Staying Ahead

At least a couple of times a week I have people say “how much fun your job must be” and I always agree.  It is fun being a painter!  I love it.  It seems carefree and easy.  And some days it is.  But I am often like that duck in the water seeming calm and floating along on the top of the water and peddling my legs off underneath!  The peddling involves staying ahead of the Paint Parties and commissions.  Just coming up with ideas or developing an idea that clients have and painting them in a way that will be simple so we can  use them for a 2 – 3 hour  paint party takes time. I enjoy it but some days I have to paint a LOT to keep up.  This past week I did just that.  Here are some of the paintings that I’ve worked up for upcoming events.   JUST PAINT!!!!

Bonnard PoppiesWe continue with our Famous Painter Paint  Party series at The Studio next Tuesday featuring a painting by Post Impressionist Pierre  Bonnard.  He was a French painter and print maker who preferred to work from memory and sketches using intense color.  Join us Tuesday, August 22nd at 6 pm as we paint this lovely work of art.  No experience necessary.  Click here to register.

Barn with Flag 3AHere is a variation on the barn posted yesterday.   It’s a subtle difference with this one having a little larger flag.  For the Paint Party on September 2nd you can choose the version you prefer to paint.  Come join us and give it a try.  Register here.


Here is the painting we will be doing at the 1st Saturday Paint Party in September.  We’ve been asked to do another barn with flag so here it is.  Tomorrow I’ll show you the variation that will be available.  Click here to register.

Coming Up!

One of the things that we do at The Studio is to stay ahead of the calendar by painting ideas for upcoming events.  In October we will be helping with a fundraiser for the Phoenix Project.  Here are two we came up with and they have picked the Yellow Door.  This will be coming up on Friday, October 13th.  Watch for the chance to register soon.

I took a few reference photos while out on the Route 11 Yard Crawl yesterday.  You never know what you might see from cats in a window to a barn quilt and old Dodge truck!

LFK TeachersThe teachers at LFK Elementary did a great job….don’t you think?!