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Happy Leap Year

f97127d635dcd68f6375d22ef9a49570.jpgHappy Leap Year!  It’s always such an odd thing.  And the history of Leap Year is quite interesting.  Read more about it here.  

I am very superstitious. (Thanks Granny!) So here are some Leap Year Superstitions for you.

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12718313_10205999067950891_5886025037630685348_nPet Portrait Party Clark.jpgWe’ve had a couple of Private Paint Parties this week.  The first one was last Thursday with a group of friends who painted The Snowman.  Awesome!

And yesterday we had a Pet Portrait Private Party with family and friends.  Great work by everyone.

Private Parties are so much fun!  You can put one together for your friends.  Click here for more information.  

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Apple BlossomsI know it’s hard to believe but Spring is coming.  I just completed a couple of sample paintings for upcoming Paint Parties …. and the are both spring themed!  It won’t be long now.

This one is Apple Blossoms.  We’ll all be ready to paint this soon.

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Happy Birthday Renoir


Renoir Self-PortraitRenoir self-portrait-1875I missed wishing Renoir a Happy Birthday yesterday.  We shouldn’t let the day pass without recognizing his wonderful talent.  “Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born in Limoges, Haute-Viene, France, the child of a working-class family. As a boy, he worked in a porcelain factory where his drawing talents led to his being chosen to paint designs on fine china. Before he enrolled in art school, he also painted hangings for overseas missionaries and decorations on fans. During those early years, he often visited the Louvre to study the French master painters.”  Read more about Renoir here.

What strikes me most now about Renoir is all that I have read about his late life when he developed rheumatoid arthritis but continued to work by strapping brushes to his hands when he could no longer hold them.  Amazing!

Here are three pictures of Renoir.  A photograph taken near the end of his life.  The others are two self-portraits (selfies!)..one from 1875 and the other in 1899.

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Kids Paint Cake!

Kids Cake.jpgLet them PAINT cake!  And that is just what the kids did yesterday.  They did a fine job.  Just look at these delicious paintings!!!

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Cezanne at The Studio

20160223_214709-1.jpgLast night a brave group of painters recreated a beautiful Cezanne “Still Life with Apples and Primrose”.  They turned out GREAT!  Good work everyone.

Can’t wait for the next Famous Painters Party where we will be recreating Vincent’s Chair! Register for that here.

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Mini Mosaic Jewelry

20160220_125006-1 There are some terrific classes happening at The Studio besides art!  This weekend Denise Kupiszewski taught us how to make these beautiful mini mosaic jewelry pendants and earrings.  Fabulous!

12729062_10205970753763054_6272704464969947515_nI love the set that I made.  Denise is offering an “Art & Tea” series so she will be at The Studio each month to offer something fun and new.  Keep an eye on calendar and be sure to join us to create your own fabulous pieces.  Next month we’ll be doing Wire-Wrapped Rings & Earrings and she’ll repeat the Pocket Watch Pendant class.  All of that will be on March 20th.  Check out the calendar here.  

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Heather’s Birthday Party

20160221_171655-1.jpgWe had a fabulous time painting at Heather’s Birthday Party yesterday afternoon at The Studio.  Great job everyone!


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Dog Portraits

20160220_162249-1 (2).jpgPeople love to paint Pet Portraits at The Studio!  We love them too.  Here are the terrific portraits from yesterday’s party.

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20160218_171849-120160219_200851-1Lots of creating going on at The Studio lately!  The kids painted a nice little dog painting this week and at the Friday Paint Party we painted “Winter Serenity”.

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