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A family cabin in southern Virginia was the subject of this watercolor commission that just got finshed this week.  If anyone is interested in having a commissioned piece done please contact kwalker@kellywalkerstudios.com .  The Studio is still suffering through this shutdown and we would appreciate any work we can get.

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night-snowman-partysnowy-scene-dec-10We had two great Paint Parties yesterday.  And look at the beautiful works of art they created!

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As promised yesterday I am going to tell you about our Sunday dog visitor.  I was in the cabin reading and looked out the window to check on the boys barking and I see a tail sticking up from the bank of the pond.  And I think that dang Lincoln is in the water again after I just bathed him!!!  But then I realize that Lincoln and Jed are both standing on the bank and the tail is still sticking up and that is what they are barking at.  Turns out to be a cute little chocolate lab puppy.  She had on a collar and a tag but no name, just a rabies tag. 

So I go in the cabin to try to call the Sheriff’s Department in Moorefield to see if they can look up the name of the owner when I hear voices outside.  I think,  Aha!  the owner is here.  But it was a neighbor from on the hill.  Luckily, he recognized the dog and knew who it belonged to.  She had come from the other end of the farm, about a mile and a half away.  He took her back to her home but not before Lincoln and Jed got to sniff and run and play with her for a while.

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Red Chair in progress 1 (Small)Lucky me!  I got a new easel for my birthday last week so I did a practice run with it this weekend out at the cabin and painted the Red Chair that I posted about a few days ago. 

Love the new easel and the ease of set-up.  It makes plein air painting so much easier. 

 Red Chair Finished (Small)And here is the finished sketch.  It is an oil on canvas panel measuring 8″x10″ and is SOLD .

I love that chair!

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Back from the Cabin

Tru with Girl 1We were out at the cabin for an extended weekend.  The weather was beautiful and  I got to paint on location everyday.  A real treat!!!  I am finishing three paintings that I started out there so I will post them soon.  In the meantime I wanted to share with you Truman’s big adventure. 

When we got back from painting one day a pickup truck loaded with children (and adults) pulled up to the little pond in front of the cabin.  It is stocked with HUGE Koi fish and the people who lease cabins from the other end of the farm sometimes come down to feed the fish.  This day there were 8 children all under the age of 9 and several adults.  One little girl was more interested in Truman than feeding fish.  He sat down and she hugged him…..

Tru with Girl 2 (Small)

And hugged him…..



Tru with Girl 3 (Small)


And hugged him while the other children tried to pet and play with him…..



Tru with Girl 4 (Small)

And then she explained to the other children that she wanted to hug him some more.  While Truman really loved all the attention, he finally got tired and walked up to the gate to be let into the fenced yard where the other dogs were waiting rather impatiently because they were not getting hugged.


Tru after Girl 5 (Small)

And this is how Truman looked after the truck pulled away taking his new found friends with it.  Truman, you are such a good boy!!!

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