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Manet - Carnations and Clematis in a Crystal VaseToday we celebrate Edouard Manet’s birthday.  He was a French Impressionist painter who painted modern life.  His works of art are beautiful.  We’ve always loved his flower series. Learn more about his life and work here.  And in Manet’s honor we will paint one of them, Carnations and Clematis in a Crystal Vase, 1883, for our February Famous Painter Party. Click here to register for that Paint Party. (We honored Manet in June 2016 at our Famous Painter Party by painting his beautiful Roses.  You can see those here.)  Happy Birthday Manet.

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Camp 2 Day 1 Manet Age 8-12We started the 2nd week of Art Camp studying Edouard Manet and painting his Yellow Rose.  These kids did a GREAT job with this one.  First we created our own color wheels and talked about color mixing and that allowed us to get a good idea of how to make our paintings look like Manet’s.  Today we study Monet.

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Art Camp Aug 52


The Railway by Edouard Manet

Art Camp continued yesterday with us studying Edouard Manet.  We painted a portion of “The Railway”.  We selected the inset of the puppy napping in the woman’s lap.  Great job kids!!!

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Luncheon on the Grass Edouard Manet

Luncheon on the Grass
Edouard Manet

On this day in 1883 Edouard Manet died.  He was only 51 years old.  He was instrumental in the conversion of painting from realism to impressionism.  Two of his early works caused much controversy in the art community of the time – The Luncheon on the Grass and Olympia.  These paintings are often discussed when studying impressionism and modern art.


Bouquet of Flowers Edouard Manet

Bouquet of Flowers
Edouard Manet

I am much more fond of some of his still life and floral paintings…and of course, his dogs.

The Dog Edouard Manet

The Dog
Edouard Manet

You can see Manet’s work in many major museums around the world.

Learn more about Manet here. 

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