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I recently received a Kindle as a gift.  And I LOVE it!  I really didn’t think I would as I do love books and the feel of one in my hand, but the Kindle is fabulous.  I started looking for a cover to make it easy to stick in my  purse and protect the screen but they were outrageously expensive so I decided to crochet one.

This one is made of felting yarn so it is felted and a little thicker than just regular yarn.

And it is just perfect for what I needed.



The problem with me crocheting is that it’s hard to put down once I start, so as you  can see I made several Kindle sleeves.  If you have a Kindle and need a sleeve, get in touch.  🙂

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My New Kindle

I got a Kindle for my birthday and I absolutely love it which surprises me since I have always been a traditionalist about books and newspapers.  I like the feel of them in my  hands.  But I really do love the Kindle.  And I just finished reading my first book on it which is the reason I am blogging today.  You MUST read this book, Sh*t My Dad Says.  It’s by Justin Halpern and I think it might be the funniest book I have ever read.  It’s not for kids or the faint of heart if you can’t take a little language.  But it’s worth a read.  His dad is a modern-day philosopher and has great lessons in his crazy sayings.  Take a look.

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