I’m always saying that art is all around us if we just look….and sometimes it jumps out at us.

While in Philadelphia we popped by The Shops at Liberty Place and the lobby was filled with these amazing sand sculptures.  You can see more info here.  They were amazing….and big!



On a Sunday afternoon, July 18, 2010, we went out to the shelter with Jed in tow to see a little adorable fluffy girl dog that was up for adoption.  Well, this was before we knew of Jed’s fear of girl dogs so needless to say Jed would have nothing to do with her…or her him.

So we were going to come home without a new best friend when a little fuzzy face made himself known in the next kennel over from the little girl.  We decided to take him out on a walk with Jed to see if they got along … and the rest is history.  20180430_083614.jpgThey were immediately fast friends and Lincoln settled in to our family like he had been with us forever.  We love him and his antics and today we will celebrate 8 years with Lincoln and hope for many more!FB_IMG_1521728798259.jpg

20180716_095949.jpgYesterday we went to the National Constitution Center.  It wasn’t anything we really planned to do.  We were waiting for the Christ Church Burial Grounds to open as we wanted to pay our respects to Ben Franklin but we were early so we went over to the National Constitution Center to check it out.  I’m glad we did.  I love history and especially old documents like the Declaration and the Constitution.  Those who know me well know that I have carried a copy of the Constitution in my purse since I was 16 years old.  (The 4th iteration of the little Constitution booklet I carried was stolen along with my wallet recently so I picked up a new copy here.) 20180716_211442.jpg20180716_095912.jpgThe displays were informative and timely-they were playing on the current popularity of Hamilton.  But the surprise I found here was in the Signer’s Hall.  It featured 42 life size statues of signer’s of the Constitution.


You could walk though; touch them; compare their sizes.  It was fascinating.  And once again proves you can find art everywhere  you go.  Worth a visit.


We’re in Philadelphia for a few days for a little Birthday Vacation.  Yesterday we explored Independence Hall area where we saw the Hall as well as the Liberty Bell.

We also so some interesting sites along our walk there.


Next it was off to see City Hall and sites along the way including Reading Terminal market.  I always get great reference photos there.  Today it’s off to the Barnes Foundation…my favorite art museum!

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A few months ago I was invited to come speak to the Burke Quilters Unlimited chapter about Rag Quilting.

Last night I spent a delightful evening with them. They were very interested in what we do at The Studio and very engaged in the presentation. And I got to enjoy their amazing Show and Tell. These ladies make some BEAUTIFUL creations!