Yesterday morning was the final art session at Capons Springs and we had a group work on paper paintings and one or two decided to paint in acrylic.  It’s so fun helping people discover their creativity.  And lucky for all of us we have dates for the fall…mark your calendar for October 26-31.  You can come for one night or all five….and it will be SOOOOO much fun!  We will have details soon so mark your calendar and stay tuned.



Just look at the fabulous art that was created at Capon Springs yesterday.  Beautiful work everyone!


It’s always a full and busy day when I am teaching art at Capon Springs Resort and Farm.  I love it here so I don’t mind at all.  I usually am up at 5:30 or so (but that’s normal for me) and have some coffee, come down to the Meeting House to check messages and then set up for classes before breakfast.  Breakfast is always a large fare of bacon, eggs, pancakes and all the fixin’s but first we raise the flag and sing the National Anthem….maybe my favorite part of the day.  Then I help people paint!  I hope that is there favorite part of the day.  I love helping people who have never even tried discover that they actually can paint!  And then it’s fun to help those who are accomplished painters improve their skills or try something new.  Then it’s off to a BIG lunch and a quick rest before the afternoon Open Studio sessions.  While I don’t “really” instruct in the afternoon it seems like I usually do because I will come in to check on folks who are working on their own and am happy to help if I can.  If I can I get to sneak away to the Spa for a soak or a treatment and then it’s down for dinner (Spaghetti last night with Chocolate Cake and ice cream for dessert) and whatever special entertainment the evening holds.  Last night it was BINGO.  I can’t explain what a special place Capon Springs is.  You must come experience it for yourself.  Make plans to do it soon!


We are back at the beautiful Capon Springs Resort and Farm for the Spring Retreat.  We kicked off the Retreat with a terrific paint party last night in the Meeting House.  Everyone had a blast and painted some really nice pieces to take home as a rememberence of their time here.  We have even more fun coming up the next few mornings as we paint together some  more.  Can’t wait to see what everyone does!

20190607_080215.jpgThe kids did an amazing job painting these lemon tree limbs at class this week.  Great work!  Don’t forget that Art Camp starts very soon.  Sign your young painter up to join in the fun!  Click here for more information.

20190604_221007.jpgWe created lovely little versions of Happy Creek last night at the Paint Party.  As always, I love how we all have our own version even while looking at the same reference material.  Each painter makes it their own.  Nice work everyone!

20190604_061006.jpgArt comes in all forms.  Yesterday at our Book Club meeting, Ruth brought a “Dr Pimple Popper” cake for Lynne who loves the show and was celebrating a birthday.  Cute!