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Happy Halloween

Truman PumpkinJed GhostTruman and Jed wish you all a Happy Halloween.

There  is a special event for kids for Halloween downtown in Front Royal tonight so we will be at Delilah’s handing out candy.  Come see us!

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Fall Splendor IFall Splendor I is an oil on canvas panel measuring 8×10.  You can see it at Delilah’s on Main Street in Front Royal, Virginia.  It is available for $225 framed. 

Today I am taking about 30 paintings over to Philip Carter Winery in Hume to hang for a show for which they have invited me.  I am excited because it is a beautiful facility.  You may recall that I painted out there a couple of days this summer. 

As soon as the show is up and we decide what day to hold the opening reception you will all be invited to come.

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Computer Problems

I have been having computer problems for several days now.  The repair man came and took it away today.  Oh no!!!  Hopefully it will be back tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed…..

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Boo’s Birthday

Miss BooYesterday would have been Boo’s birthday.  She was a wonderful rescue shepherd who lived with us for a short time at the end of her life.  She was 12 when she came to us.  She was an elegant old girl who brought much joy to our lives in the limited time that we had her.

We were lucky that she “found us”!  And we loved her very much.

She left us in April 2004.  It’s hard to believe that it has been five years since she was here. 



White Shep

This is a  painting of Boo that I have in my living room.  I see her every day and am grateful for the time we had with her.

As a tribute to her I would encourage anyone thinking of adopting a pet to consider a senior.  Older pets need good homes and they are often the best pet to bring into a busy household because they don’t need housebreaking and training.  They just need love and companionship….and they give all of that and more back to you.  Think about it. 

We miss you Boo.

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Charlee's self portraitOne of my private students, Charlee, had a school project of a self-portrait to do.  So we worked on it last night at her art lesson.  I think she did an excellent job.  She had to do the work herself.  So I helped with paint color suggestions to mix, etc.

She was excited with the finished painting and I was too!  I hope her school likes it too!  Good job Charlee.

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In WIndow 3October is Adopt a Dog Month and Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.  You know how I feel about this subject.  I don’t know how people exist without a dog in their lives but that’s just me.  🙂

This is Jed.  He was a shelter dog in Ohio before he came to live with us in January of this year.  We found him on www.petfinder.com , a terrific website that helps animals find new homes. 



Miss Boo 

This beautiful white shepherd was Miss Boo.  She came to us from the Julia Wagner Animal Shelter here in Front Royal several years ago.  She was an old girl (12 years old) when we got her and while she didn’t live forever, we know her last two years of life were great.  And that makes us feel good to know that we did something good for her. 




Rosie Close-upRosie was a rescue that we adopted from Col. Potter Cairn Rescue, www.cairnrescue.com , another great organization doing wonderful things for these babies.  She was a puppymill rescue and it took her quite a long time to get used to living the good life.  But once she did she was such a joy to be around.

Col Potter Rescue’s motto is “Rescuing one dog won’t change the entire world but it will chance the entire world for that one dog.”     I love that!





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Jeffie at Cabin Sept 06And Jeffie was a beautiful rescue that came from Second Chance Rescue in Raleigh, NC.  www.secondchancenc.com

He was the sweetest dog I have ever had and was a great buddy to Truman.

I am posting these photos because 1) I love all of these babies, and 2) I hope that someone will be inspired to rescue a dog during Adopt a Dog month.

There are so many animals out there in need of good homes.  The next time you are looking to add a pet to your family I hope you will go to Petfinder and adopt an animal in need instead of going to a pet store and buying one that was bred in a puppymill.  The rescue dog will repay you many times over with love, loyalty and devotion.

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A Live Statue

Michigan Live Statue 2While I was in Michigan a few weeks ago I went to a little festival to check out the arts and crafts booths.  But one of the fascinating things that I saw was a live statue. 

There were students there posing at various locations.  This girl was by far the best.  She never moved a muscle.  She stayed in this pose for at least 15 minutes and then she repositioned and posed again for I don’t know how long because I finally gave up and walked on. 





Michigan Live Statue 1It was so interesting to see….especially to see the expressions on kids faces when she did finally move.  They didn’t think she was real and they jumped when she moved.

Dogs sniffed her and she didn’t blink.  People talked to her and she didn’t move.  Cameras flashed and she ignored them.  She was good.  🙂

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