word out there to sell the work than to actually create it.

Thanks to Debbie Grove for inviting me to speak to the Linden Rotary Club.  I appreciate your support.

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Sunflowers is an oil on 10″x8″ canvas and is available for $195 framed.

I’ve been having computer difficulties this morning.  Always a pain when the computer is not working.

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Cat in Window Lesson 1Cat in the Window was an art class lesson for the Wednesday Oil Painting class.  Here is the start.








Cat in Window Lesson 2And the progression.








Cat in Window Lesson 3And the finished painting.  It measures 10″x8 and is an oil on canvas panel.

If you are interested in learning to paint, see the tabs at the top of the page for Art Lessons or Workshops.

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