We will be painting this still life with oranges at a Paint Party on Friday, March 1st at 6 pm. This one was done with a grey scale underpainting.  We won’t necessarily work it this way at the paint party but it’s a good exercise that helps with darks and lights in painting.  You can see the process above.  Click here to register and for more info.  


20190214_073022.jpgWe painted hearts in the style of Kandinsky at kid’s art class yesterday.  Peanut is representing the class here as I left my phone in the car and didn’t have it to take a photo of everyone but had a chance to grab it before she left.  Thanks Peanut.  Your painting is beautiful!!!  Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Beautiful Portrait


We paint Pet Portraits every 3rd Saturday at 1 pm at The Studio.  They always turn out so good….and I wanted to share this one with you.  Tina works with rescue pets and does so much good work helping them.  She paints pets almost every month….and she does an amazing job.  Great work girl.  Keep it up!

Bowl Cozies


Here are a few Bowl Cozies that were a special order going out in the mail today.  Thanks Debbie.  Enjoy.  And you can order some too!  They are $25 for a set of two.  Or you can learn to make them yourself on Monday, February 25th at 11:30 am.  Check out more info here and to register.

River Scene

20190210_170034.jpgWe painted a beautiful River scene yesterday afternoon.  Look at what a wonderful group of painters we had at The Studio.


We made amazingly beautiful Heart Rag Quilts yesterday.  Nice work ladies!!! Our next Beginning Rag Quilt class is on Feb 24th.  Click here for more details and to register.   And for the more advanced we will be making T-Shirt Rag Quilts on March 31st.  Details and registration here.

20190208_213326.jpgWe painted a cold winter scene last night at a private paint party.  Beautiful!