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Coffee in Bed


What a treat to relax and have coffee in bed.  I’m taking a weekend off from painting and instead came to Washington DC to look at some wonderful art and become inspired.  More to share in the days to come.

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Art Class Logan with Sock MonkeyAfter having the Art Camp kids all week it was a nice break to only have one young artist in the regular class this week.  (Some of my regulars were in art camp.)  So she chose a sock monkey to paint.  And a really great job she did on him!!!!

Way to go Logan.  Keep up the great work!

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Art Camp Session 3 Day 4 2

Art Campers with “Monet”

Art Camp Session 3 Day 4 3

Waiting for Varnish

We wrapped up session 3 of Art Camp with a wonderful Monet painting of the Lady with the Umbrella.  We worked on it for two days and these young artists did brilliant job.  I am sure their families are excited about the outstanding art that these artists produced this week at Art Camp.

If you have a young artist check out the remaining dates of Art Camp here.

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NVD ad  The end of last month I wrote that we had been nominated in the Northern Virginia Daily’s “Best of” Awards.  Read about it here.  The ballots are out.  It was printed in yesterday’s paper or you can vote online at www.nvdaily.com .  Just click on the right side on “Best of”  Front Royal/Warren County.  We are nominated in categories # 2,  133,  199, and  216.  Please vote!  Thanks so much for the support!

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Art Camp Session 3 Day 2 Yesterday the Art Campers painted their version of Degas’s Horse and Dog.  They did a marvelous job.  These young artists can PAINT!!!

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Art Camp Session 3 Day 1 Renoir As I promised yesterday, here are the Art Campers with their version of Renoir’s Blue Cup.  Great job everyone!

Today we work on a Degas Horse scene.

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Renoir's Blue Cup

Renoir’s Blue Cup

The 3rd session of Art Camp begins today with young artists, ages 8-13, as we study the Impressionists.  We will paint like Monet, Degas and Renoir!  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Well, it will be.

Today we will discuss Pierre-Auguste Renoir who was a leader in the development of the Impressionists style.  He is best known for his use of light and saturated color and his feminine subject matter.  You can read more about Renoir here.   The young artists will be painting Renoir’s Blue Cup today.  Check in tomorrow to see how their painting turns out.

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Art Camp Session 2 Day 2 - 1Yesterday the young painters at Art Camp did this fabulous Vincent Van Gogh painting.  We discussed Van Gogh and his interesting history and family.  And didn’t these girls do a stunning job recreating Van Gogh’s chair!?!  I really enjoyed this session of camp with these girls.  They are all very good painters and interested in art and the process.  Great work!

Next week Art Camp continues with young artists age 8-13 studying Impressionism and painters like Monet, Degas and Renoir.  This particular week is full but there are others available if you have young painters interested in having fun with art this summer.  See the schedule here.

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Art Camp Session 2 Day 1 - 2Session 2 of Art Camp started yesterday with young artists (age 14-18) painting a Georgia O’Keeffe Seashell.  We discussed her work as well as talked about differences in oil and acrylic paints.  We did this one in oil.


Art Camp Session 2 Day 1 - 3And these girls worked so quickly that we were able to do a little miniature landscape also.  I love how we all painted from the same reference photo but all got a little different look.  Great job!!! Tomorrow we work in acrylics and we’ll be visiting Vincent.  😉

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Turner Field Atlanta Braves

Turner Field
Atlanta Braves

Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves, is the 13th field in the series of Major League Baseball parks that I have painted for the Kickstarter project.  The Braves are my team.  I grew up in Georgia and we were Braves fans.  We went to Florida for Spring Training to watch them each year.  We suffered when they had bad seasons and celebrated those good years.  And while I went to more games at Fulton County stadium than I have at the newer Turner Field I look forward to seeing more here.  It’s one of those really large stadiums that has the feel of a small baseball field.

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