We got creative with Paper Painting at the Artist Retreat at Capon Springs and Farm yesterday.

What fun!  Everyone had a great time and made some beautiful art.


We’ve been busy painting at the Capon Springs Retreat.  Sunday night we had a paint party and yesterday we worked in acrylics….everyone painting their favorite subjects while I gave them a little help.  My favs from the day’s sessions was Adelaide painting with her grandfather in the morning and then coming back in the afternoon to work on a paper painting with her mom.  She loves ART!20180520_221616.jpg

I know I said it last fall when I was here for the first Artist’s Retreat but Capon Springs & Farm is a magical place.

It’s so off the beaten path that it’s hard to believe that it is just 35 miles from my Studio in Front Royal.  And I am always amazed that more local people don’t even know about it.  They are missing out on a real treat.

It’s beautiful here and the perfect place to hold an artist’s retreat…tons of inspiration.  Can’t wait to help folks learn to paint today!  Check Capon Springs out here.  It is a great place for a few days away to unwind.  And it’s not too late to come to the Retreat.  We’ll be here until Friday.

Pets May 19 The Pet Portraits just keep getting better and better.  Take a look at the terrific work everyone did yesterday at the Paint Party.  AWESOME!!!

Sunset PP May 17Everyone painted beautiful sunsets last night at The Studio’s Paint Party.  Aren’t they GORGEOUS!!!

20180516_160930.jpgI had my final session with the Virginia International Academy students yesterday.  This group has been such a bright spot for me.  They have been receptive to trying new styles and techniques and have made some beautiful art.  They told me they are anxious to take it home to China this summer for their families to see.  Yesterday they wanted to paint a beach scene so we did a large canvas.  Great work!

We had a fun showing our Team Spirit last night painting these door hangers.  Represented was the Capitals, the Nationals and University of Kentucky!  Go Teams!