We spent the day in Hamilton Missouri better known as Quilt Town USA due to the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Jenny Doan and her family started a small quilting business there 15 years ago that boomed into 12 shops and a very successful online business. Jenny does terrific YouTube instructional videos on quilting and has become a star in the quilting world. On the way to Hamilton we listened to Jenny’s autobiography – How to Stitch an American Dream: A Story of Family, Faith and the Power of Giving. It made the visit to Hamilton even more interesting knowing how it all started. The first thing we did was go on a tour of the warehouse to see how it all worked. So interesting to see, especially the 30 long arm quilting machines they use to quilt all the projects that are sent to them. They do about 500 a week! WOW!!! Even though it rained most of the day we still had a great job shopping the 12 MSQC along the street. There were 5 quilters on the trip and one of our friends couldn’t make it at the last minute so we took her along in spirit and had photo ops with her along the way. You see a photo of her here with Barbara checking out BLOCK magazine – a production of MSQC. Then we loaded up the van to go again.

We made it!

We traveled from Hannibal to Hamilton Missouri….the destination that got this whole trip started. We stayed at a terrific AirBnB just one block from the Missouri Star Quilt Company in Quilt Town USA. This was the main destination of this crazy trip. Once we got to Hamilton, after stopping at 4 shops along the way that day, we took our purchases in and organized them in our totes. We figured that 5 shoppers and 9 days on the road would lead to many, many bags rolling around in the back in our van so we stored our purchases in totes to help keep it all straight. We were excited to finally be in Quilt Town USA and anxious for the shops to open and to tour the warehouse the next day.

Our 3rd day out found us in Hannibal Missouri where we saw all things Mark Twain. The Mississippi River was big and beautiful. The town was so cute with lots of cute shops and things to see. And we found what might be our favorite quilt shop – Hickory Stick Quilt Shop. It was in an adorable old building and had the most helpful staff along with beautiful fabric. We really liked Hannibal.

Since almost every small quilt shop is closed on Sunday we had to find some other places to stop along our way last Sunday. Luckily we found the adorable little town of Casey Illinois, home to 12 World’s Largest Record holders. How could we NOT stop and see them all. We saw the world’s largest Rocking Chair and World’s Largest Mailbox. There were many other large things there that were not record holders….but really BIG….like these antlers.

More of the things we saw were these World’s Largests – Pitchfork, Teetertoter, Swizzle Spoon, Barbershop Pole, Pencil, Golf Club, Mouse Trap, Key, WIndchime, Ruler as well as really big Bookworm, Token Coin, Knitting Needles, Birdcage, and Taco! If you ever get near central Illinois then Casey Illinois is a MUST stop! We had so much fun going from one large item to the next. It was a really chilly day but well worth the stop.

Last Saturday a group of quilters left on a Fabric Acquisition Road Trip to Missouri. We have had so much fun so far stopping at many, many quilt shops along the way as well as other roadside attractions. I thought I should catch up on what we have done so far. We went from Virginia to Ohio for our first stop and saw lots of farmland, windmills, barns and barn quilts.

We have seen so many odd things along the way…including the mobile Baptismal running along the interstate!

Dianne just complete this portrait of her beloved dog, Chase, at out weekly art class. Nice work! If you would like to paint with us we have weekly classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com for information on availability.

Such a happy group with happy paintings! Nice work ladies. I love zinnias and don’t these look fabulous???!!! Check out upcoming events at The Studio here.

I finished up the Layer Cake Custard Quilt when I got back from the retreat. I found the pattern at The Fat Quarter Shop and used Elizabeth Hartman Adventure Layer Cake to make it adding a neutral I had in my stash as well as a batik backing I had been holding on to for just the right project. It’s a Quilt as You Go project.

I spent this past weekend with a fabulous group of quilters. Lots of laughing and sharing and showing off their beautiful work. It was so much fun and so inspiring to work along beside these quilters.

Just a few more hours to sew and then I have to pack up and head home. What a wonderful group of quilters who shared ideas and skills freely. Lots and laughing and joy in the room. We will share photos from the Show and Tell soon.