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I spent yesterday afternoon at The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia….probably my favorite art museum. I love it mainly because of the beautiful impressionistic and post-impressionistic art…but also because of the way it is displayed. It is amazing. Click here to read more about The Barnes Foundation. If you are a lover of art this is one stop you must add to your list of places to see. I love Matisse so I spent a good deal of time looking at the amazing Matisse works of art Dr Barnes collected. Today I am off the the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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Matisse Cat at Camp

20190710_131429.jpg Even though we now have a resident dog….Lincoln…at the Studio we painted cats!  Matisse Cat yesterday at Art Camp.  They were so much fun for the kids to do and quite challenging.  Great work by everyone….and Lincoln didn’t mind seeing the cats.  🙂

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A Matisse for My Birthday

20190710_064812.jpgYesterday I celebrated my birthday by painting a beautiful Matisse painting with the Art Camp Kids.  This is “Still Life, Bouquet of Dahlias and White Book by Henri Matisse from  1923.   This week we are studying Monet, Matisse and Van Gogh and since Matisse is my favorite we did one of his.  They did amazing work as we did a little large canvas.  Nice job everyone!!!

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I got to spend a few hours at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City yesterday.

I love seeing the size of paintings that we see in books and then realize how large…or small they really are.


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20170803_133229The final session of Art Camp started yesterday with our youngest artists (ages 5-7) painting Matisse’s Lady in a Purple Coat.  They did such a good job in only the 2 hours that we had.  Terrific!!!

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20170726_203440We love Matisse!  The Art Campers loved painting “Girl in the Purple Coat” yesterday.  It was quite a challenge to do it in just 3 hours but these young painters were diligent and buckled down and got it finished.  And boy, didn’t they do an excellent job?!  Great work girls!

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One of the most striking things at the Matisse in the Studio exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston was the fabrics he used in his works.

He had some rich textiles with interesting shapes and colors that he used as backdrops and drapes in many of his paintings.

Sometimes he just used the shapes and designs and changed up the colors to suit his need.

It was fascinating to see them side by side with the paintings.  This may be the best exhibit I have ever visited.

It was just amazing!  I have so many more photos but I think with the ones posted earlier this week as well as the ones today you have gotten a good idea of what the exhibit was about and how Matisse went about his process.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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What struck me most as I saw the Matisse in The Studio exhibit is how he used his collection of objects time and time again in his paintings.  He had a group of items that were special to him and often put them in his still-life set-ups.  In this series today you will see his chocolate pots.

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We are continuing today with more from the “Matisse in the Studio” exhibit at Museum of Fine Art Boston.

As I mentioned yesterday, it was AMAZING!  Here you can click to check out more information.   From the MFA-Boston website:  “Inspiration is everywhere!  Henri Matisse—who revolutionized 20th-century art—believed that a treasured group of objects was instrumental to his studio practice. “Matisse in the Studio” is the first major international exhibition to examine the importance of Matisse’s personal collection of objects, offering unprecedented insight into the great artist’s creativity. See these rare pairings of Matisse’s major works with objects of inspiration in “Matisse in the Studio” in its only US venue at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.”

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20170606_074521I made a day trip to Boston yesterday (yes, it’s a long way for a day trip) to see the Matisse exhibit.  What an amazing display!!!  I admit that I am a BIG fan of Matisse.   But anyone who appreciates art and creating it would love this exhibit.

The premise of the exhibit is to feature the many objects, fabrics, furniture and more that Matisse collected over the years and how he used them in many of his paintings.

Over the next few days I will attempt to share with you some of the wonderful things I saw.


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