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Of course, even in all the hectic craziness of the Retreat weekend and picnic, there was a dog (or three!)  At the picnic at Suzanne’s Sassafras Farm the animals were there for people to pet and feed and there was CoCo overseeing her flock.  She is such a great dog.  Chloe and Casper were there too but moving so fast from person to person that I didn’t get a good shot of them this time.

The Retreat allowed me to make 70 new friends and hear about what people all of the U.S. are doing with their creativity and ingenuity.

And in one of the rare moments when Suzanne McMinn, of Chickens in the Road fame, sat down (here to listen to the storyteller on Saturday night) I caught a quick shot of her eating her dessert!  That’s her on the right.  Thanks Suzanne for including me in this great group of folks.  I can’t wait til next year.

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