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wp-1595357346453.jpgYesterday we painted a Cezanne Still Life.  These girls are doing great and having so much fun learning about different artists!

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wp-1580265036888.jpgWe had a small, brave group painting like Cezanne last night.  While these look difficult they really are just a little more challenging….and we always learn so much when we push ourselves to do these famous paintings.  Great work everyone!  Just beautiful.

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20170620_151751Yesterday at Art Camp we painted like Paul Cezanne … recreating his “House in Provence” from 1885-86.  We have a large group of Art Campers this week painting beautiful works of art.  If you have a young painter who would like to join in here is the schedule for the rest of the summer and you can click here to register:

Ages 5 – 7  (10 am – Noon)  $60 per session

July 6-7, 2017  –  Camp #3  Local Scenes
July 10-11, 2017  – Camp #4    Famous Painter’s Animals (Mondrian & Matisse)
August 3 – 4, 2017  – Camp #7  Post-Impressionism (Van Gogh & Matisse)

Ages 8 – 13  (9 am- Noon)   $150 per session

July 17 – 20, 2017  – Camp #5   Modern (Rothko, Johns, Pollack, & Picasso)
July 24 – 27, 2017 – Camp #6  Post-Impressionism (Van Gogh, Matisse, Gauguin & Cassatt)

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20170615_192936We started Art Camp this year with 5-7 year olds painting the “Still Life with Apple and a Pear” by Paul Cezanne from 1888-90.  They did a fine job.  These kids are learning about different styles of art and artists as well as learning about color mixing.  Great!  Can’t wait to see their Monet today…

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Camp 6 Day 2 Cezanne Still Life

Painting like Cezanne

Yesterday we studied Cezanne at Art Camp and painted Apples & Pear, a still life, just like Cezanne’s.  And these kids are AMAZING!  Look at what a great job they all did.

Camp 6 Collage 2

Collage Bird

And when we had a few extra minutes at the end of Monday and Tuesdays sessions we put it to good use and created a collage painting of this little bird.  Beautiful!

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Cezanne at The Studio

20160223_214709-1.jpgLast night a brave group of painters recreated a beautiful Cezanne “Still Life with Apples and Primrose”.  They turned out GREAT!  Good work everyone.

Can’t wait for the next Famous Painters Party where we will be recreating Vincent’s Chair! Register for that here.

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Greg Jecmen reviewing what were seeing


Degas pastel


Degas Pastel


Degas Charcoal Drawing


Renoir study for the Country Dancers


Degas Charcoal and Pastel Study of Jockeys


Close-up of jockey 1


Close-up of jockey 2


Degas Charcoal and Pastel Horse and Jockey study


Degas Charcoal Horse Study

Yesterday morning we had a wonderful opportunity to go behind the scenes at the  National Gallery of Art and visit with Gregory Jecman, Associate Curator of Old Master Prints and Drawings.  He pulled some drawings and pastels by Degas, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, and Morrisot that we were allowed to examine up close.  It was a rare experience.

We were amazed to see the detail of the work so close up.  The National Gallery offers many programs like this that a free for the asking as long as you make an appointment in advance.  For art lovers it is a must!  Here are the wonderful Degas’ and a Renoir that we saw yesterday.  There was so much to see that I will share the other things we saw in the next few days.

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Art Camp Day 2 – Cezanne

Camp CezanneThe young artists studied Cezanne and painted a beautiful still life after him yesterday.

What fabulous work these kids are doing at Art Camp this week!!!  Keep up the good work.

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Art Campers CezanneYesterday we focused our study  on Cezanne and still life painting.  The art campers did a terrific painting of Cezanne’s Still Life with Apples.  You guys are amazing!

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Paul Cezanne Fields at Bellevue, oil, 1892-95

Paul Cezanne
Fields at Bellevue,
oil, 1892-95

Paul Cezanne Self  Portrait 1878-80

Paul Cezanne
Self Portrait

Paul Cezanne (1839-1906), a French Post-impressionist, whose work is said to have laid the foundation between 19th Century impressionism and 20th century Cubism.  His small brushstrokes and use of color showed his concentrated study of subject matter.  The Phillips has many examples of Cezanne’s work and you can see his progression of his style over the years.

I’ve enjoyed seeing Cezanne’s work several other museums including The Philadelphia Museum of Art (read about it here)  and the National Gallery of Art in DC where they have one of my favorite Cezanne’s, The Artist’s Father.  (Check it out here.)

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