Holiday Bus

VW BusL DKtJoin us on Thursday, November 29th at 6 pm to paint this cute little VW Bus all decked out for the holidays.  Click here to register.


20181115_080242.jpgWe had two new students yesterday so we painted a nice little landscape.  Great work!

Hopper Chop SueyEdward Hopper’s 1929 painting, Chop Suey, sold for a record $91.9 million yesterday.  WOW!  Known for his paintings of 20th Century life his previous high went for $40 million.  Read about the sale and see more here.

Hockney Pool record sale A record may be broken this week as one of British artist David Hockney’s Pool paintings goes up for auction. The estimate is that it will go for about $80 million ! Take a look here for more details.  And you can read and see more about an exhibit of Hockney’s work I saw in NYC at the Metropolitian last year by clicking here  and  here.


We had another session of Bold Expressive Portraits yesterday and everyone did beautiful work.  Portraits scare most people but if you approach them with the wild abandon of Expressionism you just can’t go wrong.  What fun!!!!!!!!!!


More with Georgia O’Keeffe….and the amazing show at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh.

We saw several of her paintings that we hadn’t seen before and they were wonderful.  I especially like the figure one and the Evening Star.


Yesterday I had the chance to see a delightful exhibit at the North Carolina  Museum of Art in Raleigh. 20181110_074039.jpg

It was unexpected and such a nice experience.  I will share some of the images with you all over the next few days.  Enjoy!