20171210_082232297829649.jpgWe hold lots of Holiday Parties for families and friends this time of the year.  Yesterday we painted the Snowman!  Adorable.


Starry Night

20171210_082232297829649.jpgWe had a private Holiday party last night where we painted Starry Night.  Fun was had by all!

Another Cat Cave

Cat CaveJust finished up a Cat Cave that is heading to Nashville.  Cats love them!  Click here to see others.

Teachers Paint!

EWM Teachers Team.jpgWe had a team of teachers from E Wilson Morrison Elementary School paint at The Studio yesterday afternoon.  It was a surprise from their principal.  FUN!

Kids Dec sceneThe kids painted this lovely winter scene yesterday in class.  They look GREAT!  Nice work young artists!  There is space for more young painters.  Contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com to register your young painter for the Wednesday class at 4:15.

Prussian Blue

HPIM0097.JPGFrom time to time I run across interesting articles about art and paint that I feel should be shared.  This is one of those.  I ran across this on The Artist’s Road…a terrific little site with interesting articles.  This one was particularly good.  It starts like this:  “It is hard for artists, spoiled as we are by the easy availability of all the colors of the rainbow, to imagine a world wherein one of our important and necessary colors costs more than gold. But that was the world before 1703. The strongest and most useful permanent blue at that time was ultramarine, from the words “oltre marino”—referring to it being brought from “over the sea”. So expensive was it that artists had to rely on their wealthy clients to buy it for them. ”   Read the rest of it here.  Some of the best known paintings using Prussian Blue is Van Gogh’s Starry Night and The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai.

Pets…and More!

Sanders Dec PP.jpgWe painted Pet Portraits with our super fun friends from Sanders’ Ranch.  They painted their beautiful animals.  And we even had a son come paint with his mom.  His wasn’t an animal but it was a Mustang!  Great work everyone!!!!!