Little Pumpkins

20181018_084756.jpgIt’s that time of the year so the kids painted pumpkins yesterday at art class.  FUN!


Family Tree Art


As we get ready to celebrate the Holiday Season with family let’s take a look at family names to use in our art.  Family Tree 2 Yellow close upCome join in the fun and make a special family keepsake or gift on Saturday, November 24th at 2 pm.  These will be amazing and fun for all ages.  Click here to register.  

20181011_063941.jpgLauren, who paints with us on Wednesdays at The Studio, was channeling Andy Warhol recently.  She did a great job on this piece for her kitchen featuring her husbands favorite pot!  Love it!!!

Rag Quilts

20181014_170821.jpgWe had a Beginning Rag Quilt class yesterday.  And they look GREAT!

Beautiful Pets


It was Pet Portrait day at The Studio yesterday and look at the terrific portraits these folks did.  Beautiful!  The next one is November 17th at 1 pm.  Why not click here and register to paint your pet.

Little Birds to post This set of cute little birds was painted yesterday by Kris and Mike.  They did a great job choosing colors to develop this set.  Nice work guys!

Granny squares in White It’s time to learn how to do more than just chain stitch.  Let’s put it together and make something.  These are granny squares…one of the staples of crochet.  Many, many things can be made with granny squares….blankets, jackets, baskets, etc.  We will have a class on November 6th so you can add this design to your repertoire of stitches. Click here to register.