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Mar 17Still one of our most popular Paint Parties at The Studio and my fav is Pet Portraits and we had a great session yesterday.  Great work everyone!

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20170129_061258.jpgPlaza Pet Clinic staff came to paint Pet Portraits yesterday…..and paint they did!  Look at their fabulous paintings.  All wonderful and I can’t wait to see Leah’s tall canvas when she finishes it up.  She’s a regular student at The Studio so she chose a little more challenging canvas.  I know it will be great too!

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commission-2The much beloved companion of Rich and Mary Ruth….this was a commission for Christmas.  Such a cute pup!

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20161017_055749.jpgWe have returned to the beautiful Whippoorwhil Manor Farm for The Studio Retreat II.  You might recall that we were here this summer for The Studio Retreat I.  (See more photos from that trip here.)  It was an awesome experience so most of the same group returned for a second go at painting and being creative  in this beautiful environment.

Lincoln and Jed love it here too.  Here they are on the porch yesterday afternoon waiting to greet the other Retreaters.  They could hardly contain themselves.  LOL –  Just two old porch dogs!  (BTW-Lincoln saw a ground hog running across the green field to the left of that red barn and I’m really glad I had a leash on him then or he would still be chasing that dang thing!)

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pet-portraits-hebb-arnold A few weeks ago I had a Paint Party in Winchester for a large group.  (You can see that here.)  During the party two of the painters reminded me that they had come to The Studio to a private Paint Your Pet’s Portrait Party a few months before and they shared with me this photo of the paintings they did with their beloved dog models.  I LOVE IT!!!!!  It is so much fun for me to help people create things they like.  Aren’t these wonderful???!!!!

The next open Paint Your Pet’s Portrait Party is October 15th.  Learn more about it here.

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Saturday we had our Pet Portrait Paint  Party and boy did these painters create some wonderful portraits.  And here is the thing:  A couple of these people have NEVER painted before!  See, you can do it!!!!  Why not give it a try.  The next one is October 15th.  Click here to register. 

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So many of my friends have heard me talk about Sandy over the past years and some of you know her.  She is my dog-sitter extraordinaire.  She is the one who most often stays with my boys, Lincoln and Jed, when I travel taking care of them and even neighborhood dogs like Dixie when she decides to jump the fence and let herself in for a visit (like she did yesterday).  That’s Dixie in the kitchen with Sandy in the photo above. LOL.  She is terrific with them and they love her.  And now she can add to her list of amazing skills “in-home nurse and caretaker.”  She has been the one staying with me since I had knee surgery last Tuesday to not only take care of the boys but to care for me too.  And that is quite a BIG job.

Sandy and KellyI didn’t realize that it would take me so long to be able to get around on my own as it has.  I guess I thought I would bounce right back like I did after the meniscus surgery but that was not the case.  Plus I have needed to keep the ice therapy machine on my knee to keep the swelling down and that has required refilling every few hours, 24 hours a day.  Sandy has done all of that with a smile and a sense of humor.  She has been simply wonderful.  I can’t even begin to thank her for all that she has done for me and the boys.

I wish she could stay for several more weeks but alas, she has to leave today to go to another job in Maryland so we are going to miss her so much.  The good news is I can do most everything for myself now….very slowly but I can do it.

So here is to Sandy…the best caretaker, dog-sitter, and friend that a girl and dogs could have.  We thank you for it all.


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