Kid’s Kisses

kids kissThe kids painted “Kisses” this week.  Love it!


Lisa’s Gift

Lisa's Painting Gift It’s no secret that one of my favorite things to do is the Pet Portraits Parties.  I love seeing everyone’s pets and hearing their stories.  Some people have come numerous times to not only paint their pets but friend’s pets too.  Lisa painted this one recently as a gift and the recipient sent her this cute photo of Fleetwood.  I think they like it!

20180207_0703491226158764.jpgMaking a new shawl/scarf to wear on my upcoming trip.  Hope to get it done in time.

Finger Painting Kelly Time to try something a little different….finger painting!  We will be painting this beautiful, colorful little Koi Fish Pond on Saturday,  March 3rd at 2 pm at The Studio.  Click here to register for this fun Paint Party.

Vineyard 1Painted this little vineyard scene recently…part of what I’m doing for an upcoming show.

Crochet Compared

20180204_1835531726311175.jpgWe had a great crochet class this afternoon.  It was cold and rainy outside which is the perfect weather for crochet!  We learned the pattern for an asymmetrical scarf. Here are three different ones, using different weights of yarn but the same basic pattern.  (The borders are different).

Plantation Office 1A couple of weeks ago I told you about the invitation participate in an upcoming show at Belle Grove.  (Read about that here.)  As the space we are showing, a historic home, offers some challenges for “showing” the work I have started painting some small pieces that will be easily placed on easels or placed on mantel pieces. Yesterday I started a few.  Here’s one I’m working on now of the Plantation Office which is one of the rooms where my art will be shown.  More to come…..