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I got to spend a few hours at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City yesterday.

I love seeing the size of paintings that we see in books and then realize how large…or small they really are.



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Yesterday at Art Camp we studied two very interesting artists, Edouard Manet and Jackson Pollack.  That is the beauty of these combination weeks, we compare really different types of art.

Here are the “Lemonheads”!  The girls painted copies of Manet’s “Lemon Still Life”.  They did a great job!

And then we started working on a Jackson Pollack like drip painting.  The young artists really LOVED this part.  We went to the park so we could spread out and work with really thin paint.

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Yesterday the famous painter that we discussed was Jackson Pollack.  Then we went outside to immolate his style by painting with sticks to drip and splatter the canvas.

Of course, this was the most fun the kids have had painting so far.  Here they are with their finished paintings and at work:









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