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commission-2The much beloved companion of Rich and Mary Ruth….this was a commission for Christmas.  Such a cute pup!


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commission-1Here is a Birthday/Christmas present that I painted this month.  Got this message yesterday….

“Terry absolutely loved the painting . He said you captured her eyes and eye brows perfectly . Thank you soooo much.”  

I love it when clients let me know if the gift was appreciated.  🙂

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Mt. St. Helens

Just completed a commission that is a wedding gift.  I like how it turned out. Delivering it today.

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Sandy's Painting final2I have been working on a commission for my friend Sandy on and off for several months now.  She had a very specific need for a long narrow painting to put over a cabinet in her dining room.  She wanted in the style of Matisse with “The Dance” included as well as teapot and certain colors.  She was happy with it when she picked it up.  Whew!

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Clarence II Clarence is a painting I did several years ago.  (See it here.)  He belongs to a friend and when she posted a photo of him on Facebook I asked her if I could paint from her photo.  I love the way he looks.  Well so does someone else because I was asked to paint him again.  This Clarence (#2) now lives in New Jersey.

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Meet Champ!

ChampThis is Champ.  Champ’s mom commissioned this painting for his dad for Christmas.  And while Champ isn’t with us any longer so many people knew him as he went to work with them everyday.  Several times while I was working on the commission at The Studio people came in and said, “Hey, is that Champ?”  He was famous.

The family is into Nascar  so we wanted to get the checkered flag motif in the painting too.  I forgot to take a photo of the painting before he was picked up so they sent this one to me yesterday to share.  I was so glad to hear that everyone loved it.

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Mary's Wine Glass

Mary’s Wine Glass

I have been working on and off for a week or so on this large Red Wine Glass painting.  It’s a commission for a friend in the city.  Hoping to put maybe another touch or two on it to finish it up today.  It’s acrylic on canvas measuring 15″x30″ .

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