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Wednesday Young Artists

Thursday Young Artists

The Young Artists painted these potted peonies this past week in art class.  What a terrific job!If you know a young artist, ages 7-13, who might like to join our painting class contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com for information.

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We had a delightful class in Strasburg at Buggy B’s last night.  As you can see we painted irises.  Great job everyone. 

Anyone interested in painting with us in Strasburg remember that we paint the last Tuesday at 5:30 at Buggy B’s on King.  Come join us.

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One of the secrets that is seldom revealed by full-time artists is the amount of time you must spend doing computer and/or paperwork. If we could just paint and never worry about all the other “stuff” it would be so much easier. I spend several hours a day looking at this.

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The Dog Walker, oil on canvas panel, 14″x11″.

A few weeks ago while down at the river painting I turned around to look behind me and there was this gentleman walking his buddy.  I had to take a photo quick before they were gone down the trail.  I just love they look.

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Congratulations to my niece, Morgan and her parents as she graduated high school last night. So proud of you!

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I got a chance to paint with the Plein Air Painters again today.

  We painted at the Luray Avenue Boat Landing so I got to work on a painting I started there a few weeks ago.  It’s almost finished and I’ll post in soon.  But I wanted to show something a little different.  I had only about 5 minutes to do a quick sketch before I had to pack up to leave so I sketched this scene to work on in the studio.  Thought it might be interesting for you to see what the very beginnings looks like.


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Yesterday I had a delightful private lesson with Olivia and Jacob.  They wanted to paint a cat….so we did. 

They are 5 and 6 years old.  Don’t you think they do wonderful work for such young artists?  And we have fun to boot.  What more can you ask?!

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Furniture Sale at Delilah’s this weekend.  These pieces are all half price.  Just contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com for more information or stop by Delilah’s Thursday-Saturday, 11-5 or Sunday Noon-4.

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YSL-Refined Sportive (designs by Yves Saint Laurent) by Kenneth Paul Block, American 1925-2009

Figure * Fabric * Fantasy is another of the extraordinary shows that I saw recently in Boston at the Museum of Fine Arts.  It featured drawings of ready-to-wear that appeared in fashion magazines.  Photography gradually pushed out the sketches.  But check out the skill of the artists who depicted the drape and texture of the fabric.  They are certainly works of art.

Geometric Patterns mid-1970″s (design by Hurbert de Givenchy) by Kenneth Paul Block

The sketches in the show dated from the 1940’s – 1980’s and were intended for print publications.  

Formal Ball Gown, late 1950’s by Jack Potter for Ayres Department Store, Indianapolis, IN

Bathing Beauties, autumn 1965 by Larry Salk, American 1936-2004

Joan Crawford in tailored sheath with matching coat, 1955, for Paramount Studios, by Grace Sprague; and Model in red plaid by Teed, 1946

  The wonderful thing about fashion art is that it does more than illustrate the garments…it also show the social life of the time. 

 You’ve gotta love these!

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This past week in art class and then again on Saturday at the Wine Festival downtown I worked on this painting.  This is Patriot and Zip, two beautiful rescue horses adopted by my friend Suzanne McMinn and her daughter, Morgan.  (Patriot and Zip, oil on canvas panel, 11″x14″, available by contacting kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com)

I will be meeting these lovely guys in June when I go to Sassafras Farm, their home and home to Chickens in the Road, where I will be painting a mural for Suzanne.  And while I am there Suzanne is having a fundraiser for Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue from where she rescued Zip and Patriot.  Read about all of that here.

Next I’ll be making prints of this painting and anyone who donates at least $25 to Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue before the fundraiser in June at Sassafras Farm will receive a print suitable for framing.  Take a look at Heart of Phoenix here and see the good work they do.

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