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Almost always the best part of painting in plein air for me is the dogs I meet (and their people).  Thursday when I was at the Dickey Ridge overlook I met Adobe.  Turns out I had run across Adobe before.  Six or seven years ago I did a series of dog paintings for a show.  The sales from the show went to benefit the Humane Society of Warren County. 

This was the painting I did of Adobe, now 15 years old, with McKinley.  McKinley isn’t with us any more but his mom told me Thursday that they were glad they had the painting of the two of them.    I’m glad too.

Here are some of the other new friends I made there that day.

I love the “people” I meet when I paint outside.

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Yesterday was Plein Air Thursday.  But I didn’t have time to go to the location where the group was painting so I decided to go up in the Shenandoah National Park to the Dickey Ridge overlook and paint for a few hours.  It’s such a lovely drive and so hard to believe that it is only 5 miles from my house.

This is the view I selected for the painting and the start of the piece.


And these next few shots are the progress I made throughout the next hour or so.





By the time I left I felt as if I were about 90% done with the painting.  I will touch it up a little and then it will go down to Delilah’s where hopefully someone will see it and want to take it home. 

Tomorrow I will tell you about the best part of painting at Dickey Ridge yesterday…

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Several months ago some friends who do wonderful work with German Shepherd Rescue stopped by Delilah’s with their latest rescue.  She doesn’t look at all like a German Shepherd!

This little Gem is the cutest thing.  She was bashful on her first visit but let me snap this photo.  I couldn’t resist painting it. 

She came back to visit a few weeks ago and has grown a little and is more outgoing and a little less skittish.  And she is definitely a daddy loving girl.  Her dad has salt and pepper hair and a beard so they even look a little alike. 

A Little Gem, acrylic on canvas, 16″x12″, available at Delilah’s or by contacting kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com .

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Photo by Kevin Seabrooke

I have been invited to paint at the Quick Draw Event at Prince Michel Winery just north of Madison on this coming Saturday.  There is more information about the event here.  I have really been looking forward to it.  The quick draw is a contest where artists have just one hour to create a painting while guests watch.  I still haven’t decided what I will paint yet but am narrowing it down.  If you like wine and art and have Saturday afternoon available, consider the pleasant drive over to Prince Michel and watch the artists create something spectacular!  Hope to see you there.

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This is Jacob.  He is one of my private students.  He’s 6.

A few weeks ago I asked him what he wanted to paint next and he said Buffy.  Buffy is his old golden retriever.  Buffy is almost twice as old as Jacob and  you can tell he loves her.

So we painted Buffy.  It took two lessons and he did a terrific job.  I love helping young artists paint their pets.

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Painting the Deck

Occasionally I paint things other than canvas. 

Yesterday I painted (stained) the deck.  It’s a BIG deck.  I started at 7 a.m. and had it trimmed out in an hour.  Then reinforcements arrived.  Allen agreed to help.  He doesn’t like to paint but he was great help.  And with the two of us rolling it we were finished in another hour or so.

The hardest part was keeping the dogs inside.

If you look closely at the photo of the throw run you can see that Lincoln ran out and pick up some paint on his paws and then ran right back into the house to put little paw prints everywhere. 

 I think it turned out great but of course, it had to be inspected by Jed and Lincoln.  I think they approved.

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Black Sheep, oil on canvas, 8″x6″, available at Delilah’s.

This is one of the photos I took last year while visiting a farm in West Virginia and painted for the “Farm Animal” series.

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Having visited Sassafras Farm last week put me in the mood to add to my “Farm Animal” series.  I took loads of new photos to work from so I will get started on those very soon.

Here is “Mr. Hyde”, an oil painting on canvas, measuring 8″x6″, that I painted from a previous trip there.  This painting, along with others in the “Farm Animal” series is available at Delilah’s on Main Street in Front Royal.

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 This chicken, painted by Linda Kusior, made it into the bathroom at the recent job we did in West Virginia.  He’s standing on top of the paper towel dispenser.

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Olivia paints flags

Olivia did a terrific job painting the flags that circle the Washington Monument.  It looks fabulous!We will painting things like this at Art Camp.  Don’t forget to sign up your young artist ages 7-13.  The first week begins next week!  See more here.

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