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Monet's "Le Palais Contarini", 1908

Monet’s “Le Palais Contarini”, 1908

Claude Monet’s painting of a Venetian palazzo, “Le Palais Contarini” , dating from 1908, sold for $30.5 million at Sotheby’s this past week.



Monet's "Nympheas", 1906

Monet’s “Nympheas”, 1906

And it was a bargain compared to the  iconic 1906 painting of water lilies,  “Nympheas” that sold for $54 million becoming the top sale at the recent auction.   Inspired by the lily pond in his garden at Giverny, the work was the second-highest price for a Monet at auction.

Read more about the recent sale here.

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The first painting posted on my blog over 5 years ago.

The first painting posted on my blog over 7 years ago.

Seven years ago Delilah’s Art & Gift Shop was opened on East Main Street in Front Royal by three friends who loved art (and shopping).  Over the years it was converted to a little artist co-op and featured art and fine crafts by local artists.

105 E. MainIt  has been a wonderful little shop for local friends to meet and chat as well as a place to find unique, handmade items as well as fine art.

We loved that we were featured in Virginia Living Magazine.  And that last year we were named by the Northern Virginia Daily as the Best Unique Gift Shop.  Many, many thanks.

Delilah's featured in Virginia Living magazine

Delilah’s featured in Virginia Living magazine

But today we will close Delilah’s door for the final time.  It is bittersweet.  It has been a wonderful experience working with some terrific artists and seeing their brilliant creations.  I have loved meeting so many people who have shopped with us at Delilah’s.  I especially loved talking with the many out-of-town visitors who have come to the shop and shared their splendid travel experiences.  It has been delightful!

As a good friend reminded me yesterday, “when one door closes, another one opens”, and that is exactly what is happening now.  As Delilah’s closes it’s doors it will only be closed for a short time.

We are announcing the Grand Opening of a new venture, The Studio – A Place for Learning!  The Studio exists to create opportunities for community members to explore fine arts, crafts and other areas of personal development in a casual and recreational environment. Classes and workshops will be offered for a variety of skill levels ranging from the absolute beginner exploring a new craft to the experienced and seasoned artist or craftsman.   The Studio is available for people of all abilities to explore and create. The space is available for rent for small groups whether for workshops, classes or parties at a very reasonable rate.    Our ultimate goal is to help people overcome potential fears and discover their innate creativity by trying something new.

Put Friday, August 1st on your calendar.  That will be the day of the Grand Opening  of The Studio.  We are planning many great activities that day for you to experience what we will be offering….and that day it will all be free.  We hope you will embrace our new venture as you did Delilah’s.

We are truly grateful for the support you have given us all these years!

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Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack Chairs

The next 1st Saturday Paint Party is July 5th at 3 pm.  To celebrate the summer let’s paint some Adirondack chairs! Be sure to reserve your space to paint this wonderful summer scene.  We may decide to put our chairs on a beach….or if a lake is your preference we can paint it with this nice background.

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Art Camp Week 1 copy of Renoir's Girl with Watering Can

Art Camp Week 1
copy of Renoir’s Girl with Watering Can

The first session of Art Camp ended yesterday with the young painters completing a beautiful copy of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s, (1841-1919) “Girl with a Watering Can” , painted in 1876 and now at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.


Pierre-Auguste Renoir, (1841-1919) “Girl with a Watering Can”  oil on canvas  41”x29” Painted in 1876 National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, (1841-1919)
“Girl with a Watering Can”
oil on canvas
Painted in 1876
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

These artists were not deterred by the large size we decided to paint our “masterpiece” and they all did extraordinary work.  Great job girls!  It was a pleasure painting with you this week.

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"Monet's Lilac Irises"

“Monet’s Lilac Irises”

Art Camp yesterday had us painting our version of Claude Monet’s , (1840-1926) “Lilac Irises”,  painted in 1914-17.

Claude Monet, (1840-1926) “Lilac Irises” oil on canvas  32”x36” Painted in 1914-17 Private Collection

Claude Monet, (1840-1926)
“Lilac Irises”
oil on canvas
Painted in 1914-17
Private Collection

The young artists made terrific renditions of Monet’s work.  He would be proud!

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Art Camp Week 1 Manet's Asparagus

Art Camp Week 1
Manet’s Asparagus

We continued to study Manet at Art Camp yesterday.  This time it was his still life – Asparagus.

The young artists made it look easy as they created their versions of Manet’s original.

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Art Camp Week 1 Painting 1 - Manet

Art Camp Week 1
Painting 1 – Manet

Edouard Manet (1832-1883) “Pinks and Clematis in a Crystal Vase”   oil on canvas  22” x 14”   Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France

Edouard Manet (1832-1883)
“Pinks and Clematis in a Crystal Vase”
oil on canvas
22” x 14”
Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France

Yesterday we had the first day of Art Camp.  With 7 fabulous young artists working hard all morning they created their version of Edouard Manet’s (1832-1883)  “Pinks and Clematis in a Crystal Vase”, oil on canvas 22″x14″, painted in 1882 in Paris and currently on display at Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France.

I think their versions look GREAT!  How about you?

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10440917_10202438347095095_6086551808556378157_n “Don’t be afraid of change.  You may lose something good but you may gain something better.”

I love this quote.  Change is coming as we close Delilah’s next weekend.  Sunday will be our final day.  It was great seeing so many friends this week doing their last shopping at our cute little shop.

And the something better is coming….

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Paint Your Own Pet J June 2014

Paint Your Own Pet J
June 2014

Our ever popular “Paint Your Own Pet’s Portrait” Party was terrific yesterday.  We had a wonderful group of painters.  And everyone created a beautiful work of art to honor these lovely dogs.

Consider joining us for the next one on Saturday, July 19th!

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Delilah's GOB Sale 5You may have heard that we are having a huge sale at Delilah’s Art and Gift Gallery…and yes, it is a Going Out of Business Sale.  After 7 years we have decided to close the doors and we invite you all to come to the BIG sale.  Only a few more days until the store is closed for good so be sure to come by this weekend and next.  Our final day is June 29th.

It’s sad to close in one way but in another we have new and exciting things planned.  I will tell you more about that once we get this chapter closed.  So come on down to the sale.  Most items are 50% off or more.

Delilah's GOB Sale 1
Delilah's GOB Sale4 Delilah's GOB Sale 4 Delilah's GOB Sale 6 Delilah's GOB Sale 2 Delilah's GOB Sale 3

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