20180414_070132.jpgWe love painting lavender fields.  They are beautiful and fun to create.  Who wants to paint this one?


Apr Flowers Class 1We painted wonderful flower paintings at The Studio yesterday and little Skye came to help.  She was a delight!

The students from Virginia International Academy finished up their floral paintings we started a few weeks ago and then did a quick sunset painting yesterday.  It was a good day!

20180412_064208.jpg The Box in the Red Window is another in a series of windows we’ve been painting.  Register to paint this one here.    (Click here to see other window boxes.)


20180412_064023.jpgThe kids did a wonderful job painting sunsets yesterday in class, don’t you think?

Private Palms

PP Private PalmsThese ladies just had a great Private Paint Party at The Studio.  Awesome work!!!   If you would like to have a party with your family and/or friends contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com to set up a date and time.  It’s a fun time with beautiful results.

20180408_171703.jpgWe had a Family Paint Party Sunday.  The family that paints together….has loads of fun!  To book a party contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com .  Set up a FUN event for your friends and/or family.