wp-1485086764695.jpgwp-1485084256301.jpgI took a day off yesterday to learn how to make 2D landscapes by wet felting.  It was FUN!

I love learning something new and I have wanted to do this for some time.  I traveled to Elkton, MD to Sarafina Fiber Art for the workshop.  It’s a beautiful shop and mail order center.  She has everything you need to do needle or wet felting.  Take a look at her website.  Her work is in the photo gallery there and it’s lovely.  She also offers online tutorials to help you get started if you can’t take a workshop.  But if you have the opportunity I encourage you to learn with one of the best.  Thanks Sara for a wonderful day.

The final two groups from Front Royal Christian School came yesterday to paint their winter landscapes.  It was the Kindergarten and 1st graders turn….and boy, did they have fun!!!  20170120_233835.jpgAnd who knew that Bat Girl goes to that school.  Love it.

The young painters continued to come yesterday to The Studio.  This time it was the 2nd and 3rd graders from Front Royal Christian School.  They did a very good job with their paintings.  Great work!

Yesterday was a super busy day at The Studio.  We have 3 regular weekly art classes on Wednesdays but yesterday we had two groups of painters from Front Royal Christian School come to The Studio on a field trip.  They were very excited to paint with us.  Great work everyone.

A Dalek

dalekYesterday morning  I got a little work done for the upcoming CON-GT coming up in Tennessee in March.  We’ll be having a couple of paint parties at the convention so I need a couple of sample pieces.  Here’s the first one. It’s a little harder than what we ordinarily paint but I am betting this group can handle it.

Ordo’s Help

ordoI am having a hard time getting my blog post done this morning.  Wonder why?  Ordo (pictured here) and his brother Luke and one of their people, Jen, are staying with us this week.  I may have more help than I need getting computer work done.  LOL

Large Abstract 4Abstract painting is a matter of taste.  Some people love it….others not so much.  Sometimes you need a really large painting to fill a space you have or to bring color to an area and a good way to do that is with a large abstract.  And while many people think that anyone can slap some paint around and have an abstract painting to have a successful painting it takes a little more than that.  On Friday, January 27th at 5:30 pm, you can try your hand at creating a large work of art while learning the principles to develop a beautiful painting.  Click here to register.