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Big Poppies is an acrylic on canvas measuring 12″x9″ and is available for $95.  This painting was a demonstration for art class last week.

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N6048A is an oil on canvas measuring 12″x24″.  This was a gift  a couple of years ago for Allen but since I just posted the info yesterday about our trip I thought it might be nice to show this painting today.  This is often how it looks as we get ready to go, with the mountains in the background.

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We just returned from a quick trip down to Jekyll Island Georgia for the Commander’s Fly-In.  We stayed at the Jekyll Island Club which was the old Millionaire’s Club.  It was built in the very early 1900’s by several millionaires as an exclusive escape.

We were there for Allen to meet with other pilots who have Commander airplanes.   About 40 came from all over the United States, as far away as California.

There was a lot of watching planes fly…..

And lots of standing around talking and looking at planes….

And lots of pretty scenery like the beach…

and the marsh.


And beautiful, huge live oak trees with moss hanging.






And shrimp boats going out to work.






But most of all there was great fellowship and sharing of information.  These are some of the pilots who came to the final evenings dinner by the ocean.  (That’s Allen, fifth from the right.)  We had a very good time.

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Lemon is an oil on canvas measuring 5″x7″ and is available for $55.

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Fall Splendor is an oil on canvas measuring 8″x10″ and is available for $165.

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We spent the weekend at our friends Sally and Bob’s farm in Southern Virginia.  And the dogs were in heaven.  Counting Jed and Lincoln there were 11!

All of Sally’s dogs are rescues, bless her heart!  And the latest is Jack.  He’s the smallest guy she’s ever had and she is besotted with him and his underbite.

Jed and Lincoln played in the water, walked, ran and played for two straight days and now they are exhausted.  Yeah!

Lincoln with a couple of his “girls”.  We decided that Lincoln is definitely a ladies man.  He loved all the girls dogs and they LOVED him.

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I didn’t want my Adult Art Class to feel neglected since I have been posting so many of my young students lately so here is Shelly and Marlene painting away last Wednesday Night.

And Jean and Pat were right across the table working just as hard.

We have such a good time together painting.  If you have ever wanted to learn to paint or if you are a painter and want to join a fun group, come paint with us on Wednesday or Thursday evenings at the Blue Ridge Arts Council on Main Street in Front Royal.

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The Red Pottery Barn is an oil on canvas measuring 9″x12″.  This is a painting we are working on in our Tuesday afternoon class.  It should be finished soon.

Last night I returned home after being gone for just two hours to teach my Thursday evening art class and this is what I found.  Apparently Lincoln had a little party while I was away.  The sad thing is that all of this “stuff” was up on shelves or on the table when I left.  I don’t know how a dog with those short legs can get things from that high up.   UGH!!!

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I recently received a Kindle as a gift.  And I LOVE it!  I really didn’t think I would as I do love books and the feel of one in my hand, but the Kindle is fabulous.  I started looking for a cover to make it easy to stick in my  purse and protect the screen but they were outrageously expensive so I decided to crochet one.

This one is made of felting yarn so it is felted and a little thicker than just regular yarn.

And it is just perfect for what I needed.



The problem with me crocheting is that it’s hard to put down once I start, so as you  can see I made several Kindle sleeves.  If you have a Kindle and need a sleeve, get in touch.  🙂

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Mountain Meets River is an oil on canvas measuring 6″x7″ and is available for $195.

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