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A few weeks ago one of my students brought in these acorns for us to paint.  Last night the kids class did just that.  Didn’t their acorns turn out great?  Good job everyone!

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Farmer’s Market, acrylic on canvas, 16″x20″, available for $275.  I took several photos at the Farmer’s Market this summer and love how the photos looked so decided to paint this one.

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The “Cup of Joe” series is now on display at Delilah’s.  Stop by at 105 East Main Street, Thursday thru Sunday, to see these paintings along with three new artists who have joined us at the co-op.

Tea Bag on Green, acrylic 8″ x 8″, $85.

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Some Days You Just Can’t Paint!

There are some days when I have obligations that keep me from painting.  And sometimes those obligations take a little longer than I originally anticipated.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I am wrapping up the IRS filing for 501(c)3 non-profit status for the Strasburg Dog Owners Group (SDOG).  This is the group in Strasburg who asked me to speak to their organizational  meeting a few months ago about what we did here to form the Warren County Dog Park Association and answer questions about raising money to build a park. 

The group is very enthusiastic and are getting a great deal of support in their community so I expect they will be able to get their park up and running by next year.  My contribution to them, with my consultant hat on instead of my artist beret, is to prepare and file their non-profit status paperwork.  And as with any IRS forms, they are no fun to prepare.  But they are done so hopefully they’ll be off in the mail by the end of the week and Strasburg DOG will be a non-profit that can accept donations to build their park.  Good luck guys!!!

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Thursday Kids Class


At last Thursday afternoons kids art class we did a collage piece using maps and stamps. They turned out great. And Mamie was there to help.

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For several months now I have been expecting a little girl.  I told many friends about this and they always asked when.  I told them I would know when I met  her. 

Here she is.  This is Mamie Eisenhower Walker.  She arrived last Monday morning.  And while she has a few little habits we are working on she is doing just fine.  She’s 4 years old. 

She goes with us to the dog park and plays well with the other dogs.



Mamie has adapted to us all really well.  The hardest part for me is to not call her Rosie.  She looks just like Eleanor Roosevelt (Rosie), the little Cairn that we had several  years ago.  You can see her pics here.  We will post more photos of Mamie in the next few days as she works her way into the hearts of Lincoln and Jed.  🙂

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Of course, even in all the hectic craziness of the Retreat weekend and picnic, there was a dog (or three!)  At the picnic at Suzanne’s Sassafras Farm the animals were there for people to pet and feed and there was CoCo overseeing her flock.  She is such a great dog.  Chloe and Casper were there too but moving so fast from person to person that I didn’t get a good shot of them this time.

The Retreat allowed me to make 70 new friends and hear about what people all of the U.S. are doing with their creativity and ingenuity.

And in one of the rare moments when Suzanne McMinn, of Chickens in the Road fame, sat down (here to listen to the storyteller on Saturday night) I caught a quick shot of her eating her dessert!  That’s her on the right.  Thanks Suzanne for including me in this great group of folks.  I can’t wait til next year.

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Retreat Teachers

Many people enjoyed the hay ride, especially the kids.

 It was a fabulous weekend of new friends, good food, and creativity and learning.  I can’t wait til next year.  And to read more about the Retreat and life at Sassafras Farm check out www.chickensintheroad.com .

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Even though I taught nine hours each day at the Retreat I did find a little time one morning to paint a little scene in Plein-air.  This lovely little scene was right behind my cabin.

Here is the progress I made in about an hour.

And here is the final painting, Camp Shepherd Morning, oil on canvas panel, 8″x10″, framed and available for $195.

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We had three gourd painting classes at the retreat with the attendees creating wonderful works of art on the gourd. 

Cleaning out the guts

First we cleaned gourds.  Then we painted them.    Then we showed them off!  

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