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Strasburg RotaryYesterday I was the guest speaker at the Strasburg Rotary Club in Strasburg, Virginia.  What a nice group of folks!

They made me feel very welcome as I told them what it is like to be a daily painter.  I also did a quick demonstration for them.  The photo here shows my set up with reference photo for the painting.

I’ll put the finishing touches on it and post the finished product for you in the next few days.

Thanks again to the Strasburg Rotarians for allowing me to discuss my “Life as a Daily Painter” with you.

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Prickley PearThis is the second painting that I have done from the photos I took on my recent trip to Arizona.  I love the way the cactus look against the red rocks.  This painting, “Prickly Pear”, is an oil on canvas panel measuring 10″x8″ and is available for $195.  kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com






This was my reference photo for the painting.Cactus 3

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Fog Across the ValleyWoke up to the first really cool morning of the season.  I like it.  I like cooler weather.  I like snow.  I know.  Most folks don’t, but I grew up where it was HOT all the time and I much prefer the seasons.

Cool weather brings fog in the mountains.  So I am posting this painting that I did a month or so ago of “Fog in the Valley”.  It is an oil on canvas panel, 11×14, available for $225.  kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com

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Isabella's PoppiesAfter missing several weeks of lessons Isabella is back and we had a lesson last night.

We painted big red poppies in acrylic.  Even though she is just 7 years old, she picks up concepts quickly and does a fantastic job.  Don’t  you think?



Isabella's Poppies by KellyThis was my version.  We paint along together during the lesson so I always end up with the same thing the student does.  I kind of like this one.  Reminds me of Georgia O’Keeffe.







Bored TruOf course, Truman was not impressed.  We bore him so after he gets all the attention he can from my student he takes a nap.  🙂

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Space Shuttle 1So it’s Sunday and we are on our way home from this big “aviator” weekend of the Air Races in Reno and we have to make a quick stop in Amarillo for a company picnic with our hosts, the Smiths.  We land at the Amarillo airport and look out the window and what do we see????   The space shuttle!!!




Space Shuttle 2Absolutely amazing.  Keep in mind that I am with a group of pilots…all weekend they have gone to the airshow each day and drooled over airplanes and airplane equipment and now, here we are in the heart of Texas and what do we see?  The ultimate in aviation…the space shuttle. 

I took Allen’s picture with it because I figured no one would believe we had seen it.




Space Shuttle 3So, of course, we delayed our trip out to the picnic for about 10 minutes so we could watch the shuttle take off, piggybacking on this HUGE airplane.  There were a few others around taking pictures but overall I guess it is something that NASA doesn’t advertise for safety reasons.  So we watched it take off.  I even got a minute long video of it.  (Sorry I can’t post it  here for you to see. 😦 )

When we left Reno we flew around Area 51, flew right over Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon and then we land and to see the Space Shuttle, all within a two hour period of time.  Can you imagine????

I tell you, the Smith’s are quite the hosts.  When they plan a trip, they really plan a trip!!!!   Thanks again for all the fun.

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Reno Air Races

HawkerThis past weekend Allen and I were invited by friends to go to Reno to the Air Races.  While that may not have been the most thrilling thing for me to see, the guys loved it as they are all pilots. 

The aviation excitement started when we flew on a private jet into Reno.  Less than 5 hours from Winchester airport to Reno.  You talk about spoiling us for commercial travel.  Who would ever want to fly commercial again???



Air Race 2Air Races are exactly what they sound like.  Old airplanes and new race around a “track” in the sky.  Here is an old WWII trainer.  There were about 6 or 7 of these in the race…all in perfect condition.  Amazing!







Air Race 3And another example of the trainer….








Air Race 1And this is how it looks as they race by the bleachers.








Air Race 4There were also demonstrations of different types of jets.








Blue Angels 1By far, the  most exciting display and the one that most people came to see was the Blue Angels.  They travel with a large support plane.  I’m sure that the guys could tell you the exact name for each of these but I can’t. 

It was pretty amazing to see the maneuverability of that large plane as it did its show.



Blue Angels 4As the team was getting ready to go up they introduced each of the pilots.  Imagine our surprise when they introduced this one as a naval pilot from Warrenton, Virginia! 





Blue Angels 6They flew in tight formation and did several passes where they were only 18 inches apart from wing to wing.  Can you imagine how much you would have to trust the people you work with to actually do that?







Blue Angels 5Some of the passes they even flew with one plane upright and one upside down….and so close together!

What a show!!!

The guys went to the show three days in a row.  I only went once and opted to go to the Nevada Museum of Art to a show about California Plein Air painters from the 1920- 40’s.  It was amazing as well. 

Overall, it was a terrific trip…especially for the pilots that were with us.  I know Allen enjoyed it immensely.  On the trip home, we stopped in Amarillo, Texas for a company picnic with our hosts.  And when we landed at the airport there we got another big surprise.  I’ll fill you in on that tomorrow.  🙂

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Artist on LocationAs I promised last week, we completed the art lesson last Wednesday night at class of this painting of an artist working on location. 

I love painting outdoors and do so every chance I get.  This is an oil painting measuring 11″x14″ and is available for $225 by contacting me at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com .

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Red Rocks 6A couple of weeks ago I told you about our trip out west to Arizona and shared all the photos of the red rocks. 

I finished a painting of one.  This is the reference photo of Bell Rock, just outside of Sedona, Arizona.




Bell Rock IAnd this is my painted version of Bell Rock.  It is an oil painting on canvas panel measuring 9″x12″ and is available for purchase at $195 by contacting me at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com .

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Fog Across the Valley Fog Across the Valley is an oil on canvas panel.  This is another piece we did recently in art class.  As you may have guessed this week from reading the blog, I finally brought home some pieces we did on Wednesdays in art class and photographed them to post on the blog.  I didn’t realize how far behind I had gotten on that!  We paint a lot in class.  🙂

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Another Fence for Pat Another Fence for Pat is an oil on canvas panel that we did several weeks ago in art class on Wednesday at the Blue Ridge Arts Council.  I named it for Pat because one of my art students loves to paint fences.  We have done several.  This one was a snow scene with a fence.

Pat’s painting turned out great!  I should take some photos of the art students work to show you all.  I’ll do that soon.





Down the Lane IV beginsAnd don’t forget that it is the 3rd Thursday and the Art Walk is tonight from 5 – 8 p.m. in downtown Front Royal.  Shops are open late, serving refreshments, and there will be entertainment.  Come out and watch artist demonstrating and support the art community.

Stop by Delilah’s and say hello to Sandy who will be there this evening.

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