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We painted Pumpkin Door Hangers in the kid’s class yesterday….and they turned into Punkin’ Heads!


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Happy Thanksgiving

Kids Indian Corn.jpgHappy Thanksgiving!  The kids celebrated by painting “Indian Corn” at class yesterday afternoon.

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The Blue Barns

kids-blue-barn-10-18The kids painted Blue Barns with orange trees this week at class.  We are always discussing complementary colors and color mixing and this was a great lesson in that.  (Don’t tell them they are actually learning while having a good time painting.  We sneak that in on them!)

Didn’t they do an awesome job?!?!  If you have a young painter they can join us.  Check out more information here.

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kids-trees-on-wc-paperThis week at our Kid’s Painting class we learned that you don’t always have to use a brush to make a beautiful painting.  We used paper towels to create these “Fall Abstract Trees” on watercolor paper.

Aren’t they FABULOUS??!!

And in the last few weeks we have painted Bicycles and the River.  If you have a   young artist or want-to-be artist ages 7-12 contact Kelly at kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com to sign them up for class.

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This week kids painted  a variety of subjects at The Studio from Seagulls to Mountains.  Didn’t they do an AMAZING job on these beautiful paintings?!?!!

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Camp 2 Day 3 DegasYesterday we continued Art Camp and studied Edgar Degas “The Jockey”.  The kids did a terrific job on this difficult painting.

Kids  Ice CreamThen in the afternoon we had our regular weekly kids art class where we painted ice cream cones.  It made us all hungry!  Great work everyone….

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20160127_170920-1 The kids created these amazing abstract floral paintings in class this past Wednesday.  Aren’t they gorgeous?!  Great work.  Kids ages 7-12 paint every Wednesday at 4:15 at The Studio.

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