wp-1585269122211.jpgInstead of posting doom and gloom today, I wanted to share something wonderful.  Yesterday my friend and student, Lauren, stopped by The Studio to bring me a present from Charlotte.  You know Charlotte, Lincoln’s favorite little girl.  She made me a magnet to cheer me up….and it’s her drawing of Bob Ross.  What a special gift….from a special girl.  Thanks Charlotte.  Lincoln misses you.

wp-1585167247855.jpgI am so grateful for those who have reached out asking me to paint your pets now while we are going through this uncertain time.  It is very difficult for a small business like The Studio to go without income for an unknown period of time.  I am trying every way I can to keep afloat.  I am lucky for friends and family who love their pets as I love mine and have commissioned me to paint for them.  These two paintings are going to Georgia.   Some years ago I did a portrait for this young lady’s mom (see it here) and now she asked me to paint her dog, Bear.  This is Bear as a puppy and now as a dog in his 4th year.  He’s such a handsome guy.  Thanks Katie for sharing Bear with me.  The package goes out in the mail in the morning so he’ll be home soon.  🙂   For anyone interested in having a pet portrait painted, contact kwalker@thestudioforlearning.com .  Many thanks!

As we continue to try to find a way to stay in business in the light of the latest announcement, we are listing sample art for sale.  Sample paintings are pieces that were done as samples of upcoming paint parties or as demonstration pieces we painted during paint parties.  They are listed at discounted prices.  If you ever considered purchasing art we hope you will do it now.  We will continue to list more pieces as we can photograph them.  Please contact Kelly if you have any questions regarding the art.  You can click our store link here to see what is available.  It will be changing as we add more so please check back to see what is listed.  And thanks for your continued support.

Art CritiqueWe are still trying every way possible to remain in business when this catastrophe ends.  And while most of you are staying in….and creating….we are going to offer an online critique service.  Maybe you are painting more on your own during this time…either by yourself or with your kids….and you can’t get it “just right”.  We are here to help.  Below you will find the information on how it works.  You can click here to go directly to the link.  If you need assistance with your painting while you are staying in, we hope you’ll consider an online critique.  Thanks!

“A critique is an invaluable component in an artist’s education. Get advice and support by submitting a photo of your work. Maybe you are having an issue with composition; maybe it’s a color mixing problem; or maybe you just need another set of eyes on it to see what it needs. Just submit one photo of the piece of art and get advice to improve your painting. Asking for a critique can be scary but those artist intent on improvement will welcome honest and genuine suggestions. Here’s how it works: Once you purchase a critique package you can submit one photo for critique. If you have a specific question concerning the painting, submit that too. A critique will be given as quickly as possible. (We will check emails and texts several times per day and get some information to you quickly.) Once you apply the critique suggestions to your painting you can submit one more photo of that painting for follow-up.”
1 critique/1 follow-up = $10
3 critiques/3 follow-ups = $25
You have the option of submitting the photo via email to kwalker@thestudioforlearning.com or via text at 540-683-9688.

wp-1584827160344.jpgWe had a small group painting lovely pets yesterday.  Look at how great they turned out!  Except for the photo op we kept out distance. 🙂

We are doing all we can to stay alive during this unusual situation.  Last fall we worked with VIDA to use some of my art to make scarves…and bags.  We think they turned out great.  I gave them as Christmas gifts to some of my good friends who all seemed to like them.  Since I have a few more I have listed them in the store…just in case anyone is interested.  If they are popular we may design more.  Thanks for clicking here to see them.

OpenI hear people saying, “When this is over we’ll all be enjoying restaurants again, full shelves again, socializing again.” But unless it is over soon that will NOT be the case. The landscape of our community will not look the same as it did before this started. Many small businesses that you have enjoyed over the years won’t make it through months of closure and no sales. Think about that! The businesses that you go to every time your kid needs a donation for their school, for their ball teams or scouts…the businesses you go to for fundraisers for your organizations…those small businesses that give to you every time you ask are at risk now. They’ll be gone and all that will be left will be the large stores most of which have “policies” that don’t allow them to donate locally. What will we do then? Keep in mind our small businesses that need you now as you needed them when you asked for help. Make a real effort to help them. Buy a gift certificate. Pre-pay for classes to come. Buy art. Do what you can to keep small business alive. It’s the heartbeat of our community. Please don’t let it die in all the madness. At The Studio we are continuing with small classes so if you are bored come and paint with us. It is a good time to learn something new. Adult classes are every Wednesday from 10:30-Noon or 5:30 to 7 pm, or Thursday from 2 – 3:30. Kids meet on Wednesday from 4:15 to 5:15 pm. Contact Kelly and come join us for a class. If want to help The Studio stay alive you can click here and purchase art or gift certificates.