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Okay.  I promise I will stop posting photos of Hickory soon.  But I couldn’t resist showing a couple of more shots from the Opening Reception Tuesday evening of the “Bark for the Park” Art Show.  This cutie is Whill Stanley, Doug’s son.  He was really enjoying petting Hickory.  And I want to say thanks to Doug who is our county administrator and who has really helped to move the dog park project forward. 


And this little sweetie is Max Napier, the grandson of our friends Kathy and Doug.  He was loving Hickory too.

I was really thrilled that so many little people were brought to the reception to meet Hickory. 

And this fun shot of me with Hickory was taken by my friend and animal lover, Jennie Gosche’. 

Many thanks again to Hickory and her family for supporting the event and especially for supporting the park!

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The Opening Reception for the “Bark for the Park” Art Show and Sale was  a huge success.  We had a great turnout.  And of course, the most popular girl at the party was Hickory, winner of Westminster.  She was such a good sport.  She came early and stayed the whole evening so everyone could pet her, have pictures made, etc.  What a good sport!  Thanks girl to you and your family. 

And many thanks to everyone who came and purchased paintings and made donations to the dog park.  I know we will raise the money we need so we can start building the park soon.

This is two happy girls….Hickory and Carson!

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Today is the day we’ve worked so hard for…the Opening Reception of the “Bark for the Park” Art Show and Sale.  This evening from 5-7 p.m. at the Warren County Community Center, 538 Villa Avenue, Front Royal, VA.  Please stop by and see the 47 pet portraits that make up the show.

This is Lucy, my cousin Amy’s dog.  So sweet. (This painting is SOLD.)

And this is Bruno, one of cousin Linda’s dogs.  Another cutie.

Please stop by the community center and see all the others.

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Just one more day to the Opening Reception of the “Bark for the Park” Art Show & Sale to benefit the Off-Leash Dog Park. 

Several really good pieces of news have come my way this past week.  First, Hickory, the Scottish Deerhound who won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this year will be in attendance as our guest of honor.  She believes in the off-leash park!  🙂

This is a painting that I did of Hickory this weekend.  I thought she should have her portrait included among the other 46 dogs on display for the show. 

The reception is from 5 – 7 p.m. at the Warren County Community Center.  Please come out and invite all your friends to see the plans for the new dog park.

The second piece of good news is that several paintings have already sold!!!  Yeah!  The proceeds from sales at this show go to the dog park.  Thanks to everyone who has already made a purchase to support the park.  Of course, you can make a donation to the park without buying a painting.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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So you might ask yourself after reading this past weeks posts, just how does one person work with 16 kids during a one hour period for three days of painting with each kid painting something different and help them all come up with a superb painting?  Good friends, that’s how. 

Many thanks to two wonderful friends and artists, Shelly and Susan, who have helped over the last two weeks with the elementary schools that we have been working with on the 175th Anniversary Painting project.  It would have been impossible for me to do this project without their help.

And,  of course, many, many thanks to Kym who conceived this idea for the Blue Ridge Arts Council.  And while she appears before the camera in this shot while being interviewed for a tv spot about the project, she has been behind the camera the last two weeks as our official photographer.

I am so grateful to Shelly, Susan and Kym for making this happen.  Good job ladies!!!

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 On the 4th and final day of the Art Residency we finished up our paintings!  Yeah.  And then we took a class photo.  These are the wonderful 4th graders from A. S. Rhodes who created this beautiful painting.

  Didn’t they do a great job!

And this is the class of 4th graders from Hilda J. Barbour Elementary school who painted this terrific painting….


The very last thing we did together was have a little cupcake birthday party to celebrate the birthday of Warren County.

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We painted in the morning at A.S. Rhodes.

And in the afternoon we painted at Hilda J. Barbour.

And TV-3 came to do a story about the Art Residency Project.  They did a great job with the story.  They interviewed several kids too and they were so adorable talking about their painting.   You can watch their interview by clicking here

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I gave the students an overview of the project and then they began painting.

We numbered the 16 – 12″x12″ canvases that made up the 4’x4′ painting.  The students drew numbers to see which canvas they got to paint.

My friend and student, Shelly, came to help the kids with their paintings. 

Kym Crump of the Blue Ridge Arts Council helped too!

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As I mentioned last week, the Blue Ridge Arts Council has asked me to present a visual arts residency in each of the five elementary schools in Warren County.  The residency will be conducted over the course of 4-consecutive days at each school.  The art teacher at each school selected 16 – 4th graders to participate.

Each student will complete a 12”x12” acrylic original, which will be grouped and framed together (collage) and permanently displayed at the school after being shown in various locations through July.

The week with the students begins with Doug Stanley, County Administrator, talking to them about the history of Warren County.  He explains why this area was settled and events of significance that have occurred.  This gives me a basis then to show them the sample painting and explain why we are painting the subjects that I’ve chosen:  the river, the mountains, transportation (train), wildlife, etc.

After I show them the sample painting, we discuss how to paint and how to mix color.  I review the color wheel, we talk about equipment – brushes, canvas, palettes, etc. 

So far the two groups I have worked with have been extremely interested in this.  Today I begin working with two more schools.  All this week I will share the progress of the first two schools.  It was exciting to see their finished products!

Many thanks to Kym Crump at the Arts Council for bringing me this project!

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As I got to this stage it got harder for me to find things that I thought I could make work for the 4th grade students.  Even some of the ones I had chosen to this point seemed a little difficult but I know they can do it.

And finally, I finished the piece.  Well, not really as I am still fiddling with little parts of it here and there.  I’ll show a final, final version next week. 

The school in the upper left corner of this painting is A. S. Rhodes.  As I work with each of the schools, we will paint their school into the picture.  Since the paintings will become part of a permanent display at each school it was only fitting that each school be depicted by the students.  The paintings size is 4’x4′. 

Next week I’ll show you how A.S. Rhodes and Hilda J. Barbour’s students work turned out.  I have been working with them all this week.  🙂

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