20170721_064157The final painting for this session of art camp was Picasso’s Rooster.  The young artists wrapped up the Modern Art Camp session with this colorful painting….and they loved it!  They turned out great!  Fun working with this group all week.  They are very good painters.

20170720_052811The young artists yesterday created these Jasper Johns-like American Flags.  We did them in paper collage.  What fun!  And don’t they look GREAT!

At Kid’s Art Camp yesterday the young artist painted drip and splatter paintings like Jackson Pollack.

They did GREAT!  And we didn’t get any stray paint on the sidewalk.

Color Blocks

20170718_060313Yesterday at Art Camp we talked about Mark Rothko and created a Color Block painting.  This session of camp is Modern Art Camp so we will be looking at several different styles of modern painting.  These young artists did a great job.

20170716_221708I spent some time playing with a new paper painting last week in between art camp and regular classes.  It’s a good start.  I hope to be able to do a little more this week.  We may even have time to do something similar during art camp.  It’s Modern Art week and sometimes we have time to do an extra painting when we finish our spatter and color block art.  🙂

20170713_180640All I can really say is WOW!  Logan, who you’ve seen me blog about many times over the years as she has been painting with me since she was very young, has just completed this amazing painting from a photo from Chinatown.  She did an excellent job!  She is fearless and will try just about anything.  Great work Logan.  So proud of what a great painter and friend you have become!!!

I bought my ticket back in December…the day they went on sale.  And I’ve waited patiently (well, sort of) for the day to arrive.  It was my Birthday present to myself.  And finally the day arrived.  I traveled to DC with my good buddy, Sandy.  We came early and made a day of it.  The rain came down but that didn’t deter us.  By concert time the clouds lifted and it was perfect.

JAMES TAYLOR and BONNIE RAITT!!!!  Can you believe it?  Together.  They were awesome!  They played a few new songs but a LOT of old favorites.  I especially like the one he sang about Sunny Skies…the pug!  🙂  Often, when I look forward to something for this long I am disappointed when it arrives but this did NOT disappoint.  I do love me some James Taylor!  I wish the photos were clearer but you can get the idea from these.  Did I mention it was AWESOME???!!!!!!