Coin Quilts

20170417_065713After our last couple of Rag Quilt Classes we were asked by some participants to have some other quilting classes….simple ones for beginners.  So one that we are working on preparing a couple of samples to get people started in piece quilting.  One that is going to be scheduled soon is the Coin Quilt.  There are many varieties of way to put these together.  It’s simple but helps to learn quilting basics.  Watch for it on the calendar soon.


The last few weeks we have painted Easter themed paintings with bunnies and eggs.  Bunnies in paint and Eggs in paper collage.  Great work!

I paint many demonstration paintings as I teach and most of the time I don’t go back and finish them up because I don’t usually have time before I am on to something else.  But occasionally I will go in and tighten up one or two so that they are a little more complete.  Here are a few that I did add a little more to recently.  You can see the original posts for these paintings here:  Still Life,  Sailboat Landscape, and Tulips.


20170413_064052Working on a new spring painting.  This will be a great party idea!

Last month we painted BIG Abstract works of art.  You can see them here.  Now we are going to try some small works.  You can join us.  Registration information is here.

Miss Clara

Today I am reposting this one from 5 years ago because it’s about Clara. I got calls from her sons yesterday letting me know that she has left us. She was 96. We will miss her so much…

"A Place for Learning"

When I moved to Front Royal almost 15 years ago into a quiet little established neighborhood the first person to come to welcome me was my across the street neighbor, Clara Larsen.  She was friendly and warm and made me feel like I belonged.

Over the years Clara and I became really great friends.  We had lots in common:  the love of politics (even though our views were far apart) and art (she too is a painter).  We would go to events together and sometimes just have a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Clara, who turned 92 on Monday, is moving today.  I see the moving truck across the street as I type this.  It’s a sad sight.  She is delighted about the move and change.  She is going to Elkton, Maryland to be nearer one of her sons.  She’s excited about her new apartment, excited…

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rag quilt aprWe had a group of quilters at The Studio yesterday making Rag Quilts.  They were great…and FAST.  Each of these ladies had sewed before so they brought their own machines and whipped right through the rag quilt.  Can you believe it just took three hours to make their quilts?!  Great work everyone.