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 “Sophie Brill” is an oil on canvas panel.  She was a Christmas present from her mom to her dad.  She is a beautiful girl who lives in Strasburg, Virginia.

Here are some more photos of this pretty girl.

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 “Ophelia” is an oil on canvas panel.  She was a Christmas gift to her mom from her dad.  Ophelia has been to see me at Delilah’s several times….she likes the treat there.  She is a rescue puppy full of energy who is shaking up her family’s home in Front Royal.

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“Remembering Choco” is an oil on 9″x12″ canvas panel.  He was a gift from a mom to son who had recently lost his German Shorthair Pointer. 

Pointers are gorgeous dogs full of life and intensity.  This painting was done as a composite since I didn’t have a photo of Choco.  But I did have several photos of German Shorthair Pointers that I have taken over the years including this one which is one of my favorites.  He looks so great against the red barn wall.

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 “Jake Walsh” is an oil on canvas panel measuring 8″x10″.  He was a Christmas present from his human sister to their mom and dad. 

Jake is a sweet long-haired dachshund that lives in Warrenton, Virginia. 

I did several pet portrait commissions over the last few weeks but didn’t post them on the blog so as not to spoil the surprise in case any of the recipients view my blog.  So this week I can post all these lovely babies.

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Truman and Jed join me in wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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Vineyard I, II, III, & IV are each 12″x12″ acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.  They are currently on display at Philip Carter Winery where my show is still going on.  The paintings will be there until the end of January so if you have time for a ride out that way, take a look.

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Shenandoah Inspiration I is an oil on canvas.  It measures 4″x5″.  NO LONGER AVAILABLE.   


Shenandoah Inspiration II is an oil on canvas.  It measures 4″x5″ and is NO LONGER AVAILABLE

If you are interested in either of these paintings or any that you have seen on this blog please contact me at kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com .  Thanks.

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The Tree Out Front is an oil on 6″x8″ canvas and is available for $95.  We still have lots of snow and it makes everything look so different that I want to paint all the scenes with snow on them now.  I’ll have to settle for taking photos to build my reference file.

This is the reference photo and how it looks on the easel with the painting.  This photo was taken from my front door looking to the left down the street.

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The snow storm hit us here Friday night.  It snowed all evening and most of the next day.

By the time it stopped we had about 26 inches around my place. 

That’s when the digging out started.  Yikes! 

Luckily, Allen has a snow plow and came by and pushed out most of the driveway.  What a big help that was!

But we still had to dig out the Explorer….

And Sandy’s car.  Sandy is my friend and dog sitter.  She was here to work at Delilah’s.  (She’s also and excellent photographer and has her work at the shop.)  Sandy was snowed in with us so we had to try to get her car out since she has to go to another petsitting job at the first of the week. 

Look!  There is a driveway under all that snow.  Imagine that!!!

Even Truman and Jed has a little pathway dug out.  We called it the pee pee path.  😉

Stay in and stay warm until the roads are cleared and we’ll post a new painting tomorrow.

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From time to time I do commission work other than pet portraits.  One that I recently completed was Susan’s Weeping Cherry Tree.  After living with the painting for several weeks the client decided that she would like to have the house in the painting after all.  So here is a snapshot of the painting after I added the house.

This was the original painting.  I like having the house in it.  It adds depth to the composition.  It’s not always possible to go back into a painting and make it work but sometimes you get lucky.  🙂

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