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A full class of young art students yesterday produced six more pumpkins!  Good job everyone.

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Pumpkin in the Patch is an acrylic on masonite measuring 11″x14″ and is available for $65.

This was the demonstration that i did yesterday afternoon for my young art students.

And here is the result of their paintings.  Notice Spenser finished up a painting he had started the week before – A Sword in the Stone. 

Hannah and Kiane painted the Pumpkin Patch.  Good job everyone!

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Shenandoah Fall II is an oil on 6″x8″ canvas and is available for $145 ($165 framed).  You can see the frame available in this photo.

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Shenandoah Fall I is an oil on 6″x8″ canvas and is available for $145 ($165 framed).  Contact kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com

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This view of the mountains with hanging cloud is one I started at the festival as a demo a few weeks ago.  I still have a little more I’d like to do to it.

I love the way the clouds hang in between the mountains, especially this time of the year. 

These are a couple of reference photos I took while out at the cabin a few weeks ago.  They give me something to work with on the hanging cloud scene.

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 Mountain Evening is an acrylic quick study measuring 8″x10″ and is available for $35 by contacting kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com .

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Usually I only take 5 or 6 students in my kids class, but yesterday, for some reason, I had 9!!!!   Yikes.  Several showed up who haven’t been attending for a while; one brought a little brother to paint with us and I had two new students that joined us because they saw me painting at the festival last week.

Hopefully, I will get it straightened out before next week and we’ll be back down to 4 or 5  for each session.  Even with the large number, they all did a great job!

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Jed’s Gift

One of the “joys” of painting on location when you take Jed and Lincoln is that you often are presented with gifts! 

Here is Jed bringing a “gift” to us while we were working.

Here is a close-up of the “gift” – a deer skull with some hair still attached!  YUCK!!!

After accepting the “gift”, I placed it on top of the Explorer while we finished painting so that Jed and Lincoln wouldn’t fight over it and gnaw on it the rest of the morning.   Did I say YUCK???!!!!

Lincoln got bored with waiting for me to take it down off the top of the truck and give it back.

So he kept jumping into the back of Susan’s vehicle every time the door opened.  He loved spending time with Faith and Harley.  I’m not sure Harley was as enthusiastic about Lincoln being in his space.

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As I mentioned yesterday, I had a friend and fellow painter come out to the cabin this weekend to enjoy the landscape and paint.  Susan has been painting for a year or so now and is doing a great job.  This was her first foray into “plein air” painting. 

Here is the painting that I worked on that day and the progression of the work… 

And here it is about 95% finished.  I’ll do a little more work on it in the studio and it will be ready for sale.  This “Fall View” is an oil on 11″x14″ canvas and will be available for $225 by contacting kwalker@doubledogdesigns.com .

Tomorrow I’ll share more with you about what Jed and Lincoln did while we painted.  🙂

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Spent the weekend with fellow artist and dogs out at the cabin.  Just returned early this morning  and don’t have time to give a full account.  Let this be a teaser for tomorrow.  🙂

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