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In order to keep doing this, painting daily, I have to spend some time buying supplies as well as keeping abreast of what other artists are doing.  One way I do this is to go annually to Raleigh, NC to Art in the Carolina, a huge art supply trade show and workshop event sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama, my favorite artist supply store and catalog.  I love going.  It’s great fun to watch the demonstrations, check out the new products, and pick up supplies at great prices.

A big plus is that my artist friends from Kentucky come and I get to spend time with them including my former teacher and artist mentor, Barbara Gardner.  It is always good to catch up with friends.  I’ll let you know what all I learn as soon as I return.  🙂

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Art SuppliesThere are so many advantages to living in a small town that it’s hard to complain when you run into one of the disadvantages. 

But one of the biggest disadvantages for artists is that there is not a convenient art supply store here.  I don’t really think a lot about it though until someone asks me where I buy art supplies, a question I got Thursday during one of the demos that I did. 

Thank goodness for the Internet and UPS and FedEx!  There are several really good art supplies with terrific catalogs.  The one I order from the most is Jerry’s Artarama in Raleigh, NC.  They have a super store there and in a couple of other locations around the U.S. but I order from them online at www.jerrysartarama.com .  They often have wonderful sales and when they do I stock up on the items I use most, canvas panels, paints, and frames.  There are a couple of other good suppliers as well and I’ll talk about them in future posting.

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