wp-1592707254350.jpgPet Portraits are always the most fun!  Yesterday we were back painting pets.  Beautiful work!

wp-1592646340571.jpg We had a delightful group painting Expressive Peonies at The Studio last night.  I love the different color options.  Nice work ladies!!!

wp-1592516222513.jpgWe wrapped up our first session of Art Camp yesterday with Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  The kids chose this one to do on a large canvas so painted it BIG!  And they did an awesome job with their short, choppy strokes like Van Gogh.  Nice work kids.  It was a great week of Van Gogh paintings.  Check out the remaining sessions of Art Camp here.

wp-1592432579123.jpgVan Gogh week continued yesterday with the kids painting Van Goh’s Yellow Chair.  Amazing!!! If you have a young painter check out the Art Camp sessions for the rest of the summer here. 

wp-1592390223825.jpgYesterday at Art Camp we painted Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.  The kids created beautiful paintings while we discussed Van Gogh’s style of work.  It was so much fun and these kids were so proud of their art!  If you have a young camper check out the upcoming Art Camp sessions here.  

wp-1592308096628.jpgArt Camp started yesterday with our first week featuring Van Gogh.  The kids painted Van Gogh’s Wheat Fields…and didn’t they do beautiful work???!!!  Lincoln liked them.

wp-1592219751118.jpgWe finally got to paint the Spring Barn after having to cancel the first date due to the shut down.  It was worth the wait.  Look at the beautiful work these ladies did yesterday!  Amazing.  We will paint the summer barn soon.  Watch for a date. And if anyone wants to catch you with the series we will have a date where you can paint the one you missed.  Click here to see the Winter Barn that we did earlier this year.

wp-1592131061565.jpgThese ladies got in the American spirit with these red, white, and blue Garden Poles yesterday.  Beautiful work!

wp-1592066277752.jpgI didn’t want to post this painting until it was cleared by the person who commissioned it and she gave it to her friend this week.  His name is Sampson and he is 27 years old….an African Grey.  She said they loved it!  Always good to hear.

Camp 6 Day 4 OKeeffe Calla Lily

O’Keeffe Calla Lily

Don’t let your young artist miss out.  Art Camp begins on Monday.  We have sessions planned for kids ages 5-13.  Check out the schedule here.

We have many exciting themes this year.  Don’t miss it!