wp-1488198326599.jpgWe painted beautiful Hollyhocks yesterday with a fun bunch of ladies.  Great work everyone!


VIA Students Paint

Over the past few weeks I have been working with students from the Virginia International Academy.  VIA is full immersion boarding school for ESL high school students preparing them to enter mainstream academic programs. (You can read more about it here).  These students want to go on to study some form of art eventually so they come to The Studio for lessons for 10 weeks while attending VIA.  They did a fabulous job on our painting of this craggy old tree.


20170225_062240.jpgWe had a wonderful crowd of ladies who painted these fabulous winter scenes at The Studio last night.  Great work everyone!  And many thanks for allowing me the intermission during the party to walk down the street for the Pawcasso reception.  I appreciate your understanding.  🙂


The Studio is sponsoring a really fun event for the Humane Society of Warren County – PAWCASSO.  When Lavenda Denney approached me last year about her idea for this project she knew she had me at art and rescue pets.  She wanted to have the available animals at the shelter “paint” works of art to sell at a show at the arts council.  I loved the idea and agreed to sponsor it right away but also suggested we take it a little further by offering private lessons for people who already have pets.  So The Studio provided 10 sessions to people who would pre-purchase a large (18″ x 24″) painting with their pets. The pets had a private lesson with me and we created the large work of art.  And it’s no surprise that those sold out.  We have had so much fun with this project.  And tonight is the reception from 6-9 pm at The Blue Ridge Arts Council at 405 E Main St.  You don’t want to miss it! You have to see this art and these wonderful small works are for sale.  Please come.  Here are some of the painters at their session.  LOL!

Sunrise Service

20170222_131637.jpgPrepared this painting as a sample for an upcoming Easter Paint Party.  What do you think?


On one of our morning walks last week, Jed and Lincoln and I saw forsythia beginning to bloom….already! Because of it we painted Forsythia in the kids classes last week and they did great work.  Here are the samples I created for them to see for their paintings.

Yesterday the Interweave blog had an interesting post for President’s Day all about First Ladies who crocheted.  I was so interested to read about  Ida Saxton McKinley who crocheted over 4000 slippers while her husband was in office despite her ill health.  The photos today are from a wonderful article on Betsy Butler’s blog. (See it here.)  This is from Interweave:

    “Ida Saxton McKinley (1847-1907), the wife of President William McKinley (1843-1901), was limited by precarious health. Suffering from severe headaches, mild epileptic seizures, fainting spells, and periods of depression, she often preferred to remain in her private quarters. But despite her physical limitations, she was an avid crocheter said to have crocheted some 4,000 pairs of bedroom slippers during her lifetime . . . Mrs. McKinley either gave these slippers away to friends, veterans, and orphans or she sold them at auction to raise money for the charities that she supported.”