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Nap Pads for Pups


Yesterday I dusted off an old pattern and whipped up a new nap pad for the boys.  I used to make tons of these to sell when I had the gift shop.  It’s so much more fun having these colorful, beautiful fabrics instead of the same old plain dog beds.  Anyone interested in a class or purchasing a pretty new, washable nap pad?


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As promised a few days ago when we introduced the new Calico Cat Rag Quilt , here is the new “Dogs and Heart: Rag Quilt.  We love this one.  It’s a little harder to make than others we have been making but it’s worth the time and effort. And Jed wanted everyone to know that he was the inspiration for this design.   Scheduling a class now and will post the date soon.

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Always my favorite paint party each month-PETS!  I love seeing what people paint and how excited they are when they turn out so good.  And I love that some of you are coming back to paint gifts for friends.  I know they will LOVE them.  And we even have a few more paintings that are still in the works and will be finished on Friday so I will share them then.  Nice work everyone!!!

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Beautiful Portrait


We paint Pet Portraits every 3rd Saturday at 1 pm at The Studio.  They always turn out so good….and I wanted to share this one with you.  Tina works with rescue pets and does so much good work helping them.  She paints pets almost every month….and she does an amazing job.  Great work girl.  Keep it up!

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Today is Jed’s Day


Our sweet Jed often gets overpowered by his brother, the photogenic and wild Stinkin’ Lincoln.  But Jed, our sweet Jed, is the man!  He is the best boy….quiet and gentle…and getting to be an old guy.

Today is the 10th Anniversary of the crazy drive in the blinding snow when we went to get him.  You can read more about his story here.  We love this old guy with his graying  hair and sweet face.  He will always be the best!

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20181230_063838.jpgHere is a commission that I did before Christmas.  I think I can share it now that Christmas is over.  This is Finn….a real cutie!

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20181221_133350.jpgI’ve been working on some commissions the last few days. I can’t show some of them because they are gifts for Christmas so I’ll show them next week.  But this is Tuck and his dad knows all about this painting so I feel like it’s ok to show him.  He’s a cutie.  He stopped by to visit a few weeks ago and he was as adorable as his photo.  I love doing Pet Portraits!

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