We have some terrific paintings coming up at The Studio. Click here to see more and to register. Invite a friend. Make it an outing. It will be fun….and we’ll create some beautiful art!

The kids painted two miniatures yesterday as the learned the difference in painting on stretched canvas v. paper panels. And they did great! We had a large group of enthusiastic painters. Great work everyone!!!

We are planning to continue our gouache paintings with this vineyard painting in May. Join us on Tuesday, May 18th at 6 pm to work in this opaque watercolor medium on paper. It’s fun! Click here for more info.

Just got a message that Capon Springs is almost sold out so if you are planning to join us for a few days in May book it now! It’s so much fun. Don’t miss it. Contact them today to reserve your space.

We just scheduled two lovely paintings for the weekend of Mother’s Day. Make plans now to bring your mom to paint. Book now and enjoy the special savings. Click here for more info on available paint parties.

The Birdhouses just keep getting better and better. Nice work everyone!!!

Painting involves a series of decisions. What size canvas to use; what shape? What angle to set up; how about the composition? And on, and on, and on. Every stroke of the brush is a decision…color, amount, shape, etc. In the example here I painted from a photo taken on vacation last December of oysters, one of Allen’s favorites. The photo was dark but I liked the look of the shapes on the plate. I decided to lighten it up. Then it looked plain so I added in a tablecloth. I lived with it a few days and then decided to change it back to a plain background. I’ll live with it a little longer to decide what to do next. Sometimes canvases sit around for months while I make decisions. Sometimes they get several coats of paint as I make the decision. Decisions….decisions…..

More Eggs…

Our Thursday Kids painted Easter Eggs yesterday. Beautiful!

Mixed Eggs

Kids class painted Easter Eggs yesterday in the style of Warhol and Kandinsky. Terrific!!!!


Last week at Art Class the kids painted Forsythia. Today I’m sure it will be Easter Egg related. 🙂 Kids class is every Wednesday from 4:15-5:15 pm at The Studio for ages 5-12. Join in the fun!