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The Quartet


Take a look at this quartet we saw on our bike ride this morning.  Can’t wait to paint this one!

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Marsh from the BridgeI am heading across the bridge this morning to go to Beaufort to have brunch with a friend.  I took photo a few days ago when I rode across on the bicycle.  I love driving the back roads to see different things so of course, I will have camera in hand.  This view is certainly one I will be painting soon.

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Horses at HHI 1 Horses at HHI 2We enjoyed a relaxing day yesterday biking around and stopping to see some amazing art. These horse sculptures just stand out in an open space by the marsh. I couldn’t find anything nearby who said who created them so I Googled it when I got back to the house.  Here is what I found:

“These unique horse sculptures are a part of Hilton Head Island’s growing art collection.  May 1st they were placed on a parcel of town-owned property beside William Hilton Head Parkway near mid-island.  The sculptures are by Jonathan Bowling of Greenville, NC and are made from repurposed steel. Previously they were on display at the Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn on the north end of the island.”

I have been wanting to learn to weld so this makes me want to even more!

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No Time to Paint

IMG_20131228_064107  No time to paint yesterday as I was traveling. VACATION….finally! WooHoo. Going to enjoy some time off but, of course, when you produce art for a living you still see art and paintings everywhere you look. You just can’t shut it off so this morning I saw this still life in the kitchen. 🙂 Maybe I will paint it.

I am hoping to gather some reference photos today and visit an art exhibit or two.  More to come…

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Maggie's Painting

Maggie’s Painting

Maggie's reference photo

Maggie’s reference photo

Maggie, the Blue Tick Heeler, is another commission I did for Christmas.

Maggie is an acrylic on 12″x12″ canvas.  I was just told yesterday that she was a big hit with her recipient.  I like hearing that.

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"Walking the Boardwalk"

“Walking the Boardwalk”

Reference photo

Reference photo

I was thrilled to be asked over the last month or two to do several commissions this Christmas.  I have been waiting to post them on my blog so that I would not spoil the surprise for those receiving them as gifts.  Now I can share them with you.

“Walking the Boardwalk” is a watercolor of a father with his kids walking down a boardwalk.  I love the image that was sent to me so it was  a really fun piece to do.


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Merry Christmas!


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