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Nothing is better than discovering a Monet that I haven’t seen before.  This “Flowers in a Vase” by Monet is one I can’t remember seeing before.  It’s beautiful in it’s simplicity.  The Sunset painting was lovely too….from a little earlier period that really shows his impressionistic style.


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While at the Philadelphia  Museum of Art we got to see some beautiful impressionism.  Of course, Monet, one of our all time favorites and one of the founders of the impressionist movement was on prominent display.  Everyone recognizes the Japanese Footbridge.  He painted it many times.  PMA has two interesting ones.  The first he painted in 1899…he painted it 12 times that year.   Some twenty years later he had begun to have trouble with his eyesight and complained of not seeing colors well.  You see the difference by comparing these two versions of his Japanese Footbridge.  It was very telling to see them in the same museum.

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Variety at PMA

In Philadelphia for a quick art trip with some friends from home as well as a cousin from Georgia.  We jumped right in by driving directly to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see as much as we could before it closed at 5.  We got in quite a bit….and quite a variety from the fabulous watercolor exhibit to a huge Chagall.


I’ll be sharing more over the next few days.  Today we will go to the Barnes Foundation.   It is my favorite so I can’t wait!

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Eighty years ago today Congress passed an act to accept a gift of an art collection and building funds to create  a National Art Museum on the National Mall.  Andrew Mellon, a Pittsburgh banker and Secretary of the Treasury (from 1921-32) had the idea and worked on a plan to create the new gallery and it was his donation in 1937 of his substantial art collection valued at $40 million plus an additional $10 million ($10 million in 1937 equals $172 million in 2017) for construction that was used to establish the National Gallery of Art.  Congress accepted his offer and passed the act to establish the museum on March 24, 1937, Mellon’s birthday.

The_Concert_A22894The National Gallery of Art brings wonderful works of art to the public (for free admission) that would not ordinarily be on view.  An example is the recent purchase of Gerard van Honthorst’s monumental masterwork, The Concert, that was acquired by the National Gallery in 2013 and went on display for the first time in 218 years.

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I spend another day collecting reference photos as I visited Antietam National Battlefield yesterday.  Lots of views of the mountains and fields along with monuments.

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Out of the Ordinary

wp-1490011091102.jpgSometimes you get an opportunity to gather reference material that is out of the ordinary.

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Diamond Shoal, 1905, Winslow Homer (1836-1910)

An email from a cousin got me to looking at what is happening in Philadelphia in early April.  I was delighted when I ran across an exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art featuring American Watercolors.  Take a look here.  Looks like a field trip is needed.


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