Broach CollectionI’ve been collecting brooches for quite a while.  I finally found a great way to display them and my friend Cindy who is visiting this week set them up for me last night.  I got the great little mannequin at Old Timer’s Antiques on Main Street yesterday in Front Royal.  Thank Barbara for your help.  I love it.  Now to find more brooches!


20180807_201237.jpgYesterday was the last day of Art Camp for this summer.  We ended with the girls painting the “Parisian Lady” from 1910 by Kees van Dongen.  They painted it on a large canvas and did a beautiful job.  Nice work this session young painters.  Keep painting!

20180807_065052.jpgThe young painters did their version of Cuno Amiet’s “Girl with Flowers” from 1896 yesterday at Art Camp.  What a great job they did!!!!!!!!!

20180803_173709.jpg The kids painted Paul Gauguin’s “Mimi and her Cat” at Art Camp on Friday.  So adorable!

Aug 2 Post ImpressWe started our last session of Art Camp for the summer yesterday and it had us painting Paula Modersohn-Becker’s “Still Life with Lemon, Orange, and Tomato” from 1903.  Terrific!

20180730_193315.jpgThe Capon Springs Fall Retreat is fast approaching.  Don’t you want to come out and enjoy the wonderful experience that is Capon Springs while being creative?! Capon Springs Retreat Schedule Sept 2018   We’ll be painting this entrance to the resort at one of the evening Paint Parties and you’ll be able to personalize it as you like.  Contact Capon Springs today to book a few days out with us.  Click here to register.

20180731_143532.jpgAt Art Camp yesterday our young painters painted the Caboose.  Nice work everyone!  That was our last day of camp for ages 5-7.  We have one more session of camp for ages 8-13 starting Thursday.  We will paint Thursday and Friday and Monday and Tuesday!  Be sure to sign up your young artist.  Click here.