20190420_192101.jpgWe love painting pet portraits.  And we can help anyone do a nice rendition of their pet.  Look at these terrific ones from yesterday.  The next Paint Your Pet Portrait session is Saturday, May 18th at 1 pm.  Click here for more info and to register.


Mama 2You would think that twenty-five years would make memories fade but I can remember everything about that day.  The call came very early in the morning to tell me that my mama had died.  She had fought cancer for many years and finally it took her.  She was young, just 52, too young….and I still think of her and miss her every day.  I think about how she would have enjoyed these years that she has missed.  She would have loved Morgan and Alexis, her granddaughters.  Seeing them grow up would have given her such great joy.  She would have enjoyed watching the paths that Brother, Sister and I have taken.  And I think she would have loved to see The Studio and sent me great ideas for classes.  I’ll never understand why she had to die so young. She was truly the best person I have known…and I still miss her every day.

20190418_212314.jpgWe painted the 2nd in our Expressive Floral series last night….the Hydrangea.  Nice work everyone.  They look awesome!

20190417_211438.jpgThe kids painted this lovely Spring scene at art class today.  Great job!

And Lincoln is loving going to work these days.  He really enjoys the kids. 20190417_182025.jpg

20190415_144336.jpg The fourth painting in our Expressive Floral series is Peonies…my favorite flower.  The Paint Party for this one will be Saturday, June 1st.  Click here for more info and to register.   

We have Hydrangeas and Tulips coming up too.  Click here to learn more and register for all upcoming events.

20190414_140036.jpgOur international students painted Flamingos this past week.  They are doing beautiful work!


We had our first paint party in our series of Expressive Florals.  The poppies are amazing!  Everyone did a great job.  Next up….Hydrangeas….click here to register and for more information.