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Degas’s Horses is an acrylic measuring 11″x14″.  It is available at the Blue Ridge Arts Council.   This demonstration piece is one that I did this summer at Art Camp during famous painters week.  One way that artists over the ages have learned to paint is by copying the masters.  I simplified Degas’s painting so the kids could paint it.

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More hats!

These and many more hats are available at Delilah’s on Main Street, Front Royal.  And the great news is that they are on sale all this weekend!!!

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One Olive, oil on paper, 3″x4″.  Available at the Blue Ridge Arts Council.

Two Olives, oil on paper, 3″x4″.  Available at the Blue Ridge Arts Council.  

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I have spent the last few days trying to pull together about 35 paintings for an invitational show at the Blue Ridge Arts Council.  I deliver the paintings today and they will hang through the holiday season. 

Joining me in the show is Terri Nicholson who also teaches art classes.  We were asked to  show many of the demonstration pieces that we have done for our classes.  The great thing about these paintings is that they sell at lower prices because we generally don’t spend as much time on them as we do a painting that we work on in our studios.  But they are still wonderful original pieces of art…and they are really affordable.

So stop by the Blue Ridge Arts Council and see the show.

Bee on Coneflower, oil, 6×6, $125.

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Every year the Blue Ridge Arts Council holds a fundraiser called “Deck the Halls”.  Many people chip in by decorating trees and wreaths and donate them to be sold for the benefit of arts programing in our community.  The event is this evening with the sale beginning at 7 pm.

This tree called “Bark for the Park” was decorated by my friend Linda Kusior who took my Bark for the Park posters and turned them into ornaments.  Isn’t it cute?!  Thanks Linda.


I painted this Santa Bowl that I donated for sale.



This snowman chair was my other donation to the fundraiser.  I hope that these items sell well to benefit BRAC. 



You really should take the time to attend.  Not only will it put you in the holiday spirit but you will see so many great ideas.  Creativity abounds at this event.  Just take a look at this adorable “Snowgirl” tree.  She has on a little tutu skirt and is holding her shoes in one hand and her purse in the other as she tiptoes thru the snow.  I love her.

Be sure to stop by.  You don’t want to miss all these wonderful ideas.  See, here is even more….


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One Cherry, Oil, 4″x3″, available for $75 framed.

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Having just returned from the Art of the Carolinas Trade Show hosted by Jerry’s Artarama in Raleigh, NC I am more convinced than ever that even though it is a struggle to make a living as an artist, it matters.  Art matters for so many reasons.  It matters when I have the opportunity to work with young people, like these Warren County Middle School students, when I can help them discover their creativity.

It matters when I work with artists ages 7 – 85 to help them discover how art can inspire them, how it can help develop communication, how it enlivens our senses, how it increases our self-confidence, how it enhances our ability to learn and fuels our imaginations.  Art matters!

But it needs people who appreciate and support local art and artists to sustain it.  Support local art in your community because art matters for so many reasons.

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Art of the Carolinas

For the past few years now I have been going to a huge trade show called Art of the Carolinas.  It’s fabulous…lots of great new supplies, lots of seminars, lots of demonstrations and lots of friends.  And this year two of the Thursday adult class painters are going to experience it too.  Fun will ensue!  Thanks Jerry’s Artarama for making it a great event each year.

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Hat Season

I’ve been crocheting again since the weather got cooler.  This is a matching cloche with scarf.


And  a brown cloche and a multi-colored one.  These will be available at Delilah’s along with many other hats and scarves.  Come check them out.  It will snow again soon.  🙂


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Santa Bowl

 Santa Bowl is a piece that I donated to the Blue Ridge Arts Council for their upcoming “Deck the Halls”.  Be sure to mark you calendar and attend on November 18th.

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