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bush-portraits_finalGeorge W. Bush didn’t start painting until after he left the White House when he read Winston Churchill’s Painting as a Pastime. (Here’s a blog post we wrote about that book a few years ago.)  He found that he loved painting and jumped in with both feet the way many of us do once we discover painting.  He has spent the last year painting portraits of veterans in an attempt to bring attention to wounded veterans and profits from this book will be donated to the Military Service Initiative at the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Great idea!  His book is released today. Read and see more about it here.

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10369612_788485357858622_6616022686814635377_nSeveral years ago I wrote about a little book that is one of my favorites.  It still is.  And yesterday while speaking with some friends it came to me that I needed to review it since I haven’t read it in a year or so.  The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is a small, simple book with a really big message.

This amazing little book if taken to heart will change you forever.  You can read my first post about it here.

As an artist Agreement #2 is important.  If you take personally everything anyone says about your work will destroy you.  Their opinion about your work is NOT about you but all about them.  I have to keep that in mind – all the time!

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Katrinka's Birthday Paint Party

Katrinka’s Birthday Paint Party

We had a fabulous time yesterday at Katrinka’s Birthday Paint Party.  You all did a great job on your paintings.  I love it when the attendees come in and haven’t painted before and are a little nervous about what they are going to do but then they leave with a terrific painting.

You can learn more about upcoming Paint Parties open to everyone here.  Or book a private party for you and your friends.

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CAM06675-1A few weeks ago I did this painting as a demonstration for a kid’s art class (see that here)  but I finally went back to it yesterday to finish it up.  It will be at Delilah’s if you want to see it up close.  🙂

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Ethan's Kite

Ethan’s Kite

Jacob's Book

Jacob’s Book

Logan's Enterprise

Logan’s Enterprise

Three of my students finished their paintings this past week.  And boy did they do a great job.  Ethan made this terrific kite painting and Jacob did this wonderful open book painting in the Kids Class.  Kids ages 7-12 paint each Thursday from 4:15-5:15.  And we would love to have new painters join us.

Logan, who started in the Kids Class several years ago and now has moved to the adult class, completed this wonderful “Enterprise” painting.  Great job Logan with nice vision.  You are doing super in the Adult Class!

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CAM06368I finally got back to the demonstration painting from the 1st Saturday Paint Party and finished it up.  I often start demo paintings while teaching and don’t get back to them to finish because I get busy helping students complete theirs.  I like this one and wanted to wrap it up.

The next 1st Saturday Paint Party is this Saturday, March 1 at 4 pm.  There are a few spaces left to paint a landscape this time so register today.

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CAM06317As I continue to work on the book series (I haven’t given up…just been misdirected for a week or so) we decided to paint a book with my young student yesterday.  Here is Ethan with a wonderful painting of an open book and glasses.  We painted side by side so you see his version on the left, mine on the right and the reference photo above my painting.

We decided a plain background was too dull so we put “wallpaper” on the wall behind our tables.   Great job Ethan!

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Books layed inI haven’t forgotten about the book still life I showed the sketch of a few days ago.  I finally had some time to lay in some color yesterday.

Here you can see the reference photo at the top, the painting on the easel and the palette at the bottom of the photo. There is still quite a bit to do to it but it’s shaping up nicely.

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BooksThe things you find when you clean up your studio.  Yesterday I spent all day cleaning up, straightening up, moving around, etc.  Now I’m exhausted!  The big thing I wanted to accomplish was to get all my art books in one location.  I did it but it took all day and one thing led to another so I ended up rearranging three rooms!!!

Fun to Cook Book 1 Fun to Cook Book 2 Fun to Cook 3While moving books from one room to another I found this old cookbook.  It is my very first.  I remember Mama ordering it for me.  We had to save three labels from Carnation products and mail them with a quarter.  (That is when you could actually mail a quarter in the mail.)  And then I waited for it to arrive.  How exciting it was!  I think I was about 7 or 8 years old.

So glad that I found it!

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