Sandy's MalcolmJust finished another Pet Portrait.  Malcolm is a commission that is headed home to West Virginia.  If you are interested in a Pet Portrait contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com .  Click here to learn more about Pet Portraits.

wp-1585909000356.jpgJust completed a large pet portrait commission that is headed to Georgia.  These four live right on the Savannah River so this portrait is of these guys sitting on their deck with the river in the background.  To have a commissioned painting of your pets, contact kwalker@thestudioforlearning.com .

SOLD!  Many thanks Julie!  Just finished this colorful Wave Stitch blanket.  The colors are fun and the design was fun to stitch.  It measures 48’x 72″ and is available for purchase now at The Studio online store.  Click here for more.   Thanks!

I’ve listed new items in the Studio store.  Now in light of the total shutdown we have no income at The Studio.  We are asking that you consider a purchase of original art or a gift certificate in the coming days to help us maintain The Studio.  We hate where we are in all of this.  It’s terribly sad what will happen to so many small businesses.  We will continue to offer art that we hope you will like and will purchase.  Please take a look at the site and feel free to share. Thank you so much.

wp-1585440428393.jpgYesterday I had a private session with Wilma.  She wanted to paint the O’Keeffe Sunflower she had missed when we did it before.  Didn’t she do a fabulous job!  I also worked with another student who got started on a large painting of her son and dog.  If you are interested in painting a specific subject contact me for a private session.  We certainly have time these days.

Lincoln is lonely at The Studio and looking for his friends.  We have been going to work as we are working on commissions that several of you have asked for recently.  And thank you for that.  It’s really difficult to be without an income stream for a long period of time.  Lincoln and I are grateful to those of you who have purchased or ordered art over the last few weeks.  We really, really thank you.  And it is possible to still come paint.  We can space out enough to meet guidelines so if you want to paint something in particular just contact Kelly.  We have a private lesson today and would love to work with others on special projects during this “slow” time.  So make an appointment and come see Lincoln.  He misses you all!!!

wp-1585269122211.jpgInstead of posting doom and gloom today, I wanted to share something wonderful.  Yesterday my friend and student, Lauren, stopped by The Studio to bring me a present from Charlotte.  You know Charlotte, Lincoln’s favorite little girl.  She made me a magnet to cheer me up….and it’s her drawing of Bob Ross.  What a special gift….from a special girl.  Thanks Charlotte.  Lincoln misses you.