wp-1578750060643.jpgNice paintings last night…

wp-1578575196703.jpgYesterday at Kid’s Art class we had a smaller group because school was out for snow…and we like those days because we can try something different.  We learned about negative painting.  We started our painting by using a paper towel to dab colors onto our canvas like an abstract and then painted out everything on the edge to shape a bird.  The kids loved the change and so did I.

So Much to Do!

art class clipWe have tons of fun things scheduled at The Studio.  Check out the schedule here and sign up to come create something cool soon!

wp-1578312474742.jpgWe painted a little Snowman with his Red Bird Friends yesterday at The Studio.  What fun!!!

We had a small but talented group of painters yesterday …. kids and adults painting pets.  They turned out great!  wp-1578225374794.jpgAnd Lincoln had the best time because one girl’s family came with a baby….Lincoln LOVEs babies and couldn’t lick this one enough.  The baby didn’t mind and gave Lincoln cookies…and let him lick the food off his spoon.  Lincoln was in heaven.

Judy Blue Eyes 1 This is Judy…better known as Sweet Judy Blue Eyes.  She showed up at Allen’s warehouse years ago and adopted him.  She had some health issues with skin cancer toward the end of her life and he took such good care of her.  We lost her the day after Thanksgiving…so I painted this for him for Christmas.  He loved the gift.

Mister from GAThis is Mister.  He was a commission that was given to his mom for Christmas.  I got the nicest phone call on Christmas day from the parents who gave the painting as a gift to their daughter who had recently lost Mister.  They were very pleased….said there was a lot of tears but that she was thrilled with the gift.