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This is our friend and dog sitter extraordinaire, Kayla.  Lincoln and Jed LOVE her.  She’s taking care of them for me for a few days.


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Our young artists painted polar bears this week.  You can see the photograph that we used on the wall behind Michael’s head.  My friend, Jennie, took this photo while on an expedition to visit these beautiful creatures last year.  She shared this photo and a couple of others with me so they kids could paint them.  Good job guys!

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Kaylee painted a cool picture of her brother’s truck for him as a surprise Christmas present.  She said he “Loves His Truck”.  So I thought his was  a sweet gift for her to give.  We worked on it for only a little over an hour and look what a great painting she did!


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I was thrilled to be commissioned by a friend to paint a special present for her father-in-law as a Christmas gift from the family of his favorite family place, their hunting cabin.

It is a great old log cabin and was fun to paint.  And it’s always a thrill to me when the client let’s me know the reaction of the recipient.  Take a look here to see what she said.

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Bob Cat, acrylic on gallery wrap canvas, 6″x6″.  This painting was a gift to Allen.  Bob is one of the five cats that takes care of the warehouse. 

Bob Cat posed perfectly for me one day when I was there with my camera.  He’s a very handsome cat….and I think he knows it.

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I painted the largest pet portrait that I have ever done this holiday season.  A client commissioned me to paint the nine pets that had belonged to his wife in her lifetime from the very first pup to the big golden retriever they now have.  It was quite an undertaking.

I started with a rough sketch.  This was the hardest part of the process…deciding how to layout the painting in order to get every animal to appear in a way to show their unique beauty,

Then each animal was roughed in with color.  And finally I went back to each animal and completed details and added the back ground that you see in the finished version in the photo above.

I got a nice message yesterday from the client.  He said his wife loved it!  Whew!  So glad to hear it.

Here is how it looks hanging in its new home…

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Photo by Sandra Patterson

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