20190222_204534.jpgWe held a fundraiser for Phoenix Project last night.  A great turn out….and lovely Lotus Flowers!  Great work everyone.  Thanks for supporting this great cause.




As promised a few days ago when we introduced the new Calico Cat Rag Quilt , here is the new “Dogs and Heart: Rag Quilt.  We love this one.  It’s a little harder to make than others we have been making but it’s worth the time and effort. And Jed wanted everyone to know that he was the inspiration for this design.   Scheduling a class now and will post the date soon.

Large Abstracts

20190220_061537.jpgSometimes painting BIG is fun!  We worked loose and free with lots of paint using brushes and palette knives and created these large abstract paintings.  Awesome!!!

Cat with Heart Rag QuiltI can just imagine a little girl all snuggled up with this Calico Cat Rag Quilt.  It’s a new design and we will be making it soon at The Studio.  Of course, since I love dogs so much I am working on a new dog design too!  That will be here soon.  In the meantime this one is for all my kitty loving friends to enjoy.  (As usual, the sample is available for sale…..this one measures 40″ x 52″ and is $89. Contact kwalker@thestudioforlearning.com if you would like it.)

Painting Bowls


It’s rare that I get a day off when there is a great class being offered nearby that I can take.  It happened yesterday!  I went to The Mud Peddler Studio in Shepherdstown, WV and painted with my friend, Denise Kupiszewski.  She is an excellent teacher and helps you create beautiful pieces.  The event was so much fun that I can’t wait to try again.  We decorated two bowls, one we keep and the other is going to a fundraiser for a charity.  Nice, huh?  Everyone did something totally different and they were all fabulous.  Thanks Denise.  Let’s do it again soon…and maybe this time in Front Royal!


Always my favorite paint party each month-PETS!  I love seeing what people paint and how excited they are when they turn out so good.  And I love that some of you are coming back to paint gifts for friends.  I know they will LOVE them.  And we even have a few more paintings that are still in the works and will be finished on Friday so I will share them then.  Nice work everyone!!!



We painted beautiful silhouettes of Virginia and West Virginia last night and everyone’s turned out FABULOUS!!!  Look at the wonderful things you can do at The Studio!  Click here to see all the upcoming events.