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Sample Sale

I came across a huge box of crocheted items that I have used as examples for classes we have had in the past few years.  I need to lighten the load so we are having a sample sale at The Studio.

Everything is rock bottom priced…..hats are $8 for kids hats; $10 for adult hats;  $12-15 for scarves.  Stop by for a bargain.


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Spent the day working on a new Rag Quilt design for an upcoming class.  This one had little blocks with saying on them centered on other fabric designs.  Trying to find a way to make an easy quilt for people who don’t sew a lot but won’t a special quilt.  Hoping to have the clipping done and a couple of washes tomorrow.

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More with the New Yarn

I like the feel of this new yarn.  It works up really nice and the colors are beautiful.  The new scarf turned out great….the weight is perfect.  And the shawl I started earlier in the week is done.  You can see more about it here.

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SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAKnown for his drip style of painting, Jackson Pollock was an abstract expressionist painter.  Born on this day in 1912, he led a volatile life.  You can read more about him here.

And today I am also remembering my mama.  My biggest wish is that she would have lived long enough to see The Studio.  I think she would have loved it and what we are doing there.  I hope she knows.  Happy 76th Birthday Mama.  We miss you every day. (Read more about my mom here.)


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A New Shawl

Working on a new shawl pattern with some really nice yarn that I just got.  And using my favorite yarn bowl.  Love it!  Don’t forget that we have a great class coming up at The Studio next week.  Are you ready to learn something new?  Click here.

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Fundraiser at Mt ViewWe held a fundraiser last night at Mt. View Christian Academy for an upcoming mission trip.  A great turn-out and fabulous paintings.  Nice!

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Pretty Flowers

The kids painted beautiful flowers at class yesterday, don’t you think?

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