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We had a terrific weekend in New York City.  Stayed at the Hotel Edison, an art deco style-1930’s hotel.  The art was extraordinary.  These painted panels circled the lobby waiting area.
























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A painting that I did outdoors a year or so ago at the Bowen Farm in Rockland has been purchased by a collector in Oklahoma City.  It’s all packaged up and ready to go to the post office today…off to it’s new home in Oklahoma.  O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A, Oklahoma,  OK!  Couldn’t resist that one.  🙂

View from the Bowen Farm, 9″x12″, Oil on Canvas.

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 A few weeks ago a good friend asked if I could paint a watercolor of the pond on her property.  Her dad’s 90th birthday was coming up and it was his “favorite” place and she wanted to give it to him.

We rode out to her place and took a few  photographs one afternoon.  And I could see why he loved the place so much.  It was lovely…and peaceful…and such a beautiful setting. 

 Even the outhouse was cool and perfectly placed in the tall shade trees.

After much rumination of the matter I decided to paint the view with the trees in front.  I like the way it turned out.  And she said her dad loved it too!  Happy 90th Birthday.

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This is my new buddy – Allie.  Her mom is JoJo who has joined the Delilah’s co-op and has beautiful fine silver jewelry.  Stop in and see it.  Allie helped us Saturday at the festival.  She is a great saleslady.  And didn’t she look cute with her painted face???!!

She is also a great painter.  She helped me with the Coneflower painting that I was working on while her mom looked on.  Thanks Allie.

And thanks everyone who stopped in to see me Saturday.   

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The Wine & Craft Festival is today on Main Street in Front Royal.  Come on down.  I will be at Delilah’s all day painting.

Hope to see you there.

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Yesterday I posted a painting that I did as a demonstration for some of the residents at The Southerlands. 

So yesterday one of my young artists, Maggie, painted from the same photo.  Here is her version of the farm landscape.  Good job Maggie!!!

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Yesterday, I was invited to paint an art demonstration at The Southerlands.  This is the piece that I did for them.  I was showing them how easy it is to paint in anticipation of them beginning a painting class.

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This is Kirby, my friend Kyle’s dog.  They live in Kentucky.

This is the last couple of days to see the “Bark for the Park” show at the community center.  It comes down on Wednesday.

Please run by if you haven’t seen it already.

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We had two terrific art classes yesterday. 

First, the young artists painted cantaloupe.  They did a great job!


And then the adults painted.  They are all doing great work and getting better and better all the time.  Good job everyone!!!

If you want to learn to paint or improve your painting skills, come join us on Wednesday or Thursday at 5:30 – 7 p.m. for a fun and instructive class.

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This is Ordo and Dixie.  Ordo is staying with us a couple of weeks and my boys are having such fun with him.

And then this morning, our friend Dixie showed up!  She comes to visit from time to time as you can see here.

Let the play begin….

Jed just decided to stay out-of-the-way…..

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