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Kids Paint Sheep

20171116_0628541586966150.jpgThe kids painted this cute sheep in class yesterday.  Whenever I give them the option of something to paint they ALWAYS choose the animal option.  🙂  And didn’t they do an excellent job on this little guy?!  We have kids classes every Wednesday at 4:15 at The Studio.  Contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com if you want to have your young artist come join us.


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Yesterday (Monday) was my day off.  I try really hard to not schedule anything on Mondays since I work most weekends and it’s usually the only day off I get.  But yesterday, instead of laying around catching up on my rest and house work I went to visit my friends at Sanders Ranch (Battlefield Equestrian Center).

It’s owned by Kim Sanders, one of the girls that comes to paint Pet Portraits once a quarter with the group from Centerville area.  We always have such a great time.  While I have been to her place once she invited me to come back to paint.  So I did.  What a fun day.

I got two paintings started which I will share with you as soon as I complete them but even better than that I got tons of reference photos of the animals and barns.  It’s like a petting zoo there with all the fun and friendly animals…..donkey, horses, dogs, cats, sheep, chickens, turkey….  What fun!  Thanks again Kim.  I loved it.

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20170625_054420We had the Sander’s Ranch crowd back at The Studio yesterday and boy, did we have FUN!  And they created some beautiful paintings.  We had sheep, rabbit, horses, a wolf and of course, dogs all being painted.  Great work everyone!

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On Monday I visited with friends at the Battlefield Equestrian Center (Sander’s Ranch) and met loads of beautiful animals.  Of course, I took many reference photos because the kids in my art classes LOVE to paint animals.  So at this week’s classes we painted Finn.  What a handsome guy!  Here are the paintings that the kids did along with my demo piece and more photos of Finn and Lucky.

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Painters at Work!

We had so many people working at The Studio yesterday creating beautiful works of art.  Wednesday we have regular weekly art classes for adults and children.  Adults have classes at 10:30 or 5:30 and Kids class is at 4:15.

Occasionally we have visitors who just drop in.  This happened yesterday with a young girl and her Babushka.  They wanted to paint together before she had to return home to Seattle so they painted together at the evening class.  Our young painter, Kamila, completed this little lamb painting.  She was very pleased.

Logan has been working on a large painting and decided to take a break from it yesterday to do a quick palette knife painting that she could complete in one session just to get her creative juices flowing again.

And the kids did this fun little “Saying” multi media piece.  Great work everyone!!!

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I spent Mother’s Day with one of my best friends, Deb, at the Maryland Sheep &Wool Festival outside of Frederick, Maryland.  Deb spins wool into yarn as well as dyes her own wool so it was fascinating to see the whole thing from her perspective.  There was loads of beautiful yarn for purchase as well as lots of other beautiful items.  I found several new things I would like to learn to do.  🙂

But best of all I got lots of good reference photos for painting.  And I got to hold a one day old lamb….her mother rejected her…not the best mother on Mother’s Day…but the people who own her were bottle feeding her and they have lots of sheep and know just what to do.  They make lovely blankets and throws from their wool.  Check them out here.


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"Mr. Cottswold", oil, 6"x8"

“Mr. Cottswold”, oil, 6″x8″

JackAnother GoatI was challenged by a friend and fellow artist to participate in the 3-A-Day Challenge where I have to post 3 paintings per day for one week on my wall on Facebook.  Today is Day 3 of the challenge.  The first day I posted three paintings that were demonstration paintings from Paint Parties and yesterday I posted 3  paintings from the Farm Animal series that I did several years ago.  The farm animals lit up the comment section…and they reminded me how much fun they were to do.  Here are the three paintings I shared.

Not sure what I will be showing for my three for today but it has been fun going back and looking at some of the older paintings that I have done.  Thanks Cindy for the challenge.

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