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We have so many great classes and events coming up at The Studio in the next couple of months. Be sure to click here to see everything. There is something for everyone…painting, sewing, quilting, and more! Check it out here. And don’t forget that we have weekly painting classes for adults on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week. Contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com to sign up.

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Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to paint at Glen Manor Winery on the Browntown Road out from Front Royal.  It’s lovely out there. 

Painting on location, or en Plein Air, is different from any other kind of painting.  First you must have different equipment.  Then you have to narrow down the subject.  That is often the most difficult part for painters. 

And usually you get to a point, about 85% complete, where you have to stop and then complete the painting back in the studio. 

This is where I got with this piece yesterday.  Now I will work it a little more to finish it out.

And in the meantime I will think about lovely Glen Manor and try to find a time to return soon to paint another lovely scene.

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Even though I taught nine hours each day at the Retreat I did find a little time one morning to paint a little scene in Plein-air.  This lovely little scene was right behind my cabin.

Here is the progress I made in about an hour.

And here is the final painting, Camp Shepherd Morning, oil on canvas panel, 8″x10″, framed and available for $195.

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The Dog Walker, oil on canvas panel, 14″x11″.

A few weeks ago while down at the river painting I turned around to look behind me and there was this gentleman walking his buddy.  I had to take a photo quick before they were gone down the trail.  I just love they look.

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I have been painting and blogging about it now for over 4 years.  I was at a luncheon recently when someone asked why I blog.  I explained that it’s my job.  I’m an artist.  And in this economy an artist takes advantage of every opportunity that comes their way to try to make a living.  I sell my paintings at my shop, Delilah’s;  I teach art three days a week at The Southerlands and the Blue Ridge Arts Council; and I blog. 

Blogging has been a terrific way to promote and sell my art.  And because all of you have been following me faithfully for these years my numbers (clicks on my site) have gotten high enough that I can now put advertising here.  I know some people don’t like that idea but from the point of view of the blogger trying to make a living, “Every little bit helps!”  So I hope you won’t mind seeing an ad or two appear here.  The look of the blog will pretty much remain the same although I have a few new ideas that I plan to add soon.  So stay tuned…and thanks so much for following my blog!!!

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Blue Roses in Abstract Floral, acrylic, 16″x20″.

You can paint these or other flowers as well as abstract landscapes when you take the art workshop this Saturday in Strasburg at Buggy B’s.  Come join us from 10 – 1.  Workshop fee is $49 with all supplies included.  You will produce at least two paintings to take home as well as learn the technique to produce loose abstract paintings on your own!  Contact kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com to register.  Don’t wait.  Saturday, February 25 will be here before you know it!

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 Schnauzer is an acrylic on 12″x12″ canvas.  And thanks to a generous collector in Front Royal, he was purchased with proceeds going to help build the Off-leash dog park.  Many thanks.

The “Bark for the Park” series is on display at the Daily Grind on Main Street in Front Royal.  Stop in and take a look.  And if you would like to help us build the dog park, send a donation to Warren County Dog Park Association, 939 S. Marshall St., Front Royal, VA  22630.  We are so close to our goal.  Please help if you can!

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Meet Buzz.  He lives in Fort Valley with his mom and his grandmom commissioned this painting for her for her birthday.  Isn’t he cute?  It’s not too late to get a pet portrait for the pet lover on your Christmas list.  Contact me today at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com .

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Shenandoah Fall I is an oil on 6″x8″ canvas and is available for $145 ($165 framed).  Contact kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com

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I was away for  the 4th of July weekend in West Virginia painting.  I remembered to take a series of photos while I worked so you could see the progress.

This was the view.


The set-up and a start to the painting.


This is my helper….Jed.  He spends most of his “painting” time running and chasing the deer and bunnies away so they don’t bother me.  Isn’t he helpful????!!!!!


And below is the painting about 90% complete.  When I get back to the studio I generally make a few minor changes to a

painting that I have done on location.

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