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Only today and tomorrow left for the Dog Days of Summer Sale.  Don’t forget that you can just email me if you are interested in any of the sale items at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com .

Bell & Geraniums“Bell and Geranium” is an oil on canvas measuring 10″x8″ and is on sale for $95. 








Daisy“Daisy Flower” is an oil on canvas panel measuring 12″x24″ and is on sale for $95.




Daisies I“Daisy I” is an oil on Masonite panel measuring 7 1/4″ x 8″ and is on sale for $45.








Daisies II

“Daisy II” is an oil on Masonite panel measuring 7 1/4″ x 8″ and is on sale for $45.

 Thanks for looking at the paintings on the Dog Days of Summer Sale and just email me at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com if you would like to add any of them to your collection.  The last listing for the sale will be tomorrow and the sale will end on Monday. 





Tam is a Daisy

 And because today’s theme is flowers I couldn’t resist throwing this photo in for you to enjoy.  My niece and sister in law are visiting for a couple of days and their lovely little Westie, Tam, is with them.  We played dress up with him last night and he posed as a “posie”. 

My brother is going to have a fit (as they say in the deep south where we are from) when he sees what we have done to his boy dog!

Thanks Tam for being such a good sport!  Don’t you think he’s cute???



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We are over half way finished with the Dog Days of Summer Sale.  Don’t forget to email me if you are interested in any of the sale items that you see.  kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com

Mountain View IV“Mountain View V” is a watercolor measuring 15 3/4″ x 10 1/2″ (matted size) and is on sale for $45.




Poppy Field II“Poppy Field” is a watercolor, matted 10″x14″, and is SOLD.




Midnight Tree

“Midnight Tree” is an acrylic on canvas measuring 16″x8″ and is framed and available on sale for $115.

Moon over the Mountain I“Moon Over the  Mountain” is an acrylic on canvas measuring 16″x8″ and is framed and available on sale for $115.

Moon Over the Mountain and Midnight Tree may be purchased as a set for $195. 

Email me at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com if you are interested in any of the Dog Days of Summer Sale items. 

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Many thanks to everyone who has emailed about the sale.  And yes, this is a great time to buy an original piece of art.  These are all orginal paintings – no prints.  I know, some of the prices are as inexpensive as prints!!!  Great time to start collecting.    3 sailboatsToday’s theme for the Dog Days of Summer Sale is water.



“Three Sailboats” is a watercolor,  matted measuring 14″x18, and is  SOLD.









Expectations” is a watercolor measuring 17″ x 14 7/8″ and is  SOLD.






Ocean Sketch II


“Ocean View II” is a matted watercolor measuring 14″ x 10″ ready to frame.  It is on sale for $30.







Sailing Along



“Sailing Along” is a watercolor that is matted and measures 14′ x 18″ ready to frame.  It is SOLD.




The Marsh II


“The Marsh II” is a watercolor, matted measuring 8″x10″, ready to frame and is on sale for $25. 




Azur Sea


Azur Sea” is a 10″x10″ oil on canvas panel and is on sale for $75.







 Barn on the Bay


“Barn on the Bay” is a 10″x 8″ oil painting, on sale for $95 

For any of these great buys, just email me at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com and remember that we accept credit cards.  Thanks for looking and if you know anyone interested in original art at a great price, please send them to this link. 



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Cherry I

The “Dog Days” of Summer sale is continuing.  Today’s theme is fruit and veggies.

“Cherry” is an oil on canvas measuring 5″x7″ framed and is on sale for $45.




Large Pear

“Large Pear” is an acrylic on paper and is matted (16″ x 20″) and is available for $50 on sale.








Two Eggplants“Two Eggplants” is an oil measuring 8″ x10″ unframed and is on sale for $65.






Radish I

“Radish” is an oil on 8″x8″ canvas and is on sale for $45.










Trio of Olives I

“Trio of Olives I” is an oil on canvas measuring 8″x10″ unframed and is on sale for $65.






Trio of Olives II“Trio of Olives II” is an oil on canvas measuring 8″ x 10″ unframed and is on sale for $65.


For any of these terrific deals contact kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com .  And come back tomorrow for more of the Dog Days of Summer Sale.

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Isabella's Lesson 1Isabella is my private student.  She comes once a week and we work in acrylics.  She’s a very quick study and has done some really nice little paintings.





Isabella's Lesson 2Here she is hard at work.










Isabella's Lesson 3

And with her finished painting.  A really nice result.  Good job Isabella!


In addition to the Wednesday Night Oil Painting Class that I teach at the Blue Ridge Arts Council (see the Art Class tab at the top of the page) I offer private lessons.  I have had several young students.  I usually don’t work with students under the age of 12 but every once in awhile there is a “Promising Picasso” that I teach.

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Philip Carter Winery 1There is a group of Plein Air painters that have been meeting for several years around the Front Royal area on Thursday mornings to try to capture the beautiful scenes where we live.  The Shenandoah Plein Air Painters met at Philip Carter Winery yesterday morning for our painting session.  And boy, was it ever overcast. 

This is where I found a spot around 8 a.m. and went to work.



Philip Carter Winery 2 Ref PhotoThis is my reference photo for the painting.  One thing I didn’t have to worry about that is often a problem for plein air painters was the changing light.  The light was a steady dull grey…no sun to be seen anywhere. 





Philip Carter Winery 3But I got a great start on this little painting despite the weather.  And I was really enjoying the solitude out at the winery early in the morning and then….


….it started to drizzle.



Philip Carter Winery 4So I took another quick photo of the painting and the scene….






Philip Carter Winery 5

And a shot of the palette.  And then packed it in and headed for home.








Philip Carter Winery 6 FinishedAnd then I finished it up at home.  I love these quick sketches of the scenes around the valley…even if the weather is iffy!

This oil painting measures 9″ x12″ and is available by emailing me at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com .

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A Sunflower for Carol AnnHere is a sunflower for Carol Ann!  It’s her birthday and sunflowers are her favorite.  Happy Birthday!

Carol Ann is our friend from West Virginia.  She has the two Great Danes that my “boys” love so much. 


First, Truman fell in love with Bella or maybe Bella fell for Truman.  She used to treat him so bad in the beginning as evidenced by this photo of the two of them.

Bella LOOOOVES Truman

But they grew out of that silly play….or Bella grew up rather.  Now she is way to big to be stepping all over the “old man”.  But lucky for her Jed has come along and Bella and her brother Jam have made Jed an honorary member of their family and Jed is loving it!

Tug of War 1Tug of war is their favorite game and Jed thinks he is as big as they are.  He says, “It’s hard to be a Great Dane when your legs are this short!”

And all they while they are playing Jed really thinks that Carol Ann is his mom.  He loves her better than anyone and would really like to live with them and be a country dog full-time.  So what do you think Carol Ann?  Maybe for your birthday?

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Red Chair in progress 1 (Small)Lucky me!  I got a new easel for my birthday last week so I did a practice run with it this weekend out at the cabin and painted the Red Chair that I posted about a few days ago. 

Love the new easel and the ease of set-up.  It makes plein air painting so much easier. 

 Red Chair Finished (Small)And here is the finished sketch.  It is an oil on canvas panel measuring 8″x10″ and is SOLD .

I love that chair!

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Easy Artichoke Dip

Artichoke Dip 1As I mentioned before, I don’t cook a lot but when I do it is generally something I really LOVE and it has to be easy & fast.  (I’m not a patient woman; I admit it freely!)

I found this recipe in a magazine several years ago and because I love artichoke dip I thought I’d give it a whirl.  And boy am I glad I did because it is easy and fast.  (See, that meets my criteria.)

Easy Artichoke Dip

2 boxes frozen Artichoke Hearts (chopped)

Artichoke Dip 2

1 1/2 cups of  Parmesan cheese (shredded or grated)

3/4 cup mayonaise

1/4 cup sour cream

salt &  pepper

garlic powder (optional)

Mix artichokes, 1 cup of the parmasan cheese, mayo and sour cream together well.  Add seasonings to taste.



Artichoke Dip 3Spread mixture into a baking dish.  Sprinkle the rest of parm cheese over the top.  Bake at 375 degrees for 20 – 30 minutes or until nice and golden brown. 






Artichoke Dip 4It looks like this when it comes out of the oven and smells sooooooo good.  It’s hard to wait for it to cool enough to put into your mouth. 




Artichoke Dip 5Serve it with thinly slice baguettes, crackers, etc.  I can make a meal off it although it really should be a nice appetizer.  But who says appetizers can’t be a main dish?  Is it a rule?

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Pitiful Looks from the Dog

Pitiful at GateThis is the view I get each time I leave my house and don’t take the “boys” with me.  It is just so pitiful. 

That’s one reason why I take them most of the time.  I hate to have to look at this.  Do you think they are given lessons in looking this sad and making us feel so guilty for leaving them behind?

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