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20190916_065654.jpgWe started our Farm Animal series last night at The Studio.  A great crowd painted a donkey and a rooster…and they all turned out great!!!  The 2nd in the series will be on Sunday, October 13th at 2 pm when we will paint a goose and a sheep.  Click here to see and to register.

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When the kids did the Farm Animal week at Art Camp this summer many of you who follow The Studio posts said “Let’s do it too!”  So we have figured out a way to make that happen.  We will paint a series of 8 Farm Animals by painting two per session on 8″x8″ canvas.  This will make a nice grouping.  The first two sessions are set up and you can click here to see more and to register. The first is on September 15th and we will paint a rooster and a donkey.  The second session is on October 13th and we will paint a sheep and a duck.



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Muletide.jpgWe celebrated the Muletide Season last night at The Studio as we painted the third in our Christmas Animals series.  These turned out GREAT!  Nice work everyone.

You can see the Flamingo here .

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Yesterday (Monday) was my day off.  I try really hard to not schedule anything on Mondays since I work most weekends and it’s usually the only day off I get.  But yesterday, instead of laying around catching up on my rest and house work I went to visit my friends at Sanders Ranch (Battlefield Equestrian Center).

It’s owned by Kim Sanders, one of the girls that comes to paint Pet Portraits once a quarter with the group from Centerville area.  We always have such a great time.  While I have been to her place once she invited me to come back to paint.  So I did.  What a fun day.

I got two paintings started which I will share with you as soon as I complete them but even better than that I got tons of reference photos of the animals and barns.  It’s like a petting zoo there with all the fun and friendly animals…..donkey, horses, dogs, cats, sheep, chickens, turkey….  What fun!  Thanks again Kim.  I loved it.

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Clarence II Clarence is a painting I did several years ago.  (See it here.)  He belongs to a friend and when she posted a photo of him on Facebook I asked her if I could paint from her photo.  I love the way he looks.  Well so does someone else because I was asked to paint him again.  This Clarence (#2) now lives in New Jersey.

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"Mr. Cottswold", oil, 6"x8"

“Mr. Cottswold”, oil, 6″x8″

JackAnother GoatI was challenged by a friend and fellow artist to participate in the 3-A-Day Challenge where I have to post 3 paintings per day for one week on my wall on Facebook.  Today is Day 3 of the challenge.  The first day I posted three paintings that were demonstration paintings from Paint Parties and yesterday I posted 3  paintings from the Farm Animal series that I did several years ago.  The farm animals lit up the comment section…and they reminded me how much fun they were to do.  Here are the three paintings I shared.

Not sure what I will be showing for my three for today but it has been fun going back and looking at some of the older paintings that I have done.  Thanks Cindy for the challenge.

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"Debbie's Clarence"

“Debbie’s Clarence”

Clarence's Reference Photo

Clarence’s Reference Photo

A friend posted a photo of Clarence on her Facebook page recently and I immediately sent her a message asking for permission to paint his portrait.  What a handsome guy!!!  I just love the way he looks.

“Clarence”, acrylic on canvas panel, 6″x8″.  Available by contacting kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com

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Casper, Spice and the Sheep Field

Barnyard with Variety of Animals

Chicken by Linda Kusior

The Goat Yard with Baby Goats


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Spent the last couple of days gathering up supplies to go to see my friend in West Virginia who is having me do some paintings on her new studio walls.  She is Jack’s mom.  This is Jack.  He is part of the “Farm Animal” series that I painted a few years ago.  I’m sure I will get loads more material to paint while there.

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Just Jack II is an oil on canvas panel measuring 6″x8″.  This is the second version of Jack that I have done.  It was a special order. 

The first Jack can be seen by clicking here.

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