We added a memory stone for Jed to the memory garden.  It’s right by the big tree in the front yard.  I walk by it every day as I leave and return home.  There is one there for every dog that has lived at this house.  I like to see their names every day.  We really miss Jed…and all the others.



When you paint you are always looking for reference material…things you want to paint.  Most people keep a file of ideas.  I’m always adding to mine.

20190619_071120.jpgA group of enthusiastic painters from Little Angels Daycare painted the sunny beach umbrella at The Studio yesterday.  Nice work!  If your young painter wants to create something amazing this summer be sure to register them for a session or two of Art Camp beginning next week.  Click here for more information and to register.

Movie Week.pngDon’t forget Art Camp begins next week with a fun new theme session.  Register your young painter for one or more of our exciting sessions over the next few weeks.  Here is the 2019 schedule with themes:
Ages 5 – 7 (10 am – Noon) $60 per session
June 20-21, 2019 – Camp #1 Van Gogh & O’Keeffe
July 1-2, 2019 – Camp #3 Monet & Matisse
July 15-16, 2019 – Camp #5 Farm Animals
July 18-19, 2019 – Camp #6 Movie Themes
Ages 8 – 13 (9 am- Noon) $150 per session
June 24–27, 2019 – Camp #2 Movie Themes
July 8 -11, 2019 – Camp #4 Monet, Van Gogh & Matisse
August 5-8, 2019 – Camp #8 Farm Animals & Local Scenes
NEW! – Learn to Sew Camp – July 29-30 (9 am – Noon) Ages 7-12 $85   Click here to register.

20190616_063800.jpgWe had a small but enthusiastic group for pet portraits yesterday…and didn’t they turn out great???!!!!  The next one is July 20th.  Click here to register and paint your pet.

20190614_214820.jpgSo many poppies….so many laughs!  What a fun group last night at the Paint Party.  And many thanks for Marc Henry for the wonderful reference photo.  I love this painting.  Nice work everyone!

20190613_195112.jpgThe kids had a great time painting their versions of a beach umbrella at class this week.  Great work.  Now it’s time to get the kids painting at Art Camp.  Check out the schedule here and register your young painter.  And if you want to paint your version of the Beach Umbrella we have a paint party coming up for you.  Click here to register.