Bread Making


Yesterday morning, before my sister has to leave to go home to Georgia (she came up to take care of Lincoln so I could go on my trip to Cape Cod for the art workshop), she gave me and my friend Ruth a lesson in bread making.  She makes a ton of it where she lives as people are always requesting it for family events and fundraising.  It’s a marvelous cinnamon-raisin bread.  We even tried a variation using apples….and it turned out great too!  It was fun to do something a little different from creating art…the only problem is that you can’t just eat one slice.  Before you know it a half of a loaf is gone.  Oops!



I am so lucky to have talented friends who will step in for me when I am out of town and teach a class.  My international students got to enjoy the talents of Sandra Charles and they learned more about Gelli plates and print making while I was away last week.  Thanks Sandra for filling in and making it fun for them.

Yesterday was the final session of the Angus Wilson workshop at the Falmouth Art Center. It was great! This is the best workshop I’ve attended in years. Angus made sure everyone got individual attention and answered all of our questions. And his demos were excellent. At the end of the day we all shared what we had produced and it was amazing to see everyone’s work. Here’s mine. I’d do this workshop again in a minute … if we can just get him back to the East coast.


I can’t remember when I have enjoyed something this much!  I don’t get to paint the things I like as often as I like these days as I am always working on projects for classes but this is a style I really LOVE!  And to learn from Angus…an artist whose work I love…has been a joy.  He makes it look easy….but trust me, it’s NOT!  But it is fun and I am learning so much.  Here is some of what I did yesterday…and after studying it last night I can’t wait to get there this morning and make a few changes.  That’s how we learn!


I’m excited to be in Falmouth, Massachusetts painting at their Art Center with Angus Wilson.  His style is bold and fun…and his method interesting.  I am so glad to be learning directly from him.  We were given so much information yesterday and worked on sketching and developing color plans.  I worked on several designs.  This is the one that I plan to put on canvas today.  Can’t wait to get back to it!

The Davita team did an amazing job again this year on their team building painting. Great work everyone!!!

After the fun at the Reunion and visiting with old friends, my sister and I packed up again to head north…this time to come home. I got to visit with her three pups and kitty before we left and then we made a stop in Hilton Head to check on a couple of things before hitting I-95 and running another 10 hours in the car. I can’t remember the last time I put in so many miles in such a short time….we logged around 2000 on this quick circle trip….but it was good to get home…where the Stinkin’ Lincoln was waiting!