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Stick Weave2I love the look of this.  Maybe we’ll do some more soon.

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A New Shawl

Working on a new shawl pattern with some really nice yarn that I just got.  And using my favorite yarn bowl.  Love it!  Don’t forget that we have a great class coming up at The Studio next week.  Are you ready to learn something new?  Click here.

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I’ve been working with my friend Deb to set up her Square Store so that soon you will be able to purchase her amazing yarns for your knitting and crochet.  Deborah Ray hand spins her own fibers and wools and also hand dyes.  The results are amazing!!!  Please watch for her store coming soon and you will be able to have some of this beautiful yarn.  Love it!

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Yes, I’m still crocheting.  I know it stopped snowing but I can’t stop crocheting.  It’s like an obsession.  I don’t know what to do about it.  But I’m having fun so I guess I shouldn’t stop yet.

Here is a bucket hat in blue….

  And a Floppy Hat in Grey and a great travel hat in light brown.

And I had an order for a Mother and Daughter Hat that I made in this beautiful rose color.  Now they have been shipped off to the east coast.

And then I got carried away with slippers again…

These are Virginia Tech colors.  I plan to send a pair to our granddaughter at Tech. 

Now I’m working on University of Virgina colors.

There are also these beautiful variegated girly color slippers that I had to make.  I just love this yarn.  It works up so pretty.

And then there are the coffee cup sleeves because you never know when that coffee or tea will be too hot and you can whip this right out of your purse and save the day!  Ha!

So as you can see the obsession continues…..

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Today is the last day for the crazy crochet week….something a little different for this blog.

Today I am posting photos of slippers that I made the last couple of days.  The snow is giving me plenty of time to watch tv and crochet.

I love these slippers.  I made two different patterns and am trying a third.   The internet makes it so easy to find great patterns.  That is really different from when I first learned to crochet and you had to buy a book with loads of patterns in it just to get the one you wanted.

I hope you have enjoyed the week of crochet.  Next week it’s back to art!

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Have I mentioned how much fun I am having crocheting.  I made these two little baby hats with ears.  I think they are funny and I don’t know what I am going to do with them.  But they are cute, aren’t they?

I also made some hats for big people.  I love these two hats with brims.  They are really cute on and so comfortable.  And I love how they are so easy to bend and roll.  They would be great for traveling.  The light colored one SOLD!  Not to worry though, I’ve already made another one.  🙂

I know I will make more of these because I love how they look and they are fun to make.  One day when I comb my hair and have on make-up, I’ll take a photo with one of these on so that you can see how they look.  But with this weather, I haven’t had make-up on in days.  😉

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It is snowing again.  We got another several inches last night.  Just what we needed seeing how the roads haven’t been cleared from the first snow. 😦

I’m still crocheting.  Here is a scarf/wrap and hat that I made out of some beautiful green yarn.  And I am working on a couple of other hats.  I’m having such fun with this.

For those of you who emailed me, no I haven’t stopped painting.  I’m still painting but with all the time inside I have to do other things as well.  So this week I just thought I’d change it up a little.  Thanks for asking and for the encouragement.  I really appreciate it.

Stay warm and safe.

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Here is a better view of the variegated yarn basket that was in the background of the photo yesterday.  This is the second one I made from that same pattern.

And I just kept crocheting.  There is something addictive about it.  I don’t really understand it but I can’t stop.

I made hats!  I’ve never made hats before.  But I found this terrific website where they have gobs of beautiful patterns that you can download and I found so many great things to try.

If you like crochet check out www.crochetpatternscentral.com and from there you find many links to other places where there are great patterns available including the website for the yarn makers. 

I did paint a little yesterday too but this is such a refreshing change that I am planning more for today and with the call for another 8-12 inches of snow tonight I just hope I have enough yarn laid in the carry me through to the thaw.  🙂

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Sometimes when I’m feeling creative I want to do something other than paint.  With all the snow around and not being able to go out much I picked up some yarn and a crochet hook and went to it.

These are yarn baskets with handles that I made this weekend.  They happen to be stuffed with yarn just so you could get an idea of how they look and their size.

I love to crochet.  And I forget how much I enjoy it until I pick up a crochet hook and go to work.  My granny taught me how.  When I was very young she would be working on something and I would beg to help.  So she taught me how.  I was way to young to grasp the total concept but I could chain, which is the foundation stitch for all crochet.  And I could chain from here to the moon.

But it took me awhile before I could put it together and actually make something.  I think I must have been around 11 or 12 when I really started making things. 

I love trying something new.  So this weekend with all the snow I had my opportunity.  And here are the bags.  And thanks Granny for helping me not be bored to death this weekend.  I wish you were still here to see what I made.  🙂

Tomorrow, who knows???!!!

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