Over the last week we have had some new students trying their hand at painting…and they found that they love it! Judith and Emmy found that painting is a fun, relaxing hobby and painting in a class setting puts you around others who love art too.  If you have ever wanted to give it a try contact us at The Studio and come see what you can do.  kwalker@kellywalkerstudio.com


20180619_130426.jpg The show at Belle Grove is in the news.  Take a look here for a news report from LocalDMV.com.   And this link will take you to an article in the Northern Virginia Daily. The show is now through Sunday.  Be sure to get out to Belle Grove to take a look.


20180620_071355.jpgLast week at our Kid’s Art Class we painted these fabulous canoes.  Great work!  If you have a young artist, age 5-12, we have a class every Wednesday where we paint a beautiful painting.  Why not join us?!

Hanging Art


We spent the morning hanging art at Belle Grove for the show this week.  Everyone is invited to come and be a part of their first art show in the house.  I’m excited.  Here is a link to all the activities…and note the Meet the Artists Party on Saturday evening.  It’ll be fun!

20180615_123319.jpgThe kids painted Monet’s Water Lilies on Friday.  They look great!!!  If you have young artists ages 5-13 we have more camps coming up this summer.  Take a look here.

Art Camp Jun 14Yesterday Art Camp started at The Studio with young painters (ages 5-7) painting just like Degas.  Their versions of Rider in a Red Coat turned out fabulous.  Nice work everyone.  Today we’ll study Monet.  If you have a young painter it’s not too late to get in on art camp.  Check out the schedule here.

Wed Family PaintsSometimes we get requests for family members to come to a regular weekly class to paint together especially in the summer when people have time or are in from out of town.  Yesterday was one such case.  These three ladies chose to paint the “Tree Swing” and there was lots of fun and laughs.  They did a terrific job and can you believe a couple of them had never painted before.  Awesome!