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I had a few minutes to finish the Plein Air Sunflower paintings from Monday’s Paint Out at Burnside Sunflower Farms.  (Read about that here.) Today may be another Paint Out day.  We are planning to paint at Barrel Oak Winery.  Let’s hope we can make it.  Why not come paint with us?!

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Paint Out PupLast weekend I posted some photos of the Paint-Out at Long Green.  This link will take you to the page that shows other painters from that day.  The finished paintings will be on display there in September.  I will provide more information about the Showhouse and Garden Show when it becomes available.

Of course, my favorite part of the whole day of painting was when this fellow showed up.  He belongs to the family that lives the next house over.  There wasn’t a name on his tag so I just called him “Handsome”!

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Barn - A Good Start

Barn – A Good Start

Barn - Laying in Background and Foreground

Barn – Laying in Background and Foreground

I had a delightful day of painting at Long Green yesterday.  (See here the set-up for my first painting there.)  Here is the progress I made.  It was a bright sunny day so the shadows kept moving…and fast!  But I got the first painting, the barn to a point of about 85% finished.

Barn -  Only Details Left to Paint

Barn – Only Details Left to Paint

Now I will tinker on it in the studio until it’s done.  The Long Green Paint Out is for an upcoming fundraiser for Blue Ridge Hospice.  They are going to have a “Decorator’s Showcase” there in September that will be open to the public.  More info to come as I get it.  And our paintings will be on display and for sale to benefit Hospice.

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Jed’s Gift

One of the “joys” of painting on location when you take Jed and Lincoln is that you often are presented with gifts! 

Here is Jed bringing a “gift” to us while we were working.

Here is a close-up of the “gift” – a deer skull with some hair still attached!  YUCK!!!

After accepting the “gift”, I placed it on top of the Explorer while we finished painting so that Jed and Lincoln wouldn’t fight over it and gnaw on it the rest of the morning.   Did I say YUCK???!!!!

Lincoln got bored with waiting for me to take it down off the top of the truck and give it back.

So he kept jumping into the back of Susan’s vehicle every time the door opened.  He loved spending time with Faith and Harley.  I’m not sure Harley was as enthusiastic about Lincoln being in his space.

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Yesterday afternoon I attended an event for the Blue Ridge Arts Council (BRAC) here in Front Royal.  This event is held every other year and several artists are invited to paint on location while attendees watch their progress.  Then the painting is auctioned off for the benefit of  BRAC. 

Here is Michelle Summers hard at work.

And Charlie Logan….


And Elizabeth Sholder working on her painting.

Kathy Chumley working on a wonderful piece.


And Wilson Webb with a gorgeous painting of the trees with the house in the background.

And I didn’t catch Chris Stephens at the easel but this is his painting. Terrific!


The event was enjoyed by a large crowd who munched on wonderful food provided by local businesses including our great friend Katie Tewell of The Apple House.  Many thanks to everyone who helped make the event a success and for supporting the Blue Ridge Arts Council and local art.

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HC Paint Out Tree 1And yes, I did paint while I was at the Paint-out.  There were so many wonderful feature to photograph that I did take some time to walk around the yard and by the river and creek and get some reference photos for my file. 

But finally I settled in and set up my easel on the porch, where other artist had gathered to sketch, draw, and one was even knitting.  And I decided to paint the trunk of this magestic old tree by Robin’s house.

HC Paint Out Tree Painting StartThis is the start of the painting, the part that I got done that morning at the Paint-out.  The painting shown in the photo is stored in the canvas carrier of the easel.  I am waiting for the oil paint to dry a little more so I can go in and put some of the details in the tree trunk.  As soon as it is done I’ll post the results.

Many thanks again to Robin for opening her lovely home and grounds to us for the Hampshire County Paint-out.  It was a perfect day for artists, creativity and fellowship.

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HC Paint Out Creek 3This is the little creek that feeds into the river (See Monday’s postings) at Robin’s house.  There was so much beauty – everywhere you looked, especially along this little creek.





HC Paint Out Creek 8And terrific features to paint like this little bridge that leads to the main house. 

As beautiful as the place is, there are always draw backs to living in paradise.  Robin told us that a few times the river and creek have flooded and they have had water in their home….one time even as high as the second floor.  YIKES!



HC Paint Out Creek 9As I walked along the river and the creek to take these photos, I saw tons and tons of smooth river rocks.  But I was fascinated by the way the creek had etched out this slate and made it into long flat pieces.  And the moss growing on it was just a bonus.

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HC Paint Out Yard 6Robin’s beautiful home near Romney was the site of the Paint-out on Saturday.  How wonderful that she shared her wonderful location with us. 

She explained that the original part of the house dates back to the late 1700’s and it has been added on to many times over the last 300 years. 



HC Paint Out Yard 4There was several buildings on the property that are unique.  I love the boards on this one. 






HC Paint Out Yard 1And lovely settings like this that would make a great painting.








HC Paint Out Yard 2And this one too!  Where to start???!!!!   That is always the problem when you go to a new location that is rich with subject matter.  It’s hard to know what to paint first.  That is why digital cameras have been such a useful tool for painters.  All those pictures…so little time to paint.

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HC Paint Out River 1One thing I love to do is gather with other artist to paint.  This weekend there was a Paint-Out in Hampshire County, West Virginia where my cabin is located.  I joined their Arts Council last year and when I got an invitation to attend the Paint-out I jumped at the chance. 

We met at Robin  Pancake’s beautiful home right outside of Romney.  What a great place!!!

Her 18th Century home sits right where the river and creek come together.  Beautiful views everywhere.  I could paint there for weeks and not capture it all.  I will share with you this week some of the terrific views.  And later in the week, when I finish the painting that I started, I’ll share that too.



HC Paint Out River 2Every direction you looked at the river was a beautiful shot.






HC Paint Out River 3And my favorite was the convergence of the creek with the river.

Many thanks to Robin for inviting us and I can’t wait till we gather again.

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