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I love impressionism.  Many people do.  When you ask someone what their favorite painting might be often people will name an impressionist’s work; ie.  Monet, Degas, Renoir, etc. 

But do you know what invention truly help to develop the impressionist movement of painting outdoors and capturing light and fleeting images?  The paint tube!   Never would have guess that, right?  Before the invention of the paint tube which allowed artists to easily carry their mixed paints in the field they had to use, of all things, pig bladders.  Yuck.  I’m thinking I would have remained in the studio to paint too. 

Miniature Summer Flowers is an oil on canvas panel measuring 3″x7″ and is available for $45.

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We always have a lot of fun on Wednesday evening at art class.  Last night each student was working on a different painting.  It’s great to see the challenges that everyone has taken on.  And I think we all learn from one another as we progress on our journeys to be better painters.

I spend a lot of time talking about the color wheel and color mixing because I feel that learning color is at least half the battle in becoming a good painter.

This palette is one of our painters from last night as they continued to mix to find just the right color for a floral painting.  The best way to learn is to experiment and practice and that is exactly what this student did.  Good job!

Pat has been painting with the class now for a little over a year and has become a very good painter.  What I love about her is that she is open to trying anything to learn new techniques and improve her skills.  She’s doing great!

If you would like to join us just email me at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com .  I’ll be glad to give you more information.  Painting is a great outlet for stress; it’s a wonderful hobby; and in a class setting it’s loads of fun.  Come and try it.

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Looking East Toward Signal Knob is an oil on canvas panel measuring 4″x6″ and is available for $65.

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Shenandoah Valley View is an oil on canvas panel measuring 12″x24″.  This is a piece I started several years ago and while we’ve been weathered in the past few weeks I’ve taken the time to dig out a few old starts and get them finished. 

This one is now framed and on display at Delilah’s.  Come by and see it.

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I’m still crocheting like crazy and loving it.  I just made these two cute little cocoon sets for newborns.  They are available for purchase at Delilah’s for by contacting me. 

I love the pea green one with the little stem hat.  I wish I knew someone with a little baby that I could use as a model.  Truman refused.  🙂

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Teacher’s Pet is an oil on 9″x12″ canvas panel and is framed and available by contacting me. 

I love this painting.  We did this a few weeks ago in our Wednesday Night Oil Painting Class.  See what you could do if you came and painted with us????

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 Abstract Dreams I & II are acrylic on Gallery Wrap 1 1/2″ canvas measuring 12″x12″ each.  They are SOLD.

I enjoy abstract work and combining colors to see what works together well.  It is a lesson in trial and error. 

I think these combinations turned out great!

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After a week of posting crochet on my blog I’m back to art.  But first I want to say thanks to everyone who responded so positively to the crochet.  I was shocked!  And many thanks to those of you who purchased items.  With your encouragement I have taken some things to Delilah’s so if you are interested in hats, slippers, or bags, stop into the shop and take a look. 

Now back to art.  Rockefeller Plaza is an acrylic on canvas measuring 24″x18″.  This painting began as a lesson for a private student who was interested in doing a “representational abstract” of this view.  We had fun working on it.  As you can see it was a Christmas view.  It is SOLD!

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Today is the last day for the crazy crochet week….something a little different for this blog.

Today I am posting photos of slippers that I made the last couple of days.  The snow is giving me plenty of time to watch tv and crochet.

I love these slippers.  I made two different patterns and am trying a third.   The internet makes it so easy to find great patterns.  That is really different from when I first learned to crochet and you had to buy a book with loads of patterns in it just to get the one you wanted.

I hope you have enjoyed the week of crochet.  Next week it’s back to art!

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Have I mentioned how much fun I am having crocheting.  I made these two little baby hats with ears.  I think they are funny and I don’t know what I am going to do with them.  But they are cute, aren’t they?

I also made some hats for big people.  I love these two hats with brims.  They are really cute on and so comfortable.  And I love how they are so easy to bend and roll.  They would be great for traveling.  The light colored one SOLD!  Not to worry though, I’ve already made another one.  🙂

I know I will make more of these because I love how they look and they are fun to make.  One day when I comb my hair and have on make-up, I’ll take a photo with one of these on so that you can see how they look.  But with this weather, I haven’t had make-up on in days.  😉

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