Yesterday we had two sessions of sewing camp where 12 kids learned to use a machine to sew a pillow. They also learned to hand sew as they completed the pillow after stuffing it. I am sorry I missed the photo of the first group’s pillow but we will catch them all today as they complete the Rag Quilt that they started after the pillow project yesterday. It’s so good to see that many young people want to learn to create things!

I spent almost the entire day yesterday cutting rag quilts for Sewing Camp today and tomorrow for kids at The Studio. Why did it take so long? Because I cut 16 rag quilts and pillow tops……as we have 12 students and they needed a selection from which to choose. Here’s my question: How many people do you know that have enough fabric on hand at their home to be able to cut 16 quilts and pillows? That is about 120 yards of fabric! That was a LOT of cutting. Whew!!!

Hay Bales

Barbara and Jackie’s Hay Bale Landscapes turned out great. I’m sorry I missed getting photos of the other painters. They all look super! And I like that everyone got to choose the size canvas they wanted. We will have to do more of that. Good work ladies!

We added another painting to our Bird Series this week. This one is the Baltimore Oriole. They look great! It is the 3rd one in our series. The next one up is the Hummingbird on Friday, August 13th at 6 pm and we have a few seats left for it. Click here to register.

Yesterday we wrapped up the Movie Themed Art Camp with a Beauty and the Beast painting and a bonus painting of Popcorn. These young painters did a terrific job painting this week. Each painting got progressively more difficult as the week went on…..but it didn’t slow them down a bit. They did GREAT! Another year of Art Camp is behind us and our regular weekly Kid’s Art Class will begin on Wednesday, September 1st at 4:15. Contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com if you have a young artist that would like to join our class.

Our young artists painted Hedwig from Harry Potter as part of our Movie Week Art Camp. This is a great group of young painters doing beautiful work this week…and we are having so much fun. Today we wrap up our Art Camp 7 session with Beauty and the Beast and maybe….an extra painting.

These young painters did an awesome job painting the Ruby Red Slippers from the Wizard of Oz. Beautiful. Today it’s a Harry Potter theme. Can’t wait!

These young painters went right to work yesterday creating their Spiderman paintings. Great work. Today we are visiting the Wizard of Oz. Stay tuned.

We had a terrific group of painters yesterday painting the Yucca Beach scene in a variety of sizes. And didn’t they all do a fantastic job???!!!! Nice work everyone. Click here to check out the upcoming events at The Studio on Main in Front Royal.

Yesterday we had a private party that was a Christmas gift and they were finally able to come and paint together. They did a great Camp Fire scene. Very nice work by all our painters. They had so much fun they are already talking about the next time.