We had a big group at a paint party organized by Navy Federal Credit Union last night in Winchester….and they did GRREATT!!!!

We had so many people working at The Studio yesterday creating beautiful works of art.  Wednesday we have regular weekly art classes for adults and children.  Adults have classes at 10:30 or 5:30 and Kids class is at 4:15.

Occasionally we have visitors who just drop in.  This happened yesterday with a young girl and her Babushka.  They wanted to paint together before she had to return home to Seattle so they painted together at the evening class.  Our young painter, Kamila, completed this little lamb painting.  She was very pleased.

Logan has been working on a large painting and decided to take a break from it yesterday to do a quick palette knife painting that she could complete in one session just to get her creative juices flowing again.

And the kids did this fun little “Saying” multi media piece.  Great work everyone!!!

Liz's Hydrangeas GroupLiz's Hydrangeas 1One of my favorite Paint Party students,  Liz, set up a private  party for her support group and friends on Monday.  They painted hydrangeas.  Many of them had never painted before…and they loved it….and did GREAT!  Good job everyone.

Roosters everywhere at The Studio this weekend.  Denise taught us to us paper to paint and there were so many amazing Roosters that came out of the session.  Just take a look!

If you missed this one Denise will be back on September 11th to do it again…and you will have choices of subjects.  WooHoo!  Check it out here.

Saturday we had our Pet Portrait Paint  Party and boy did these painters create some wonderful portraits.  And here is the thing:  A couple of these people have NEVER painted before!  See, you can do it!!!!  Why not give it a try.  The next one is October 15th.  Click here to register. 


Jean Jacoby is the only artist to win two gold medals. He won his second with the above drawing, titled Rugby.

Did you know that there was a time that artists, musicians, architects, writers, etc. competed in the Summer games?  I didn’t!  Amazing.  I just read an article about it where they competed from 1912 – 1948.  Here is some info about it.

And click here for more info including a list of winners including the following categories:  mixed architecture, town planning, dramatic literature, mixed music, composition for orchestra, drawing and watercolors, paintings, and mixed sculpturing.



TB Rivver 2TB Rivver 1We had an enthusiastic group at The Studio last night for a Corporate Team Building exercise.  Our friends from The River 95.3  in Front Royal came together to paint this wonderful image of “The River” which will hang at their Studio on Elm Street. Each person had  one section to complete and by communicating and working together they were able to turn their one little section into a fabulous large painting that looks GREAT!!!!  Just look at how awesome it turned out.

Nice work everyone….and thanks for the laughs.  I have never worked with a group where almost every time I used a word or two or a phrase to describe a part of what were to do someone in the group would break into lyrics of a song that related to it.  Radio people…you all are so much fun!